Why Waiting To Start Your Bachelor's Degree Studies In Germany?

Contact us, let us talk, and start processing your application for admissions while you attend the basic (A1) level German language course.

Have An Admission Letter For A Bachelor’s Degree Course From a University And Another Letter From A Studienkolleg While Applying For a German Student Visa in Your Home Country.

The foundation course is all-in-one and taught in 12 months.

It also has intensive German language(German) teaching from B1 to C1-Level.

After receiving the admission letters from the university and the studienkolleg, students are prepared to make an appointment and apply for their visa.

We guarantee our expert services to get them their admissions!

NB: Students need to pay for their tuition fees + 12 months of hostel accommodation and food allowance to the studienkolleg.

25,200 EUR in total

Here, students do not need to open a Blocked Account as the Studienkolleg does it on their behalf.

The benefits:

Students have a better and more comfortable stay and can concentrate on their academic work.

Parents have no more worries about their health and progress in their studies.

No more worries about block accounts again while progressing to their degree studies the following year.

At KCR CONSULTANTS, we accept students with zero level German skills.

We teach them the basics and prepare them to sit and pass the A1&A2 level tests before applying for their visa.

On Arrival in Germany,

The studienkolleg representative meets the students at the airport and transfers them to the accommodation, where after an arrival dinner, students stay and settle comfortably.

Direct Foundation Courses

Fix AN Appointment

Please use the form below for all Appointment enquiries. Once received we will schedule you in or do our best to accommodate you.