Tuition-Free University Education In Germany

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  • High school graduates with A-Levels or IB Diplomas can directly enroll in bachelor’s degree programs at German public universities.
  • Similarly, students with University School Certificates of Higher Secondary Qualifications and at least one year of university experience in a relevant degree program in their home country are also eligible for direct admission to a bachelor’s program.
  • For those with a Higher Secondary National School certificate, entry into a bachelor’s program is through a Foundation-Year at a Studienkolleg or Preparatory School in Germany.¬†

Foundation Programs and the medium of instruction

State-funded foundation programs are generally offered in Germany. 

  • Students must have at least a B2 level in German to register for the tuition-free Foundation at a state-funded Studienkolleg.¬†
  • Many state-accredited private Studienkollegs offer German language classes from A1 to B1, making it easier for students to progress to the foundation course.

We assist with the application process to study at one of Germany’s world-class public universities through one of the best Foundation Programs.

  • Students can learn basic German levels online while waiting for admission letters.¬†
  • After completing basic levels (A1 and A2) in your home country, you can migrate to Germany and attend an all-in-one-year foundation program that includes B1, B2, and C1 level German classes!
  • The Studienkolleg takes care of students for the entire year, meeting on arrival at the nearest international airport or railway station to providing transportation to pre-arranged furnished hostel accommodations.¬†
  • The package also includes study materials, exam fees, and second-year visa extension fees as students progress to University.

Other study options for Foundation or Studienkolleg

  • If you have a better B1 Level (obtained 80% above in the German language B1-Level test), you can start attending a Foundation program directly at a Studienkolleg.¬†
  • You can begin with B1-level language classes at Studiekolleg’s language center in Germany. It takes 3-4 months before progressing to the one-year foundation program.¬†
  • Students can start from basic language levels in Germany and progress to the tuition-free or paid Studienkolleg after achieving a B2 level. This pathway helps students attain the practical communication skills required to integrate into German culture.¬†

English-taught preparatory program followed by an English-taught bachelor’s degree program at public universities!

An eight-month Foundation or preparatory program entirely taught in English.

  • Only T Course for those who intend to pursue a Bachelor’s in Engineering or Technology
  • Those with at least 50% marks can apply.
  • Good marks in English or evidence for a B2 level in English are required to meet the language condition.
  • No language certificate is required while applying.

Master’s Degree Programs in English

Germany’s public universities offer¬†international programs, mainly at the Master’s level, and taught in English. However;

  • Only 10-15% of the 20,000+ educational programs are in English.
  • High academic marks give students a better chance of admission.
  • German universities prefer a nationality mix in their classrooms, which makes the competition tough, especially in engineering and management programs.¬†
  • Most universities require a B2 level of communication skills in English.


More accessible German-taught Master’s programs

  • A 50% minimum mark for a bachelor’s degree meets the admission criteria.¬†
  • Language proficiency is needed in German (C1 level) to meet the language conditions.¬†

German public universities accept various levels of German proficiency:

  • C1 Level:¬†Direct admission to a master’s program.
  • B2 Level:¬†Complete the remaining German classes at the University or any preferred language school.
  • B1 Level:¬†Complete the remaining levels up to C1 in Germany.
  • A2 Level:¬†Complete the remaining levels at a university-suggested or accredited language center in Germany.
  • A1 Level:¬†A university proficient in Germany and meeting the University’s language conditions.
  • A1.1 Level:¬†Start in Germany, attain proficiency, and attend University.

At KCR Consultants, we ensure you receive the best support and guidance to fulfill your dream of studying in Germany. 


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