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The MD (Medical Doctor) Degree

After successfully completing the  6year medical course in Riga Stradins (RSU), the students achieve a basic medical qualification, Medical Doctor (MD). This qualification is entitled the graduate to continue with a residential programme in Latvia or in many other countries to become a licensed medical doctor to practice medicine independently.

The 6-year programme also grants access to doctoral degree programmes.

Worldwide acceptance

Once graduated and achieved the MD degree, the degree holders can study further or pursue their professional practice in the UK and other EU/EEA member countries. 

It’s also accepted in the US, and can get licensed to practice medicine after passing the ECFMG exams. 

RSU medical graduates have achieved professional license in medicine in many other countries e.g. Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan etc. 

MD degree of Riga Stradins University is recognised by the Medical Council of India to sit the medical licensing examination, popularly known as the screening test in India.

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