Medical Universities in UKRAINE are very old, 170 to 200 years, with a long history of teaching Medicine subject to their citizens as well as foreign nationals. Almost all of them are funded by National or State Governments of Ukraine.

MEDICAL EDUCATION in Ukraine is very affordable, as it cost approximately Rs. 18–22.5 lacs for the entire years tuition, hostel accommodation, health insurance and visa extension fee etc. There are options to pay per year in 2-4 installments. The most attractive option is the paying all the six years fees at a time or in two installments where you will save Rs. 4-5 lacs.

Screening Test back in India

Free study materials and printed lecture notes given to students at the Universities along with a set of prescribed medical books recommended by the Doctors help students to prepare well to clear the screening test in India. Moreover, several training centers in India offer short term screening test preparatory programs that helps graduates to sit the test confidently and successfully.

Services Offered to our students

Services to students start with our first time counseling. Followed by assisting and guiding them to organize and arrange the required documents in order and processing their application for admission and;

  • getting official admission letter from the University
  • Obtaining an invitation from the University.
  • Arranging a visa support letter from the Department of Higher Education of Ukraine.
  • Translation of documents for visa.
  • Complete visa processing
  • Assistance in ticket booking and foreign money exchange
  • Pre-departure briefing
  • Assistance in Immigration clearance in Ukraine on arrival.
  • Airport pick up from the respective Airports; Kharkov, Kiev, Simferopol, etc.
  • Transferring to the pre-arranged accommodation in the University hostel
  • Providing food for the first 2 days, complimentary.
  • Arranging separate room for female students
  • Paying course fees to department of higher education in Ukraine for the respective University
  • Providing student ID card, hostel card, Library card and International student card.
  • Providing activated SIM card with number
  • Opening of Bank account in an Ukrainian international Bank
  • Orientation for the students about the local environment
  • Providing translator service, if required, free of cost
  • Visa support during the Entire period of stay
  • Most importantly, taking care of the well being of students during their stay in UKRAINE till the last day of their Medicine program.


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