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Migrating to Germany is the first and immediately available opportunity abroad after COVID-19. It’s open to all those who have completed at least 12th grade school education. Affordable to many as it is cost effective – one can consider, just with the funds required for the initial living expenses, while in Germany. Should be  genuinely intending to study further for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a German University with a proper future plan. To qualify to apply, one should have obtained at least 50% of overall marks in the 12th grade higher secondary school examination or in a bachelor’s degree.

STUDY FREE IN A GERMAN UNIVERSITY – The first opportunity abroad after COVID-19

One can study free in a German University – without paying any tuition fees for the entire duration of the degree course. Germany has more public Universities than private, the best in terms of quality education, and fully funded by the states. Free education is a culture of Germany, and a  fundamental right enjoyed by each and every citizen of the country. Now, the same facilities are offered to international students as well, mainly to attract young talents to Germany, form across the world. Germany is in need of highly skilled young people to support its commerce, and technological advancement.


The immigration law permits international students to work, while and after their studies. International students are entitled for an 18 months  job seeker’s visa, popularly known as “stay back visa”, after completing their degree studies.

As per the current immigration system, an international student who has completed a degree in a German higher education institution can apply for a P.R. visa to live in Germany permanantly, after after working for at least two years in a German company.

SIMPLIFIED IMMIGRATION LAW FOR VISA APPROVAL : The first opportunity abroad after COVID-19

Apart from the academic certificates and an admission letter thats received from a German education institution,  just one more document, an evidence of  having enough founds in position to meet the cost of living while in Germany, is required to apply  for an entry visa.  This could be a blocked account balance statement or a confirmation of deposit from an approved bank in India for EUR 10,236 or equal.  The account could be even one day old, and no source of funds need to be provided.

Higher secondary school graduates, and Bachelor / Master degree holders with or without gap / discontinuation, all can apply.

Opportunity abroad after COVID-19 |MIGRATE TO GERANY;

Start learning German language,

Get familiar with the place where you will be staying, and the country in general,

Understand the culture of Germany; that include, the culture of business and work importantly,

Start working, any job that you can easily get in the beginning,

NB: international students are permitted to work while studying (120 full days or 240 half days in a year ) for a limited period.

 Look for a better and suitable job later,

Progress on to the university studies after achieving the required level of proficiency  in German, 

Continue working, have better exposure and gain work experience,

Complete your University studies, 

Apply for the job seeker’s visa and look for a job or if you have a job already then apply for a work permit. 

Germany, the first opportunity abroad after COVID-19


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