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Engineering and Technology

Technical universities and university of applied sciences in Germany are known for technical and engineering studies whether its bachelor’s or master’s courses.

Diploma and PG diploma

Canadian community colleges prepare school leavers and degree holders for direct job after studies through Diploma, and post graduate diploma level courses

US High school diploma

US high school diploma after 10th or 11th grade school education. Students also graduate along with an associate degree in two years from an American state college.

Low Cost Studies in Europe

Pay just 1500 - 3000.EUR per year and study for a Bachelor or Master’s course in a European public University and graduate with a degree which is accepted across the world.

Medical studies abroad

Study medicine abroad, tuition fees starts from 4500.$ - 12,000∈, 50% and above marks for admission in Georgia, Russia and Ukraine. Above 65% in other European countries.

One Year Master / MBA

Generally, the duration of master’s courses in all the UK universities is for 1 year. Some universities also offer it in 24 months, along with a work placement after the first year studies.

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