Interview Preparation

Consulate Interview

A bit nervous and confused until it’s over! 

Not necessary, in fact. 

The visa office is there to give visas. 

The officer is there to see if you could be recommended for a visa, 
for the purpose that you have mentioned in your visa application.

You are not going to be interrogated during the interview. It could be a pleasant conversation, with your active and sincere participation. 

The visa officers are generally neutral and sometimes friendly too. They are well trained for their job. They speak slowly, they never shout at people. They are aware of your rights as well.

But are you prepared to speak well and straight forward, and in simple language? Are you going to follow the ‘short and sweet’ reply policy until and unless you are asked for an explanation?

What are the visa interview questions?

It’s very simple to have an idea, and the below listed could be the mainly expected questions in any circumstances; 

  • Do you know the purpose of your visit? 
  • Do you know what course/s you are going to attend?
  • Do you know the duration of the course/s?
  • Do you know the name/s of the universities or institution/s where you will attend the said study programmes?
  • Do you know the tuition fees that you need to pay, and the funds that you have in your position?
  • What’s the form of the funds available with you?  
  • How did you manage to organise the funds?
  • What do you expect from your studies?
  • How will these studies help you in your future career?
  • What’s your plan after completing your studies?

Keep in mind there is no limit, and the officer can ask you any relevant question to know you better.


"The onus is on you" to convince the visa officer

You should work on your body language if required, before attending a visa  interview.

Don’t dress up to impress them. Don’t be too casual at the consulate.

Don’t try to take any tips from the other attendees present in the visa office, before or after the interview. 

Be prepared and ready to answer in case of any phone calls you receive from the consulate, till they take a decision on your application.


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