Malaysia, bordering with Singapore is one of the most popular countries for further and higher education in Asia. One can see students across the African countries studying in Malaysian Universities, private and Government. Students from India especially, Tamilnadu and other southern states have have a strong interest to study in a Malaysia or Singapore. Punjab and Gujarat are the other two states attracted by Malaysian colleges and universities.

Malaysian educational providers offer almost all the popular courses; Medicine, Engineering, Business, Hospitality including hotel and tourism management. Malaysia has many foreign universities operating on its shore. One can study for  a UK / USA / Australia / New Zealand  and also other EU member country Degrees. Malaysian qualifications are accepted internationally. There are courses called as pathway programmes in which one will be considered qualified to study a bachelor’s Degree or Master in UK / USA / Australia / New Zealand / Germany / France, after completing the first one or two years or completing a diploma in malyasia.


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