Apprenticeship with Monthly Stipend in Germany

Work In a Leading Hotel In Germany While Learning Hotel Management or Culinary Arts


Ausbildung / Azubi Training / Apprenticeship Programme

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As per the Skilled Immigration Act, 12th grade school examinations passed young people (below 30) are accepted by hotels in Germany for apprenticeship positions.

The programme is called Ausbildung or Azubi training, and apprenticeship in English.

In this three year programme, students are trained in the hotel during the apprenticeship for 2-3 days in a week, and are taught in the remaining days in the training center.

Start earning while learning, right after 12th grade

Apprentices are paid a monthly stipend for their work in the hotel, EUR 800-1200.

Don’t you think that on-the-job learning is the best education after high school?

That too with a monthly stipend for the time that you spent in the work placement?

It’s learnt that 70% of the high school students in Germany choose the vocational route after their school education.
In many countries, especially those that are industrially developed, the majority of the students after their school education prefer a vocational course than a college / university degree course.

The vocational education teaches skills and also provides opportunity to practice the skills learnt.

The participants gradually learn skills, practice, develop and get trained in a trade or a profession.

Which country is the best in this now?

Germany became an attractive place for vocational studies as the new skilled migration act introduced in the early 2020 is an open invitation to foreign young people who would like to get trained in Germany through its Ausbildung or Azubi training programme.

Who benefits from AZUBi training?

Azubi hotel training or Ausbildung hotel management creates a win-win situation for the participating hotels as well as the students. As per the skilled migration act German employers can accept those who are interested in apprenticeship positions, and train them for at least three years before appointing them as regular employees.

So hotels get a fully skilled employee, after three years of the programme, who is known to the employer for the last three years and also trained by them according to the hotel’s requirement.

The participants are confident from the beginning that she / he is getting trained by an employer directly, and the end of the programme she / he is a qualified employee by all means.

What are the two options in Azubi Hotel training?

  • Azubi hotel has three options;
  • Azubi hotel culinary arts ( chef)
  • Azubi hotel management
  • Restaurant management

Is that making any interest?

Enrol with us and start learning German if you are completely new to the language.

From the beginner’s level (A1 Level).

Progress on to the A2 level after completing an estimated 150 units in 7 weeks.

You may require at least the same 150 units of 7 weeks studies to complete your A2 level successfully.

You will be required to spend more time to achieve B1 level. At least 12 weeks as you have to cover 300 units for a better result.

Once achieved B1 level, you may choose to proceed to learn B2 in Germany or continue here in your home country, to finally qualify for the Azubi hotel management programme.


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