Study in Latvia for International Students

With its hospitable cities and breathtaking coastline, Latvia is one of Europe’s hidden treasures for higher education and the perfect destination for students and tourists. Latvia, situated on the Baltic Sea and bridging the East and the West, is a multicultural nation with many languages, including Latvian, German, and English.

Why Study in Latvia?

Motives for Joining Latvian Institutes

Latvia continues to be a great nation for studying abroad because of its excellent educational system. Students should keep striving to develop their talents since they can use them as a stepping stone to finding jobs relevant to their field of study after graduation. Latvia’s cost is meagre. Each year, more than 5,500 international students join universities in Latvia.

Here are some additional points in favour of Indian students choosing to study in Latvia:

Worldwide recognised degree

Studying in Latvia will result not only in a high-quality education but also in a degree that is acknowledged across the world. Students studying in Latvia may expect a top-notch education while living in a developing nation. The internet speed in Latvia is the seventh fastest in the world. Additionally, Latvia’s industries and companies are expanding swiftly, making it an ideal place to study, you don’t have IELTS, and there is nothing to worry about If you wish to study abroad, having a low IELTS score is no longer a roadblock. The entry criteria for Latvian educational institutions state that the student’s most recent education should be completed in English.

Study in Latvia in English Taught

Requirements for Admission

Accepting a Latin university is more accessible than other universities mandatorily ask for, like CMAT, CAT, JEE, etc. To get in, one must attend an online interview and test. Conversely, Latvian institutions offer a rapid and straightforward admissions process that makes it simple for students to obtain an international degree.

Affordably obtain a quality education.

Most people think that higher-quality education will cost more money. What if the same higher education was available for less money? Studying in Latvia will cost Indian students roughly as much as studying here in India. Latvia provides all courses at very reasonable tuition, whether Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral Level. Several public, commercial, and technical institutions help students develop into better versions of themselves in Latvia.

Study in the System of Advanced Education

The Bologna Education System, which follows the American Credit System and is recognised throughout Europe, the US, and other countries, is used in Latvia and offers students a higher-quality education. The universities and higher education institutions in Latvia provide adequate infrastructure, high-calibre faculty, and structured courses to enable students to collaborate in multinational teams at home and abroad and compete effectively in the global marketplace.

Combine work and studies.

Depending on their grades and other factors, certain universities in Latvia offer their students the chance to intern. Students are permitted to work while pursuing their education. Students will benefit financially from this and have the opportunity to engage with European companies. Additionally, it is permissible for students to have a 20-hour per week part-time job while in school, enabling them to budget their spending.

Study in Latvia and settle in Europe

Options for after study

After completing your studies, you have the following options:

  • Stay back and look for further career options.
  • Return to your home country.
  • Migrate to your desired country with an internationally recognised degree, giving you an advantage over other applicants and expanding your options.

The degrees earned from a Latvian university will give you many chances if you relocate outside the European Union.

If you plan to stay in any European nation, you can apply for a job search visa valid for six months, after which you can work there and eventually seek permanent residency.

Study in a natural environment.

Who would refuse the chance to attend school in one of the world’s top 50 greenest nations?¬†

Latvia is rich in natural wonders, with expansive forests and a lengthy coastline. Latvia has a clean environment due to its wealth of natural resources. Along with stunning natural scenery, Latvia also offers some spectacular architectural designs.

Numerous course alternatives

Students have thousands of course, courses to choose from in Latvia. Latvia offers various courses for its students, from mechanical engineering to electrical engineering to public health to management. Students can pick from multiple course options depending on their interests. The fields of finance, human resource management, project management, etc., all provide a variety of specialisation possibilities in Latvian universities.


Depending on their academic performance, specific Latvian Institutes provide scholarships to students. Government scholarships are also offered to support several overseas students.

Various Universities and Courses available for Study in Latvia

Study in Latvia - BSC International

Top Universities in Latvia

  Baltic International Academy

  BA School of Business and Finance

  Daugavpils University

  ISMA University of Applied Sciences

  Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music

  Latvian Academy of Culture

  Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE)

  Latvian Christian Academy

  Latvian Maritime Academy

  Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

  Liepaja University

  Rezekne Academy of Technologies

  Riga Aeronautical Institute

  Riga Business School at Riga Technical University

  Riga Graduate School of Law

  Riga Stradins University

  Riga Technical University

  RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology

  Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

  Transport and Telecommunication Institute

  Turiba University

  University College of Economics and Culture

  University of Latvia

  Ventspils University College

Study in Latvia RTU

Top Bachelor Courses to Study in Latvia

  Academic Bachelor in European Language and Culture Studies

  Bachelor in Food Quality and Innovations

¬†¬†Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

  Bachelor in Business Administration

  Academic Bachelor in European Language and Culture Studies

  Professional Bachelor in Information Technology

  Bachelor in Sociology of Organizations and Public Administration

  BSc Economics

  Professional Bachelor in Information Technologies for Sustainable Development

¬†¬†Bachelor’s Degree in Business Logistics Management

¬†¬†Bachelor’s Degree in International Communication Management

  Bachelor РEngineer of Programming

  Bachelor of Social Sciences in Marketing and Advertising

  BA in Intercultural Communication

  Bachelor in Transport and Business Logistics

  Academic Bachelor in Computer Science

  Academic Bachelor in European Language and Culture Studies

  Professional Bachelor in Information Technology

  Bachelor in Food Quality and Innovations

  Bachelor in Sociology of Organizations and Public Administration

  BSc Economics

  Professional Bachelor in Information Technologies for Sustainable Development

¬†¬†Bachelor’s Degree in Business Logistics Management

¬†¬†Bachelor’s Degree in International Communication Management

¬†¬†Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management

¬†¬†Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems

  Bachelor in Cultural and Social Anthropology

  Bachelor in International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy

  Bachelor in English, European Languages and Business Studies

  Bachelor in East-West Intercultural Studies

  Bachelor in Biotechnology and Bioengineering 

  Bachelor in Computer Science

  Bachelor in Geoinformatics

  Bachelor of Humanities in Language Studies

  Bachelor in Applied Communication and Translation

  BA in Intercultural Communication

  BA in Computer Science

  Bachelor in Hospitality Management

  Bachelor of Social Sciences in Marketing and Advertising

  Bachelor in Transport and Business Logistics

  Bachelor in Business Administration РTourism and Hotel Management / External Relations Management

Study in Latvia RTU intake

Top Master Departments to Study in Latvia





  Information Technology (IT)  

  Education & Training  


  Medicine And Healthcare  

  Hospitality & Tourism  

  Banking & Finance  

  Media Films  


Requirements for Study in Latvia and Eligibility Standards

Students need a study visa if their course of study lasts longer than 90 days. Students who have previously obtained an acceptance letter from the University, also known as an offer letter, are eligible to apply for a visa.

A student must gather many documents before applying for a study visa to Latvia. Students must exercise extreme caution because even one error could result in the embassy rejecting their application for a permit. Verify the prerequisites before applying, as there may be additional ones depending on the University or College.

The following is the necessary paperwork for a student visa:

  • Students need to have an authentic, valid passport.
  • They must carry a passport-sized photo with a 35 x 45 cm white background.
  • They require academic records, such as DMCs from the 10th and 12th grades, graduation certificates, and DMCs from the graduation.
  • Students must pass one of the English Proficiency Certificate exams listed below.

o PTE 



o A letter from the institution stating the previous education was completed in the English instruction medium.

  • Curriculum vitae.
  • A certificate of police clearance is required for the student.
  • Students must present a bank certificate showing an amount equal to 7000EUR.EUR is available to meet the cost of living in Latvia. The student’s name, birthdate, and passport number must appear on the bank certificate. The same bank must offer an international debit card for students.
  • Other paperwork that is needed is:

o Application form

o Request letter.

o Assurance letter.

o Admission letter.

Study in Latvia IELTS Score

How to Apply for a Latvia Study Visa

Process for obtaining a study visa for Latvia

To enter Latvia, students require a visa; if they want to stay longer than a month, international students must apply for a long-term visa. Before applying for a Latvia study visa, students must get an acceptance letter from the University. Willing students should begin the visa application procedure as soon as feasible because it might take some time.

To do so, the student must take the following actions:-

The students are expected to provide original documentation.

The conditional offer letter and Invoice for the application fee will be sent to the applicant. 

Students must deposit directly into the universities’ account for the fee payment. There is no reimbursement for the application cost.

Some universities ask applicants to participate in a Skype interview or online test.

Academic Information Centre, or AIC, will receive educational records for university authentication, which will take 2 to 4 weeks to process.

The University will deliver the following upon obtaining the AIC Statement:

o Letter of acceptance 

o Study contract

o Invoice of Tuition fees (refundable in case of visa rejection)

o Invoice of the security deposit (refundable in case of visa rejection)

The documents will be forwarded to the University once the tuition fee has been properly paid.

The students would then get supporting documentation for their visa from the college or University. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree would receive an invitation letter, while students pursuing a master’s degree would accept an invitation letter, a guarantee of a visa, and a guarantee of accommodation.

The candidate must attend the embassy with all required documentation for a face-to-face interview.

The following opportunities are available to International students in Latvia:

  • Students can look for placements in a variety of placement zones.
  • Legally, students can work 20 hours a week besides their education. In Latvia, processed food, electronics, textiles, and other sectors are the primary sources of part-time employment.
  • Students in Latvia can do internships at several universities. Typically, it begins in the summer. Some internships in management, technology, etc., are beautiful possibilities for earning money.

Cost of Student Visa in Latvia

Students from the EU-EEA, Nordic Countries, or Switzerland must hold a student visa to study in Latvia. They must submit an additional application for a residence permit after arriving in Latvia. It costs ‚ā¨60 to apply for a student visa to Latvia.

Education Fees for Study in Latvia

There is no set price for overseas students because the prices of higher education in Latvia vary depending on the degree and University. However, here are some typical tuition costs for international students at various academic levels: 

Level of Study Tuition Fees (Approx.)

Bachelor‚Äôs Degree ‚ā¨3000 – ‚ā¨5000

Master’s Degrees ‚ā¨1700 for EU and Swiss Students

‚ā¨3700 for international students

Medicine Degree ‚ā¨15000

As previously stated, Latvia has among Europe’s lowest average tuition fees. These are some of the lowest figures for the global education destinations, not just in Europe but also when compared to other nations that offer English-taught courses. When compared to other classes, the medicine and management courses are on the more expensive end of the scale.

Study in Latvia Fees details

Cost of Living in Latvia

In addition to having some of Europe’s most reasonable living costs, Latvia boasts low tuition costs. However, living standards are maintained since the nation keeps pace with modernity while protecting its natural environment and cultural legacy. The natural beauty of Latvia is well-known, but the country also has a vibrant nightlife. The following is a general breakdown of some daily costs in Latvia’s top student cities:

Cost of Living per Month in Riga

The largest capital city of Latvia is Riga. Of course, it is also the most inhabited. The University of Latvia, Riga Stradins University, and Riga Technical University are all in Riga.

Accommodation Dorms/Student hostel ‚ā¨70 – ‚ā¨120

Shared Apartment ‚ā¨100 – ‚ā¨200

Apartment without Sharing ‚ā¨250 – ‚ā¨350

Food ‚ā¨150 – ‚ā¨250 (‚ā¨4 – ‚ā¨7 per meal)

Transportation ‚ā¨16 for students (trams or buses)

Social ‚ā¨100 approximately depending on the students

Cost of Living per Month in Liepaja

One of Latvia’s larger cities, Liepaja, is well-known for its Long Beach on the Baltic Sea. The University of Liepaja, which offers highly regarded computer science and information technology technical programmes, is located there.

Accommodation Dorms/Student hostel ‚ā¨40 – ‚ā¨110¬†

Shared Apartment ‚ā¨50 – ‚ā¨150

Apartment without Sharing ‚ā¨150 – ‚ā¨300

Food ‚ā¨130 (‚ā¨3 – ‚ā¨5 per meal)

Transportation ‚ā¨20 for students (trams or buses)

Social ‚ā¨50 approximately depending on the students

Cost of Living per Month in Ventspils

Ventspils, a city on Latvia’s west coast, is home to the renowned scientific research institution Ventspils University College.

Accommodation Dorms/Student hostel ‚ā¨47 – ‚ā¨69¬†

Shared Apartment ‚ā¨85 \- ‚ā¨100

Apartment without Sharing ‚ā¨100 – ‚ā¨220

Food ‚ā¨120 – ‚ā¨230 (‚ā¨2.5 – ‚ā¨9 per meal)

Transportation ‚ā¨16.5 – ‚ā¨26.5 for students (trams or buses)

Social ‚ā¨50 – ‚ā¨70 approximately depending on the students

Bottom Lines

Despite having a tiny population, Latvia is constantly expanding to fulfil the needs of the global world. Universities there provide degrees from bachelor to doctoral at all levels. Over 200 programmes are primarily taught in English, while some are also offered in other foreign languages. Are you thinking about where to study? Or Feeling confused? Just give us a call to us and clear all your doubts related to the giant step of your career life. 


From a visa standpoint, a gap of up to 5 years is allowed if you’re going for a bachelor’s degree, while a gap of up to 10 years is permissible for a master’s degree.

No, a student may also base their studies on the MOI. IELTS is not required to enrol in classes in Latvia.

To obtain all the necessary information and apply for admission to the best Latvian universities, contact KCR Consultants.

Without a doubt, Latvia is among the most incredible places in Europe to study. This nation offers education in top-rated colleges for highly affordable costs.

There are currently no scholarships for Indian students due to the highly cheap tuition costs.

How can I become Permanent Resident in Latvia?

You can only obtain PR in Latvia if you have lived there for at least five years and make at least 22,500 euros annually.

Since most universities offer instruction in English and the entire curriculum is taught in English, learning Latvian is optional.

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