Nursing Ausbildung in Germany – The Latest form of Nursing Education

Nursing Ausbildung is the Answer to Germany’s Shortage of Qualified Nurses

The population of developed countries is ageing rapidly. So, the percentage of elderly is also increasing. To provide adequate care to these elder ones, the Governments of the developed nations are expanding their healthcare systems in all manner. The declining birth rate and growing population stir up the demands for healthcare professionals.

Nursing has become a wanted job across the world. Germany is one of the best places for education. So, if you want to migrate to Germany to pursue your career in nursing, read this article completely to know more. The German government has many plans to create thousands of new jobs and make the nursing profession more attractive. More youngsters opt to train as nurses. But how does one participate in nursing in Germany? 



What are the eligibility criteria for nursing?

If you want to start your career as a nurse, passing the 12th grade in your home country is considered eligibility. There are many ways to pursue nursing in Germany. But you cannot do B.Sc nursing in Germany until and unless you are a permanent resident of the country. This law is for all international immigrants across the globe.

Then how could one pursue their career in Germany?

Suppose you want to become a registered nurse in Germany with a degree or diploma from your home country. In that case, you should have work experience to the required level to become a registered nurse in Germany. 

This work experience of 2 1/2 years and fluency of the German language is not enough to become a registered nurse in Germany. The chosen candidate should undergo the Adaptation training period to adapt to the German ambience. That candidate should work with actual German-speaking employees.



What is the adaptation training period?

This phase is nothing but a certain period, i.e., for six months, the desired candidate must work under a professional in a hospital in Germany. A chief nurse will monitor the training and progress of the attendee for successful completion of the adaptation training programme.

The state office for nursing practice will accept the trainee as a nurse on completing the adaptation training.

Sometimes, a candidate whose skills matches all these criteria but still hesitates to enrol because of the language. 

study nursing germany


What is the pay/salary for nurses in Germany?

During the adaptation training period, a nurse can earn around 1500-1800 Euros as their stipend from the concerned clinic/hospital. They can expect approximately 2,200 Euros after completing the adaptation training period and getting registered as a nurse in a German state.

What’s Ausbildung nursing, and how is it different from the above?

Ausbildung nursing unique!

It is a straightforward programme; it takes only three years to complete it and qualify for the nursing licensing examination. No more adaptation training after the said three years of on-the-job learning. Work placement of seventy per cent of the programme makes a lot of sense! Start working from the first week onwards, and get paid from the first month of the programme and keep earning while learning for the entire duration of three years!

What is the eligibility criteria for Ausbildung in Germany, and who can apply?

Any candidate with a pass percentage in 12th-grade can enrol for nursing under Ausbildung in Germany. Unlike other programs, the purpose of Ausbildung is to train people with practical experience. The nursing course concentrates on 70 per cent of working in hospitals, and the remaining 30 per cent is on classroom sessions. So the individual studying nursing under Ausbildung in Germany will get more exposure than others.



Is German language knowledge required to register for the preparatory programme with KCR?  

Skill development program:

People not having prior knowledge of the German language can also register. They are about to get into the skill development program before pursuing their Ausbildung in nursing. The skill development program teaches essential language skills to follow the Ausbildung nursing training programme mainly offered in a natural work environment. Educational consultants, like KCR Consultants, can guide you on the right path, even if you don’t have prior knowledge of the German language

Is Germany the only country that provides this affordable and straightforward Ausbildung nursing programme?

Like Germany, many other countries offer various nursing programmes. But the cost-cutting will be massive. For example, UK universities provide nursing courses for aspiring candidates. But learning nursing in the UK is going to cost you more. It ranges from 30 Lakhs for the tuition fee alone. This cost excludes the accommodation and such. 

In addition to your 12th-grade science background and qualifications, you must prove that you know English to the UK’s standard set for higher education.

You may wonder! Everything ends in a hiccup. Then what is the right option to do nursing?

How about nursing under Ausbildung in Germany?

Ausbildung paves you the way from your desires to what you deserve. It helps the right candidate to earn while they study nursing in Germany. And unlike B.Sc nursing in Germany, it is available for everyone, including international citizens who have a higher secondary school qualification irrespective of the subject group of studies completed in the 11th and 12th grade. 

How much can an Ausbildung trainee expect per month a stipend, and for how long?

The participating hospital/clinic pays the trainees every month for the entire duration of the programme, i.e., three years. As per the German state Governments and the industry regulations, an Ausbildung trainee earns 1000 to 1500 Euros per month. 

So, why not go with the Ausbildung in Germany?

How do you make the right decision?

 Approaching the right people to find the right path is necessary. KCR Consultants with more than 20 years of experience enrolling students in various educational institutions and programmes worldwide is there to clear all of your doubts. World-class academic counsellors are available to guide you. So contacting them would be a good choice before entering your career path.


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72 thoughts on “Nursing Ausbildung in Germany – The Latest form of Nursing Education”

  1. Avatar of Ayesha

    I am Ayesha from Pakistan. I have completed my Bsc hons in biotechnology. I am planning to do Ausbildung and Nursing is my interest. I am 28 years old, married and have a 4 year old daughter. I am already learning A1 German. Kindly guide me about the Nursing Ausbildung.
    Thank you

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hello Ayesha.
      You may start learning German and forward your qualifications to [email protected] for a preliminary assessment. You will be required to achieve the B2 level in German and apply for a visa even if a hospital accepts you and its partner training institution based on a B1-level German.

      1. Avatar of Mahmood

        My qualifications is master in education but I had pass matriculation in science. Now I live in Germany. My age is 31. I am learning A2 deutsch. Can I eligible for Ausbildung nursing. Please reply me.

    2. Avatar of jiudung

      I am from China,I am a freshman in a university studying software engineering.I am thinking about dropping my school and do ausbildung in germany and live there.I just started to learn german.How long it would take me to arrive in germany and do ausbildung
      ?Kindly guide me please.

  2. Avatar of Muskan Pundir

    Do I need to give ielts exam for ausbidung in nursing ?
    what amount of money do i need to do ausbidung in germany as i am a indian student?

  3. Avatar of Remon Soliman

    I have got Master in English literature and my experience is as a translator. However, I would like to make career shift to be a nurse in Germany. I am 40 years old. My high school certificate is in literature subject which means I haven’t studied chemistry, biology or physics in grader 11 and 12 only in grade 10. Should I take the said subjects in IGCSE to be accepted in nurse Ausbildung? Can I take my family with me? Is it required bank statement for a specific amount of money? I started studying German. Thank you!

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hello, while appreciating your interest in our services and pursuing nursing through Ausbildung training, I regret to inform you that most hospitals/employers accept trainees who are below 30 years.

      I’m sorry, and we may contact you if there is any change.

      1. Avatar of Ama Serwaa Oppong Yeboah
        Ama Serwaa Oppong Yeboah

        I’m in Germany junior high school am , a Ghanaian, I want to do Ausbildung nursing when am 18 years old, I speak a little German do I need to write B1 German exams before I become a nurse in Germany

      1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

        Hi an employer is the most crucial party in an Ausbildung programme, and only after you pass their interview will you be offered the programme and a training contract to apply for your visa.

  4. Avatar of mercede feyzbakhsh
    mercede feyzbakhsh

    I’ve studied physical education at university. I’m 30 and I’ve just started learning German.
    Is there any chance for me to be accepted?
    I don’t have any experience in nursing so far.
    I’ll be thankful if you help me.


    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hi, since you are in your 30s now, what I can do is help you with your application, search and identify employers looking for trainees and apply on your behalf.

      If that’s okay with you, please let me know.

  5. Avatar of Joy wang

    Hello,I come form China.I want to ask a question about other ways about Ausildung,such as social work or educational work.I want to consult about Ausildung connect to psychology or something. Looking forward for your reply.

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hi, there are 350+ occupations available to participate in an Ausbildung programme in Germany. What we can do is help with your application, search and identify employers looking for trainees and apply for you.

      If that’s okay with you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hi, you may apply for an Ausbildung Nursing programme for three years. Once completed, you will be considered qualified to sit the nursing licensing examination in a German state. After passing the exam and getting registered as a nurse, you can start working in German hospitals.

  6. Avatar of Anneva Mwangi

    Hello. I have a degree in disaster preparedness and environmental science from a Kenyan university. I would love to make a career shift and study nursing under this program. What is required of me in order to qualify for this program

      1. Avatar of Nancy

        Hi am from kenya
        Currently am still studying German language
        Can I still apply for ausbildung yet I got a D+in my KCSE yet I didn’t do biology?

  7. Avatar of Emmanuel

    Hi, I’m from Nigeria and I am interested in applying for an Ausbildung Nursing program. I can begin to learn German. Please what are my chances.

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hello Emmanuel,

      Please start learning German and keep learning and improving your skills until you achieve a B1/B2 before attending an interview conducted by a programme provider interested in your application.

      Ausbildung require 12th grade passe qualification with at least 50% marks obtained.

  8. Avatar of Sharon

    Hi.My name is Sharon .I’m in Germany.Im doing my B1 language in January then follow up with B2.I enrolled for a masters in Dortmund but i intend to do a career change.

    Do Ausbildung programs offer language courses parallel to the C1 or language courses related to the nursing Ausbildung

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Sharon,

      Ausbildung requires a B2 level, and the training doesn’t offer language. Even with your B1 level, you can apply for a place as many employers like to interview potential applicants with a B1 group German. While interviewing you, if the employer finds your communication skills are good, they may accept you directly, and if they think the skills are not up to the mark, they may offer a B2 level course or ask you to improve and join them alter.

    2. Avatar of Betty Nyasha

      I am in Zimbabwe, my question is from the your above responses to others, may I kindly explain what you meant by grade 12 th grade pass qualification with at least 50% mark obtained?

        1. Avatar of Okum

          Hello i came from Ukraine due to the war i am 35 years old and i have a cousin too 23 years old we both have a b1 in german.but our German is not still too good.can we apply for this and how can we apply ?

  9. Avatar of Judith

    I am from Australia, where I am a Registered Nurse. I have not yet officially tested my German language skills, but my parents were German and I am fluent at a basic level. I have a German passport and am intending to move to Saxony this year. What are my chances of getting my Australian qualification recognised?

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hello Judith,

      You must get your professional qualifications assessed by the state nursing board/state office first. Hopefully, Australian nursing qualifications should match Germany’s.
      Once they find your qualifications acceptable, you will be required to provide evidence of the level of your communication in German, which is a B2 level.
      The common acceptable evidence is a B2 level test pass certificate.
      Once these two things are done, you will be licensed to work as a nurse in German hospitals.

      Hope it helps.

  10. Avatar of Joseph

    I am Joseph from India, I have done my graduation in english literature and now want to check whether I can do MBBS from germany or I have to do 12th stream in science and get the MBBS addmission.

  11. Avatar of Regina

    Hi am Regina,
    Am from Uganda I just finished my UCE ( Uganda certificate of education) which is 11th grade .Can I still Join ausbildung for nursing after learning Germany

  12. Avatar of Michael Christian
    Michael Christian

    hello i am Michael, and am 29 years old. I have 12 grade from back in my country ( Rwanda) plus 4 years of university in finance, I am currently here in Germany undertaking A1 in German language courses but want to do Ausbildung in nursing up on the completion of B2 as required, you’ve said something about institutions preferring youngsters below 30 years old and in my estimation I think I may complete B2 when I am already 30 years old.
    any advice or help will be highly appreciated,

  13. Avatar of Josephine

    Hello please I’m a Nigerian
    I’m an art student I don’t have any science subject like biology on my secondary school certificate
    So after doing an Ausbidung in Germany and wanting to go further into gaining BSC in nursing
    Do we need to have science subject on my high school diploma

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hello Josephine, If you apply for a BSc nursing at a public university in Germany after getting licensed in Germany as a nurse after the Ausbildung nursing diploma, your prior knowledge in the nursing subject will be considered.

  14. Avatar of Mathew

    I completed class 12 in India studying in humanities stream (no maths, biology, chemistry etc). Am I eligible for nursing Ausbildung with B2 qualification? I did have science and math in my class 10 boards.

    1. Avatar of Satwat

      Do I’ve to go to the university through a company for nursing? I’m doing fsc & will get B2 level german language test. What’s the process of applying & further process?

  15. Avatar of Pratham pratap singh
    Pratham pratap singh

    Hii my name is pratham I have completed my class 12th from 78 percent marks and I do not have any science stream in my 10 and 12th am I eligible for nursing in Germany

  16. Avatar of Yuni

    Hello. 🙂
    I just want to ask, is it always a 100% chance to pass the ausbildung interview or some fail?
    I’m really nervous.

  17. Avatar of Jessa Anthony

    Hello. I am interested to apply for Ausbildung program. I am a SHS graduate. Can I apply for this? Does this require financial statement?

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hi Ausbildung requires a higher secondary school education. If the training starts with a Stipend which is not below 950.EUR you don’t need to show or provide any financial statement or blocked account to support your maintainance while on the programme.

      But you must have funds to get your expenses until you start receiving a stipend!

  18. Avatar of Rizwan

    Sir i am passad my 10th exam with sicence buy i am 12th passad with engineering. Sir Can I Start Ausbildung after 10th/12th

  19. Avatar of Mansi

    HI my name is Mansi I have completed my 12th class with 81.5% marks now I am studying bsc nursing from a local college which is not INC approved and I wanna take admission in ausbuilding course in Germany I wanna ask do I have to qualify TESTAS for that or goethe b2 level language proficiency exam will do and can I do my masters there after completing ausbuilding course

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Mansi,
      To pursue nursing through Ausbildung, you don’t need to attend TestAS. Most of our applicants attend interviews conducted by the Ausbildung program providing a hospital or a clinic as soon as they pass the B1 Level test in the German language. B2 level test passed certificate is optional once they are accepted with B1 level.

      Please email your qualifications to [email protected] for a preliminary assessment if you want to go with us.

  20. Avatar of Shristy bastola

    I’m shristy
    And i am currently doing bachelor in business administration.. and this is my last semester..
    Am I eligible or can i apply in ausbildung nursing???

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hi, 12th grade passing is the minimum academic qualification required, and nothing is specified as the maximum. So, according to the information available at present, you can apply.

  21. Avatar of Thelma Amina Abudu
    Thelma Amina Abudu

    My name is Thelma from Ghana, I have 2 diplomas in Basic Education and Database Technology respectively. I have my B1 certificate and currently studying for B2. I desire to do nursing Ausbildung in Germany and I need your assistance.

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hello Thelma,

      Please email your qualifications to [email protected] for a preliminary assessment. In the meantime, please look at the requirements mentioned below for Ausbildung.
      Eligibility for Ausbildung

      To qualify for an Ausbildung program in Germany;
      1. You must have finished higher secondary school education with at least 50% in all the subjects studied.
      2. Start learning German and continue until you pass a B1/B2 Level German test
      3. Below 29 years old.
      4. A genuine interest in training in your chosen occupation and is eager to become a skilled worker or professional in the same occupation.
      5. If you’ve interned, worked, or have any additional education in the same field, such as a diploma or degree will add more value to your application.

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