Post Arrival Services

As soon as accepted to the course for which you have applied, you should start booking for an accommodation. This could be a university hostel, a private and shared apartment, or host family accommodation, as per your requirement and affordability.

University hostel is a place where you will be staying with students of many other nationalities. You may stay alone in a room but share the kitchen and other facilities with other students. You may also choose to share and stay in the same room with another student. Generally, the University hostels are located very close to your campus, just walkable distance or short enough to use a bicycle. 

A private accommodation could be anywhere, close to or in a long distance. 

Host family accommodation is fit for those who wish to enjoy the culture of the country by staying with a local family. It helps foreign students to learn the language / accent and also the way they use the language. Generally the price goes with “ Bed and breakfast or two meals (breakfast and Dinner). A packed lunch is included in the three meals package, and a packed lunch is given to the student while leaving for the campus in the morning.


Most of the private institutions offer airport pick-up and transfer services and many of them insist to book it mandatorily in advance, to make it more easier and hassle free.

But most of the public universities are not offering this kind of service. In such situations, you may go ahead with the “buddy services” or private accommodation.

In the worst situation, we can organise a kind initial accommodation arrangement through the students who are already attending a course in the same university (only when we find somebody who is interested and readily available). 

The last option is to book and stay in a nearby hotel / motel for a week’s time before you find a suitable accommodation with the help of the international office of the University, or with class mates  and other students.

Enrolment, and completing the requirements of the enrolment, is the most immediate and very important task to be completed after arriving in a new country. 

Make sure that your health insurance or direct medical facilities are checked and activated. Bank accounts need to be opened or activated in case you have already opened it before you have arrived in the country.


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