Work Study Program in USA for International Students

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Coop Work-Study program is offered by selected Universities exclusively to international students those who wish to earn a Master’ Degree in USA, allowing students to achieve the maximum advantage of exposure and experience of American education both in the workplace and the classroom.

Once students are enrolled in this program they will be allowed to find a suitable work placement which is related to their main subject of study. They will be permitted to start working from the first semester itself and earn the same wages as those paid to American workers, and use the money to pay for tuition, fees, living and personal expenses.

Students are eligible to work even up to 40 hours per week while maintaining their student visa status by completing minimum 15 hours of class room studies per week at the University where they are enrolled. Career Services department in the Universities offer its assistance and guidance to students in finding employment following their first month of study.

Classes are offered at flexible hours, including evenings to accommodate the work schedule.

Duration of Work-study program varies from15 to 24 months depends up on the courses and Universities, but sometimes it could be extended to 1 - 6 months additional months for successful completion of the course.

 Available Programmes:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Specialization in health care, hospitality, human resources, financial, international business management
  • Master of Science in Managing Information Technology
  • Master of Public Management
  • PhD in Management
  • Master of Information Systems Management
  • Master of Business in Health Care Management
  • Master of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration