German Education Consultants in Kerala

German Education Consultants in Kerala : KCR CONSULTANTS

Are you in search of the best German education consultants in Kerala?

Look no further. KCR CONSULTANTS, the pioneer in promoting tuition-free degree education at German public universities, is your premier choice.

Our specialization in German higher education and vocational training sets us apart, making us Kerala’s and India’s top German education consultants.

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KCR CONSULTANTS was the first to promote tuition-free degree education at German public universities. We have guided many Kerala and pan-India students to achieve their educational dreams in Germany. Here’s why we stand out as Kerala’s best German education consultants.

High School Leavers

If you have just finished high school, KCR CONSULTANTS can help you find various higher education opportunities in Germany, as per the subject group or your plan.

Here are some fast-track routes :

German Language and Foundation Year : Complete both in one year and start university education in the second year.

Shorter Foundation : Take an 8-month foundation after a 6-8 month German language courses!

Unique Pathway : Attend the Studienkolleg of the same public University from where you got conditional admission for your chosen degree studies!

Foundation and Degree Studies in English : After an 8-month Foundation taught in English, progress to a B.E. Degree offered at a public university, entirely taught in English!

Direct Degree Studies : No need to attend a foundation or German language courses and study for a bachelor’s degree directly at¬†selected private universities.

No A.P.S./TestAS : Start attending a direct degree program in English in Germany without foundation and German language courses. A.P.S.‚ÄĒ TestAS for a foreign degree conferred in Germany!

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Master’s Degrees

For master’s degrees, KCR CONSULTANTS offers:

Start with German Language Learning in Germany : You can begin even at A1 level in Germany (low cost ), pay tuition fees monthly, work part-time, and familiarise yourself with the business, industry, work, and¬†living culture of Germany before progressing to the master’s for which you have already received a conditional admission.

Three-Semester(9 months) Language Courses : Progress to your master’s after a nine-month preparatory program of German language courses at the University’s language center.

Master’s with 5.5 IELTS and 50% marks in the U.G. : With 5.5 IELTS and 50% marks in a bachelor’s degree in any subject‚ÄĒtechnical, engineering, health sciences, and business‚ÄĒyou can study for a Master’s Degree, including an M.B.A., with various specializations to choose from at selected private universities in Germany.

English-Taught Master’s at Public Universities :¬†You can choose us for guidance and services to search, select, and apply to pursue a master’s degree based on your bachelor’s studies at any one of the 350 public universities spread in 16 states in Germany. You can name the course and University you prefer to apply to or¬†avail yourself of our expertise in course search¬†and¬†course selection¬†services!

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Vocational Training / Ausbildung

KCR CONSULTANTS is a pioneer in introducing Ausbildung programs in India and many other similar countries. We help students apply to over 350 occupations offered as vocational training by employers in Germany in association with private teaching institutions, mainly:

  1. Nursing
  2. Hotel Management
  3. Culinary Arts
  4. Logistics
  5. I.T. specilaist, etc;

Adaptation Training for Nurses

Nursing Adaptation Training in Germany is offered to foreign registered nurses who intend to get licensed and work in Germany. The training is free and, at the same time, monthly salaried or stipended for those who pass the B1 and B2 level tests. Once licensed, you can start working with better salaries as a registered nurse in Germany!

Those accepted to the training with B1 will be required to attend B2 level German courses offered tuition-free while on the training!

Specialty Services for Doctors and Dentists

Doctors and dentists trust KCR CONSULTANTS for professional recognition programs in Germany. These programs and progression consist of the following:

Applying for a medical or dental license :¬†based on your qualifications (All documents translated into German by a State-Approved Translator and the Xerox copies of your qualifications are certified by a German Government agency such as the German consulate or the German Government’s Foreign Affairs Office).

Medical Language/Medical Terminology : preparing for the Medical language test- (FSP).

Temporary License : Qualifying to start practicing as an assistant medical doctor or dentist immediately after passing the FSP test.

Permanent License : Take the state medical licensing exam and pass after a year of exposure to German hospital settings and work experience. Once licensed, you can practice as a medical doctor or dentist, whichever is applicable, independently or work towards becoming a specialist through the specialization training that we call the P.G. Medicine program in our country!

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German Language Teaching

KCR CONSULTANTS offers online and offline German language courses from A1 to B2. These courses prepare you for:

  1. Higher Studies in Germany
  2. Vocational Training
  3. Adaptation Programs
  4. Foreign Healthcare Professional Qualifications
  5. Post Graduate Training
  6. Work
  7. Job Seeker’s Visa

Why KCR CONSULTANTS is the Best German Education Consultant in Kerala

KCR CONSULTANTS stands out for several reasons:

Experience and Expertise : With years of experience, we have the expertise to guide you through every step of your education journey in Germany.

Personalized Guidance : We prioritize your desired program, specialization, and University, ensuring you receive the best guidance tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Services : From high school leavers to professionals, we offer many services, making us the best German education consultants in Kerala.

Pioneering Pathways : We were the first to introduce several innovative pathways for education and vocational training in Germany.

Trusted by Professionals : International doctors, dentists, nurses, and other professionals trust us for the specialized services we offer in their recognition programs in Germany.

Think Germany, Think KCR

Regarding German education consultants in Kerala, KCR CONSULTANTS stands out as the best. Our extensive experience and dedication ensure that you receive the best guidance. We prioritize your desired program, specialization, and University to help you achieve your educational dreams.

So, if you’re considering studying in Germany, think of KCR CONSULTANTS. Contact us today and start your journey toward a bright future in Germany. Our team is ready to assist you with all your educational and vocational training needs in Germany.

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To summarise

KCR CONSULTANTS is your go-to German education consultant in Kerala. Whether you are:

  • A high school leaver.
  • A master’s degree aspirant.
  • Seeking vocational training.
  • Seeking professional recognition, we have the expertise and experience to guide you.

Our comprehensive services, personalized guidance, and innovative pathways make us Kerala’s best German education consultants.

Remember, when you think of German education, think of KCR CONSULTANTS. Contact us today and take the first step towards a successful educational journey in Germany.

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