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Study / Migrate in Germany

Higher secondary School and College Graduates ! Study free in a German public University, a bachelor’s or master’s degree course that prepare you skill full, qualified enough with industrial & business exposure, multilingual, and 100% ready for a proper job. Germany has the easiest and shortest processing system for P.R.permit. VIEW MORE


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Why not a confirmed 18 months job seeker’s visa! Apply for a pathway program, work partially while getting familiar with the culture of industry, business, life and the multilingual communication in Germany. Apply for a job and work permit or an 18 months job seeker’s visa after completing a tuition fees free degree.

U.S. AFTER 10TH or 11TH

Stay Home Study Abroad – A Washington State Government College accepts students who have passed 10th or 11th grade school education for its High School Diploma of two years. Those who enrol in a High School Completion Plus  will earn a high school diploma and an Associate Degree, within the 2 years


If looking for an affordable medical education abroad, but at the same time by not compromising with the quality of teaching then the Medical universities in UKRAIN and RUSSIA are the best options. Both the countries follow the Indian system and therefore chances are more to get licensed in India after graduation.


Study medicine abroad| 2020 admissions open! Europe|Malaysia| Ukraine|Russia|Georgia |   APPLY NOW!

FAQ - where, how and what to study next?


German public universities are still one of the better options available for students who are completing their Plus 2 Examination. Even after completing their board examinations late by July / August, applications could be processed with German universities.

  • No time will be lost for those who start learning German now, live online, while at home.
  • Application for a degree course could be processed as soon as the marks and examination passed certificates are received.
  • Since there is an atmosphere of uncertainty with regard to travel permissions and travel arrangements everywhere, students can keep learning German and foundation course online till the travel restrictions are lifted.
  • Students from countries like India need to complete a foundation year course prior to start their Bachelor of Degree course in a German public University.
  • The foundation course has two semesters, and students are permitted  now, to complete one or both the semesters online, even while at their home country.
  • If everything is fine by September then a visa application could be processed in October and arrive Germay as soon a the visa is granted and flights are available.
  • Even with 50% marks ( not less than 50%), application could be processed for a tuition fees free Bachelor’s degree course.

Germany is “The Best” for a degree holder. A tuition fees free master’s degree course option is open to all those who have completed a bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks.

  • Applications are processed for admission to study in a public University to study in an Engineering stream, Business, Management, Health Science, Health Care Management, Technological field, Computer Science, or a field of your choice!
  • Admission for a language course for up to 9 months, to start with,  costing to EUR 2500-6900 to learn German to achieve up to C1 Level proficiency is also processed for.
  • Duration and cost cost of the language course could be reduced if have already attended German classes in home country.
  • Live online German classes in India is offered now, taught by native German speaking teachers, Ex. German faculty members of Universities, Ex. School principals, Goethe certified teachers.
  • Those who know German better do well in Germany in terms of work, before, while and after the degree course.
  • Those who lived and learnt German in Germany and worked in the relevant field of studies will easily get in to a job  and obtain a work permit immediately after the course.
  • Those who need time to look for a proper job, are entitled to apply for a job seeker’s visa which is valid for 18 months.
  • Germany’s simple and transparent Immigration law accepts application for a P.R. visa from those  who complete working for two years in Germany ( applicable only if completed a degree course in Germany before the said two years of work).

We believe that quality employment is the foundation of human dignity, economic stability, and community self-sufficiency. We keep this basic information in mind while we suggest a course, University and a country to our students. We discuss these matters with our students and their parents in detail, and make sure that the course and the overall University experience will prepare them in graduating 100% employable for the current international and global industry and job market.


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