Admission Process

Admission process starts from the day you contact a university with a query.

Be very clear even before asking a query to the University, by email!

You should know before mailing what you want to know from the University; the course, duration, tuition fees, stages of payment, admission fees, qualifications, type of documents, certifications, language and other testĀ score cards, recommendations and referrals, personal statements…

How important is it that you write on a university application form?

The set of questions asked in the form should be considered as a part of an admission interview where you are free to answer conveniently, and even in case you wish to improve or edit the answer you may do it before submitting.

Be genuine and confident.

Present yourself and the application better but try to be very clear, transparent and genuine to the university. You donā€™t have a chance to change the information or document provided later after the university finds it not true in nature or genuine.

Some Universities even have an admission condition for not refunding the fees paid by the student if they find any evidence of falsification (especially in the case of a visa refusal based on providing false information to the consulate).

nmc cbt test

The checklist / documents required for admission

Rushing with your application at the last minute is not a good idea!

Make sure that you are applying well in advance. By giving enough time to the university to process your application you are keeping yourself in a betterĀ position in case of any additional information or clarification required by the admission team or faculty.

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