Check yourself thoroughly before going abroad ,  especially when it’s for your higher education.


Have you received your admission letter  from an approved or public funded institution / University abroad?

Have you gone through the contents thoroughly and understood the condition/s mentioned in it, if any? Have got a proper idea about how to prepare yourself to meet the conditions?


  • Wait a minute and think before paying the tuition fees, if there is any to be made.
  • Your main intention should be to study and progress to achieve your goal.
  • If you don’t progress in your studies, nobody else will be responsible.
  • Be aware that the education system of the country can change.
  • The Immigration law for international students could be changed.
  • Understand everything before applying for your visa, and buying your ticket and finally leaving your home country – much in advance.
  • You have to take your responsibility and go ahead once you are in a foreign country.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be demotivated by people who don’t follow their studies, irregular in their classes, and hence creating problem to themselves first and others later as they will be always looking for somebody else to join them
  • Follow  the rules of the institution, study, progress and be focussed.
  • You should concentrate on your studies while you are in a foreign country and follow your goal strictly as nobody else can do that for you.
  • You can blame others easily but practically and logically, that won’t help you in any ways.
  • Always try to reduce your spending.
  • You should spend your money very carefully.
  • Very importantly, you should be friendly with people at the institution / college / University where you will be studying, class mates, local community etc;

A precious piece of advise before going abroad; If possible follow the very simple law of Newton, “there is an equal and opposite reaction to each and every action” – You can expect good only if you are good with others; think good, speak good and do good.

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