Job Seeker Visa in Germany

Job Seeker Visa in Germany for Indians 

I sincerely aim to provide complete information about the job seeker’s visa in Germany!

Excellent job opportunities in Germany are a common subject of every skilled worker, undergraduate diploma and degree holder worldwide. 

At the same time, everyone wonders how to apply; while in the home country or after directly migrating to Germany. 

Of course, better after migrating!

Job Seeker Visa in Germany complete details part 1

Do you know how to migrate to Germany on a job seeker visa?

The most accessible and direct pathway is applying for a job seeker visa in Germany, which allows a non-EU citizen to enter, stay find a registered German employer look for a job, find a registered German employer, receive a job offer and contract, and switch to a work and resident permit before expiring the job seeker’s visa time.¬†¬†

Suppose that is what you are planning to follow. In that case, you’ll need to understand the qualifications required to apply for a job seeker’s visa in Germany and look at your stuff before proceeding with the application.

What Is a Job Seeker Visa in Germany?

As the name goes, the job seeker visa in Germany is to look for a job while living in Germany for six months. 

As per the Skilled Immigration Act 2020, visa holders can work 10 hours per week on a trial basis and qualify for a full-time relevant job later.

On receiving a job offer and contract, the job seeker can apply for a long-term resident visa and work permit.

Requirements for a jobseeker visa in Germany?

One should be at least a national diploma or undergraduate degree holder to apply for a Germany job seeker’s visa. 

These qualifications should be recognised and equivalent to a diploma or degree in Germany.

German language level up to B1 is mandatory for those who have completed vocational training. 

The applicants must have enough funds to meet the cost of living in Germany for at least six months, preferably in a blocked account for a job seeker visa in Germany.

Job Seeker Visa in Germany complete details part 2

How do I apply for a jobseeker’s visa in Germany?

Once the required documents are available, you may complete an application and book an appointment to apply for a job seeker’s visa in Germany.

The crucial documents are your passport, a completed visa application form, a Biometric photograph, all recognised academic or vocational qualifications, a blocked account, and German language test passed certificates.

How to apply for a job seeker visa for Germany at the nearest German VFS office or Consulate?

Before applying for a visa, you should visit the German visa portal and book an appointment. 

Subsequently, you should visit the visa application centre or Consulate as per the appointment. 

The visa office might ask questions while applying at the Consulate in person or on the phone after lodging your application at a VFS office to check your qualifications and intention.

It costs 75.EUR, and could be paid in local currency if applying at the VFS office or a bank draft if applying at the nearest German Consulate. 

Job Seeker Visa in Germany complete details part 3

How to apply for a work permit or blue card in Germany before your job seeker’s visa expires?

Since you are on a job seeker’s visa in Germany, your main aim should be looking for a job relevant to your current and previous qualifications.¬†

And once a job offer and contract are received within the visa period, you should make an appointment with the foreigners’ office to apply for a residence permit for employment or a Blue Card, whichever is applicable.¬†¬†

The application fee could be approximately 100.EUR.

Make sure that you are lodging your application before the existing job seeker’s visa expires!

Who can apply for a Job Seeker’s Visa in Germany?¬†

European Union citizens and those from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, can move to Germany freely, reside and take up any jobs without further permission. 

Citizens from the following countries with which Germany has an international agreement in visa matters can enter Germany without a visa; the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Israel, the Republic of Korea, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.  

The citizens of all other countries with which Germany does not have an agreement on the visa matter are called third countries and should apply for a job seeker’s visa to enter Germany, stay and look for jobs!¬†

Job Seeker Visa in Germany complete details - Apply Now

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