After +2, Bachelor’s Degree in Germany

Bachelor’s Degree in Germany

I will say, choosing to know the study opportunities in Germany itself is a good idea. 

Do you know that German state universities are fully funded by the state governments in Germany?

Education is considered ¬†invaluable in Germany hence the public universities are state funded, fully, and offered free of charge, not only bachelor’s but also other higher level courses like masters and PhD programmes. In fact in Germany, one can study in public institutions from elementary to the PhD level free of tuition fees.

You should be happy to know that, even foreign nationals are offered tuition fees free education in almost all the German state universities.

Yes, its true that you can attend a 6-7 semesters bachelor’s degree course in a German state university, entirely, tuition fees free. You may even progress on to a master’s level later after graduation.

How many states in Germany offer tuition fees free education to foreign nationals as well? Germany has 16 states and only one state has reintroduced tuition fees, and all the other 15 states are still accepting students from other countries as well for free education.

Do you know which state has re-introduced tuition fees to foreign students, and how much ?

The south-west¬†state¬†of Baden-W√ľrttemberg, which now charges¬†1500. EUR per semester!¬†

This was the first state to introduce free of charge education to foreign nationals, from bachelor’s to Master’s to PhD programmes!

Is it worth studying in the state funded universities in Germany, especially a bachelor’s degree course?

Undoubtedly, it’s more than worth it.

Compared to a country like India which has such a huge population especially the younger, but has only 26 IITs and 20 IIMS for 12 – 15,00,000 aspirants every year to a mere 30,000 places.

Another 12,00,000, or a little less or more number of students apply for just 65,000 places for medical education, all over the country.

In Germany, you will find 100 state funded technical universities and 200 universities of applied sciences offering world class, innovative and or practice oriented bachelor’s and master’s degree education!

Are they really world class institutions?

  • Truly world class.
  • Each university is known in the name of a scientist, an inventor, a nobel prize winner, a scholar, an industry leader and so on.
  • Public universities are fully funded by the state governments, paying better salaries to the faculty and other university staff.
  • PhD holding professors, and qualified staff in all other non-teaching departments.
  • High standard infrastructure.
  • Referral libraries and labs at par with international standards.
  • University owned innovative centers.
  • National and international collaborations with educational & research centers and industries.
    Many more to mention….

Is Indian state board or and CBSE 12th grade examination passed certificate accepted by German universities for bachelor’s degree courses?

Higher secondary school (12th grade) examination passed certificate from countries like India is accepted to study a bachelor degree course in Germany, but only, conditionally!

You may wonder why is it conditional when the same qualification is accepted by the universities in the USA, the UK and many other similar countries!

The main two known reasons are; 

  • German school education follows a 13year study in total to qualify for further education in a university whereas, students from¬† countries like India spend only¬†

One year short, and that should be bridged!

  • Higher secondary school examination passed certificates from countries like India are not considered as an international qualification in Germany, instead just national certificates!.
University Clinic Aachen, Germany 

So  what’s the admission condition to study a bachelor’s degree course in a German state university, and how to meet it?

The only condition is that, attend a foundation year course in an approved and or university recommended studienkolleg in Germany and complete it successfully.
Is the foundation year course and the degree course offered in the same University?
A very few universities offer their own foundation course, and that too not not taught in the same campus of the university.

Usually, universty’s studienkolleg is run by privately managed educational institutions or companies in their own premises.¬†

What’s a studienkolleg?
The institution in which a foundation course is offered to international students is known as a  studienkolleg.
Do you know which is the best studienkolleg to study foundation course in Germany?
Undoubtedly, the state funded studienkolleg is the best recommended to attend a foundation courses in Germany for better quality education and that too at no tuition fees.
It’s unique, and separate!¬†
There is one such studienkolleg in every state which is meant to prepare foreign students for the degree studies in the universities owned and operated by that particular state.
It is recommended to all those who are good in their studies.

Why there are no tuition fees charged even in the state owned studienkollegs is a clear indication to For Germany, education is invaluable’!

Can I study at any University in Germany?

KCR CONSULTANTS help students to process applications to study in any university in Germany,  as desired by the students Рprovided the applicants qualifications meet the admission criteria of the selected universities.

Is it possible to apply to a TU9 university before I lodge for a German student visa?

We can help you to apply to a TU9 university, the 3 ABC universities, the top 17 TU, or one of the 100 technical universities, this definitely possible (provided your qualifications meet the admissions conditions). .

Is that possible to apply to the top most universities in Germany?

Apart from the above mentioned top universities, there are 200 universities of applied sciences in Germany, known for their practice oriented curriculum which also include a mandatory internship in a real workplace – generally paid for their work by the employer.

Mostly the company where the students practice, becomes their future employer.

All German universities are world class and international.

If you are still fond of the ones that come up on the search of best universities on the internet then, I can stress here that applications could be processed to any University ‚Äď you just name it, provided you meet the admission conditions.

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