A Virtual Internship is similar to a normal face-to-face internship, but instead of being based in an office location, students work from a location that suits them best. Given the current challenges to global mobility, we hope that this programme will be a valuable and timely addition to your portfolio.

The demand for remote working skills is growing fast and Virtual Internships provide the perfect opportunity for students to gain experience of remote working tools including Slack, Trello, Zoom and Google Drive. Students can further their careers by acquiring valuable career skills while enhancing their practical English communications skills in a real-life context.

Our Virtual Internships currently have a focus on Digital Marketing and will rapidly expand into other areas such as Graphic Design, IT Development, Finance and Business Administration. 

What’s Included

150 hours Virtual Internship at a UK Company A minimum of 10 hours of tailored online English tuition (B2 level required)3 online sessions with a Professionals UK coachAccess to Online Learning Platform to develop 21st Century SkillsCertificate, Company Reference and LinkedIn recommendation
Tuition fee: £500 for 10 hours’ preparatory online tuition + £575 Virtual Internship Programme fee
As per a student who has completed an internship: “It was very useful because in the university there is lots of theory but there isn’t any practical work. When I made some work interviews, they were very interested in my practical skills learned in the internship because a lot of companies want real experience

To learn more about our Virtual Inter nship Programme, please do not hesitate to contact us  for more details.
NOTE: Please remain safe and healthy during this challenging period for our sector.

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