Why worry on CRNE, IRON, CAP and ONP, when Pre-registration Nursing (BN) can get you R.N. registration in UK without IELTS and Adaptation.

Course completion leads to acceptance in to the registry of Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)’s Registered Nurses, without any further conditions.

Degree programmes comprise 50% theory and 50% practice. The course time will be split between the university and practical placements.

At University, students will learn about the safe and effective delivery of nursing care through a variety of teaching and learning methods, including lectures, seminars, presentations and tutorials. This will include practising on lifelike models which provides a safe way in which students can develop practise and gain confidence in their nursing skills.

The four main study areas of competence are:
• Professional values
• Communication and interpersonal skills
• Nursing practice and decision making
• Leadership, management and team working

Clinical placements

The clinical placements that the students experience will be related to the branch of nursing that they have chosen. So if a student chose to go into mental health nursing, the placements will focus mainly on patients with mental health problems in hospital and community settings

The four available branches of nursing to choose in Pre-registration programme are;
• Adult
• Child Care
• Learning Disabilities
• Mental Health

 After successful completion of the Pre-registration Programme

Successful completion of the course will qualify graduates to gain R.N. registration with NMC, without any further requirements to be met, and then can apply for nursing posts.

Health care is constantly developing, technology improving, and the needs of population changing. Once qualified, it is necessary to keep up to date with health care issues and practice. This will be required by the Nursing Councils and employers.


• Diploma / BSc nurses can complete the programme in 2 years (Fast Track). No work experience required.
• Higher secondary students passed with PCB will complete it in 3 years (Regular)

 English language proficiency requirement:

• Those with not less than 65% in English in the higher secondary examination can apply. Those who choose to apply with ILETS should have a valid score of 7.0 in all segments.

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