National Health Services, one of the most admired national health care systems in the world.The British love their universal health care, NHS Trust.

A huge shortage of almost 40,000 qualified nurses, a big responsibility for the Government to provide with world class health care to each and every resident – 18% aged 65 and over, and  2.4% aged 85 and over!

Britain still recruit foreign educated nurses from all over the world and mainly from India., because it does not have enough native and UK educated nurses,

As per the Nursing and Midwifery Council of the UK (NMC), a registered nurse in the home country, worked as a nurse for at least one year, within the last 5 years is considered qualified to apply for a license to practice nursing in the UK hospitals. The applicant also should be very good in English and ready to provide with evidence of securing at least 6.5 in Writing and 7.0 in all the other segments of the IELTS test conducted in academic module. Alternatively, an OET test score of B in all four segments is can meet the language requirement set by the NMC.

Nurses job in UK in NHS and Various Options

Regular NHS interviews, conducted through WhatsApp /Skype/direct phone call 

Nurses job in UK in NHS – the unique sponsorship programme provides with visa fees, air ticket, initial accommodation, OSCE preparation and fees to those are accepted after an interview

Irrespective to wherever you live currently, an interview could be scheduled and conducted in your comfort, at home or work place. Moreover, all the formalities could be completed in the same country where you live now , including applying for a visa.

1 Year MSc with stay back option – nurses job in UK in NHS

The best alternative for Nurses job in UK in NHS is to choose a study route, apply for a master’s degree course if you are a BSc nurse or a top-up degree course with your Diploma in general nursing. The best part of master degree programme is that your spouse and children are eligible to join later and  live with you even while you are attending the degree course.

Whether master’s or bachelor’s degree, you can stay back and work after the course, under the graduate route called Post Study Work (PSW). A better opportunity indeed to improve your language skills and qualify to get licensed as a nurse in UK. NHS hospitals accept nurses who have completed a degree course in a UK University, even without IELTS or NMC decision letter to work as Band 3/4 nurse.

International Nursing Programme – nurses job in UK in NHS

In case you wish to prepare to sit a test, IELTS / OET, then you may enrol on our INP programme. INP is specially structured and introduced to help nurses who are intending to process their application for an international registration with as a registered nurse with the nursing and midwifery council of a country like UK. Nurses with any level of English proficiency can apply to attend the classes in any of our three training centres in India; Chennai, Coimbatore and Thiruvananthapuram. Assistance and support of processing application with the NMC, preparing and scheduling to sit the CBT test, processing further to obtain a decision letter etc are very important services and training offered under the INP.

You may also choose our associate centre in UK to prepare for OET or IELTS test, CBT and also for OSCE, everything done while in UK.


Asa per the latest announcement of 2018, a recently graduated BSc registered nurse  does not need to wait for one year work experience, as he / she is considered qualified to apply for license to practice nursing in UK hospitals, without any work experience.


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