You Can Choose Where To Get Education

Skip 1 or 2 year(s) of high school and start college right away. While completing requirements for a U.S. high school diploma, and a 2-year Associate’s Degree you will also qualify for a four-year college or university as a third-year student. 2-year High School and College programme works like this;

Grade Level of 10 or 11 > Year 1 at the College > Year 2 at the College = High School diploma + Associate’s Degree

Seattle Central College is a higher education institution, not a high school. However, we have some great opportunities for students who have not yet completed secondary education. Students in our High School Completion Plus program can skip one or two years of high school and start their college/university studies right away. Students take full-time classes at Seattle Central College, and earn college/university credits while completing requirements for a Washington State high school diploma at the same time. By choosing this option, students earn both their high school diploma and Associate Transfer Degree in two years.

Enrollment in the High School Completion Plus program, 2-year High School and College, also includes access to personal counseling, academic and career planning, social activities, leadership training, student clubs, athletic facilities, the college library, computer and science laboratories, and much more. After successfully completing their Associate degree, students can transfer to a four-year institution and complete a Bachelor’s degree by taking two more years of study in their major. Students complete the normal Associate Transfer degree requirements. The courses students take are college courses, not high school courses (some English and Math classes may be an exception, depending on assessment and placement), which are generally transferable to a four-year institution and can be part of a student’s Bachelor’s degree.

Upon fulfilling Associate Transfer degree requirements, students will receive an official diploma from Washington State, awarded by Seattle Central College, at the same time they receive their Associate Transfer degree. Both high school and college graduation status will be noted on the student transcript, and the high school diploma may be used as proof of high school graduation anywhere in the United States.

2-year high school and college , accelerated in just 15 – 18 months

Are you planning to major in Business or a business-related field such as Marketing or Finance? Would you like to earn your Associate degree faster than normal? Are you a high-achieving student who is mature and can manage an intense schedule? If you answered YES to all three questions, Seattle Central’s Accelerated Associate of Business Degree may be right for you!

Save time AND money

Students who enroll in our High School Completion Plus program and choose the Accelerated Degree option can save time by completing their Associate of Business and U.S. high school diploma in just 15 or 18 months, rather than the normal 24 months. In addition to saving six to nine months of study time, students can save thousands of dollars in living and other expenses.

Please note that the Accelerated Associate of Business Degree:
– is not available for majors other than Business

Below is the list of transfer majors students can select when pursuing an Accelerated Business Degree at Seattle Central College: Accounting  | Actuarial Science | Banking and Finance | Finance | Hospitality | Management | International Business |Business Administration / Business Studies | Business Economics | Business Information Systems | Management | Management Information Systems | Sports Management | Travel Industry Management 

– may require students to take a larger class load than normal each quarter and/or enroll during Summer quarter
– is for mature, motivated, high-achieving students who can manage an intense schedule while maintaining their physical and emotional well-being

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