Higher education is free in Germany in terms of tuition fees for the entire duration in a public university. This makes more affordable and attractive to students who wish to study abroad for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Germany is among the top in the world for Engineering and Technological studies. You may choose a course of your choice of subject; Engineering, Health science, Medicine, Business. Germany is safe and cosmopolitan, and affordable to live comparing with other European countries.

Universities, courses, and the medium of instruction

University of Applied Sciences and the Technical Universities are popular among international students. Those who want to skill themselves according to the current industrial and busness requirements, and graduate employable prefer to study in University of Applied Science.  Those wish to graduate employable and the same time to eying to prepare for a future research Master and PhD programme certainly opt for a technical University. One can choose to study a German or English taught course. Choosing to study a German taught programme is considered as wise decision in terms of future plans including employment and settling in Germany. Basically, applications are processed even with 50% overall marks to study in a public university.

After  higher secondary school education!

Students from countries like India and completed their senior secondary education under the state or central board will require to attend a foundation year course proper to their University studies. This course is generally offered in India but considering the current COVID 19 situation, most of the German colleges have introduced online teaching as well.

Students can stay at home study online, it allows even to complete the course while being in the home country.


World class university and student friendly Immigration law;

  • An excellent opportunity to study in a university which is truly and factually international.
  • Students are entitled to work while on course of study, for a limited period120 full days or 240 half days.
  • Students are permitted to stay back in Germany after their studies for 18 months in case it’s required.
  • Students permitted to do odd jobs and maintain themselves, even while on the search of a proper job during this 18 months.
  • Those who are offered a proper job in a registered company in Germany are eligible for a work permit (could be a Blue Card)
  • Those who complete working for a minimum period of two years on a work permit are considered eligible to apply for a permanent resident permit – popularly known as PR.


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