UK, the ultimate destination where your profession is highly demanded

“There are already at least 24,000 nursing vacancies in the UK and it’s getting worse every single day.”

- the latest report of 2017

The NHS hospitals are seriously looking for various options to recruit foreign educated nurses who are qualified enough to get licensed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Despite this demand for nurses, there are many nurses from countries are unable to make use of the situation mainly because of not able to meet the conditions of NMC; the required level of communication skills in English and ability to pass CBT and OSCE tests.


Choose the best suggested PATHWAY programme - MSc (Nursing).

The Uniqueness:

★ Duration: 18 months full time

★ Guaranteed scholarship: £4000 from the total fees of £11,850

★ Guaranteed paid work placement throughout the course - 18 hour per week (subject to interview) in local hospitals – the same hospitals, looking to employ nurses once qualified for NMC registration, post studies.

★ Provided development to prepare for NMC tests – CBT and OSCE.

★ In session English development provided to help reach the required level of communication skills in English.

★ Option of a 2 or 3 year Tier 2 work contract with a local hospital upon successful completion of the NMC test and the MSc Nursing Programme (for students with adequate clinical competencies).

Entry criteria: BSc nursing degree passed with at least 2nd class

One year, post registration work experience full time OR equivalent part time.

IELTS 6.5 in all segments

Course start dates: October 2017 / February 2018

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Pre-registration Nursing -

Leading to R.N. registration

Why to worry on low IELTS score?

Choose “Pre-registration (BN)” and qualify for R.N. Licensing in New Zealand upon completing the course successfully.

Course completion also leads to one year open work permit which is extendable for two more years on a nursing job offer. Once RN in New Zealand, eligible to process for PR directly, without any further delay.
Those with a GNM Diploma and two years work experience or BSc degree with one year post registration work experience are encouraged to apply. The course duration could be for minimum 2 years.

Nursing in New Zealand

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The pathway to qualify to become a RN in Germany,
without IELTS or even any other Tests

The Pathway

The pathway programme starts with intensive German classes in an approved Institution in Germany which is also an accredited Test Centre. Here you will learn proper German from the qualified teachers who are not only German native speaking but also Certified to teach German.

Learning the language in Germany in German atmosphere will prepare you to skillful enough to communicate fluently and properly with faculty members, local community, and fellow German students in the University and also at work place while on the University studies and post study Employment.

The progression in German learning and tests are completely different than IELTS or TOEFL. Tests will be conducted after every 120 - 200 hours of learning. Every test will be to check and establish a particular level you achieved in German which starts from A1 Level, progressing on to A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 Levels.

You may start preparing to approach the nursing councils upon achieving B2 Level communication skills. But a C1 Level certificate is required to progress on a University course. Practically, you can do the pathway programme along with a University course only, Bachelors or Masters Level. The same is followed even by German embassies and consulates before considering a student / student applicant visa.

Once registered as a RN in Germany, you can work as a Nurse even while on a University course as foreign students in Germany are permitted to work full time for 120 days or half days for 240 days. Moreover you don’t need to pay for your University studies - for the entire duration of the degree course.

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That means you can become a nurse registered in Germany, before, while or after your tuition fees FREE University studies. In addition to that German immigration permits foreign students to stay back for 18 months after the degree course, specifically to look for a proper job before settling down on BLUE CARD work permit.

Registration Process

Nursing Profession is regulated in Germany hence professional qualifications obtained abroad need to be assessed and get certified by the regulated body before approaching an employer for a job as a nurse.

Abroad qualifications like BSc Nursing degree is almost acceptable in Germany – need to submit all translated documents to the regulating body for an initial assessment. It’s checked first whether any significant differences exist between the qualification obtained abroad and the German qualification.

If no significant differences between the abroad qualification and the German qualification are determined, a certificate of full equivalence is issued - if the foreign educated nurse also meets all the other requirements, License to practice as a nurse in Germany is granted.

In case of any significant differences exist then it is checked whether the differences can be compensated by additional certificates or work experience. Should the applicant’s documentation not be comprehensive enough to evaluate the foreign professional qualification then a qualification analysis e.g. by the means of work samples or specialist interviews could be performed.

Choose a two year long study programme, process for admission and visa through an expert consultant and migrate instead of never ending waits for a permanent migration visa approval and that too without having any assurance of a positive outcome.

As per the current immigration law, successful completion of a two year long study in Canada leads to a stay back visa for next 3 years with permit to work.

Most of the students in the PG Diploma in Gerontological Nursing are helped by the course director to apply for registration with the BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry so students start practicing as a Health Care Assistant in residential or acute care facilities from the second year on wards, until before qualifying with registration as a registered nurse in Canada.

Students can even think about migrating on a one year course and either exit with a one year stay back visa and work permit after completing the course or continue their studies for one more year by enrolling on another programme and then qualify for a 3 year stay back visa and work permit after the course completion.

Remember; the best suggested programme is in the subject of Gerontological nursing, as you can expect to get a job in the beginning in residential or acute care facilities only as a Health Care Assistant, hence a course in Gerontology supports.

Very Affordable

Generally the course fees is approximately CA$10-11,000 per year and you need to pay just for the first semester; 50% of the total fees of the first year tuition alone.

Who is Eligible?

Both, the BSc and GNM Diploma nurses with at least one year work experience are eligible to apply for the course / s – with 6.5 overall score in IELTS, no segment is less than 6.0.

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The best way to migrate to Ireland and qualify to register as a NURSE in future.

Choose to apply for a top-up Bachelor Degree, PG Diploma or a Master degree course in Nursing / Health Care Management / any other specialization in an approved institution in Ireland - as per the current immigration law, international students are permitted to work for 20 hours per week while on the course and full time during vacations.

International students who graduate with a Bachelor Degree or PG Diploma are also entitled to stay back and work for the next one year, whereas a Master degree student is permitted to stay back and work for two year up on the successful graduation.

Those who wish to qualify to register as a registered nurse in Ireland has to score just 6.5 each in reading and Listening and 7.0 each in speaking and writing. Whereas in all other similar English speaking countries demand a score of not less than 7.0 in every sub-segments of IELTS test.

Moreover, there is no other test is to be cleared except successfully completing an adaptation programme of 45-90 days to qualify for Ireland’s R.N. registration while other countries have stringent tests to be cleared.

While in Ireland, UK is very close to, Northern Ireland is just a couple of miles away.

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