Course search is the first step of studying abroad.

There are many ways and portals are already available to access. Still itā€™s a difficult task. There comes the role of consultation, counselling, advice, suggestions from an experienced counsellor of an organisation etc.Ā 

Course search should not be for the latest or a new course. Course search should be based on the outcome of the studies. What exactly the student expects from his/her studies, is that expectation matching with his/her previous studies, grades and overall profile.

Financial  background of the student and his family is also importantly considered while searching for an ideal course. For example Diploma and PG Diplomas cost less compared to the degree courses. 

Countries like Canada and New Zealand offer three years post graduate work permit after a two years diploma or PG diploma. Itā€™s the same even after completing a degreeĀ courseĀ of 2-4 years.

CourseĀ searchĀ also should be based on the next plan after the proposed studies. The plan is to get into work or to qualify for further studies!

At last not at the least, the country where theĀ courseĀ is offered has a lot to do with the total tuition fees, cost of living, part time work permit, money earned, post study work permits, or further study options and many more.


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