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Health care workers and professionals have great opportunity in Germany. Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Chemists and all those with a Bachelor’s Degree in a health & care subject, are welcome!

Economically strong, lowest rate of unemployment, acute shortage of health care workers, migrant friendly immigration. Germany is truly a country of real possibility, even  after COVID-19. Are you prepared for it?

Germany for Doctors, Dentists, Nurses,…. How to qualify to get licensed to practice in Germany!

Foreign educated doctors and dentists need to prove their German language proficiency level to qualify for a license in Germany. You should sit and pass a medical language terminology test conducted by the relevant council. Attend an internship, then attend and pass the state examination, to qualify for a license to practice Medicine in Germany. The internship opportunity, if you wish,  could be converted into specialisation in a subject of your choice.

Nurses will require to achieve at least a B2 Level proficiency in German to meet the language criterion. The state nursing council advises nurses to attend an adaptation training program at an approved healthcare setting. After this you will be considered qualified for a license or registration to practice nursing in German hospitals.  Physiotherapists, Chemists and other health care professionals will require a certain level of proficiency in German language. The licensing state authority suggests attending a programme to qualify to work in the hospitals of Germany.

Choosing a further or higher study course  in Germany for Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Chemists and health & care graduates!

The easiest and safest option is to choose to study a Master’s Degree course. We process applications for tuition fees-free degree courses. It works like this: take a decision, and register with us by submitting your properly scanned copies of all qualifications.  We will process your application for admission to attend a Master’s Degree course which is offered as tuition fees free. We are referring to a course which is in the health science or health & care field.  For which your current and or previous qualifications match with the admission requirements.

German language learning in India and or in Germany

Here in this further or higher study route, your studies in Germany will start with a language course. The duration of the language course could be  for 6-9 months if you start with the beginners level, A1 Level. Therefore, we suggest our students start with a live online German course with us in India, immediately after a decision is taken. Keep learning till you are able to apply for your visa, get the approval and leave for Germany. This makes a lot of sense as you will have a better proficiency in German when you arrive in Germany for your proposed studies. This will certainly reduce the duration and tuition fees of the language course in Germany. This will also reduce the cost of living in Germany for a few months, thus reducing the total cost of your studies.

Why should you learn German in Germany, even after you have started learning in India?

Learning German language in Germany is a great opportunity to live and interact with German speaking people around. Staying and learning German in Germany will help you familiarise  with the location and also to understand the culture of the land. Knowing work and business culture will make it easier to find a part time job in  the initial stage of your stay in Germany.  Learning German in Germany for a level at least is learning in a German atmosphere as the whole country becomes your training centre.

Please take a look at our German country page to know more about the country and the opportunities.


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