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Preparatory Programme with Studienkolleg  2020-2021!

The number of international students may grow stronger in Germany, Preparatory Programme with Studienkolleg, Bachelor and Master, based on the popularity on the results in dealing with COVID-19. The country’s expertise in the health care system and the strength and stability of the country’s economy has been proved and established again, undoubtedly.

Educational institutions in Germany that includes language schools, studienkollegs, and universities have prepared themselves well to meet the challenges created by COVID-19,  by adapting and implementing online teaching. Language, Foundation  and University Degree courses are all offered online now!

The best recommended and cost effective pathway programmes for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree study options are as given below:

Preparatory programme with Studienkolleg

The language course offered online or and class room studies.

Enrol in a B1 Level German language course (eligible only with the current German language knowledge of A2 Level), pay just EUR 2200 as tuition fees. In case you enrol in for class room studies then the school has accommodation facilities arranged for international students @ EUR 200-250 per month per person. Enjoy your learning and work hard to complete the course successfully. Pass the B1 Level test with good marks and progress on to the foundation course. You may continue with class room online studies, according to the situation.

If you prefer both the courses online, B1 Level language and foundation, you may do so as the German institutions are already adapted and implimented online mode teaching. Both the modes of teaching are accepted and approved by the German authorities, including immigration department of Germany.

Cost and duration of the Foundation course (Preparatory Programme with Studienkolleg)

The foundation programme is a two semester course of 6 months each per semester. The course costs EUR 2200 per semester, and can pay per semester as you progress on in your studies.

Each semester has 6-8 weeks study leaves after the first 4 or 4.5 months studies. Students in class room studies in Germany, generally use this opportunity to work as international students are permitted to work for 120 full days or 240 half days in year. Some students may use this opportunity to visit other  places in Germany and or the neighbouring European Union countries.

 Start learning German from A1, Live Online

German A1-B1 / B2 offered online by language experts in India!

Our language experts include former German language university lecturers, Goethe certified and member language trainers, native German speaking certified teachers, and visiting teachers from Germany.

We offer courses using the best technology available now, that makes the study experience very effective, face to face with individual attention. A1-B1/B2 Level courses with us make the total cost of learning German greatly reduced compared with the tuition fees charged by the German institutions. At the same time without compromising the quality. After achieving better B1/B2 level in German, bachelor of degree students can apply for a visa to migrate to Germany and attend the foundation course directly, provided the post COVID-19 situation is suitable accordingly.

Master Degree students – German up to B2 and DSH test preparation.

Master degree in German public universities, without paying tuition fees !

Start learning German with us from A1 -B2 Level, attend the DSH test preparation programme with us or with the German institution online or classroom study mode, pass the test and progress on to the Master’s degree course for which an admission offer is already obtained. This way, students benefit in terms of cost and time. This pathway is flexible as one can migrate to Germany whenever the current situation is changed.

We suggest the lowest cost preparation course in Germany;

  1. EUR 2200 per level for B1 and B2 Level, 2200 for the DSH preparation.
  2. EUR 2547 for A1-C1.1 level German course ( those who start with B2 here will need to pay only, very little).


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