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Aalen University is a renowned institution located in Aalen, Germany. It is a public university known for its focus on applied sciences and practical education. A wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered in diverse fields, including engineering, business, technology, and social sciences.  

With a strong emphasis on industry-oriented research and modern teaching methods, Aalen University prepares its students for successful careers in their chosen fields.

The campus provides state-of-the-art facilities, and the university maintains strong connections with industry partners, fostering valuable opportunities for internships and collaborations for its students.


Aalen University is interested in the technologies of the future, from digital networking and health to e-mobility, photonics, and robots.

The university’s commitment to future technologies is evident in its state-of-the-art research facilities and cutting-edge curriculum.

By fostering innovation and collaboration, Aalen University prepares students to be at the forefront of technological advancements and contribute to ever-evolving industries.


Allen University was established in 1963 as a state engineering school and changed into a university of applied sciences in 1971.

There are now 5,700 students at Aalen University of Applied Sciences, learning in the university’s five faculties.

Aalen University is a member of the European Association of Universities (EUA), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK). And collaborates with over 100 partner universities around the world.


A wide range of degree programs, offering students the chance to follow their passions and career goals. 

Lists of Faculties and programs are listed below:

Faculty of Chemistry


  • B.SC. Biopharmazeutische Wissenschaften
  • B.SC. Chemistry


  • M.SC. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Faculty of Electronics & Computer Science


  • B.SC. Data Science
  • B.SC. Computer Science
  • B.SC. IT-Security
  • B.SC. Computer Science in Media
  • B.SC. Software Engineering
  • B.E. Internet of Things
  • B.E. Electrical Engineering
  • B.E. Elektrotechnik kompakt durch Anrechnung (EkA)
  • B.E. Technische Informatik / Embedded Systems


  • M.SC. Advanced Systems Design
  • M.SC. Computer Science
  • M.SC. Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science


  • B.E Mechanical Engineering
  • B.E Mechanical Engineering Plus
  • B.E. International Sales Management and Technology
  • B.E. Plastics Engineering
  • B.E. Maschinenbau / Digitale Produktion
  • B.E. Maschinenbau / Entwicklung: Design und Simulation
  • B.E. Mechanical Engineering / Innovative Materials
  • B.E. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • B.E. Industrial Engineering and Management
  • B.E. Materialography / Innovative Materials
  • B.E. Surface Technologies / Innovative Materials


  • M.SC. Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (Research Master)
  • M.SC. Applied Surface and Material Sciences
  • M.SC. Data Management in Product Development and Production
  • M.SC. Polymer Technology
  • M.E. Industrial Management
  • M.E. Leadership in Industrial Sales and Technology
  • M.E. Lightweight Engineering
  • M.E. Product Development and Manufacturing
  • M.E. Technology Management

Faculty of Optics and Mechatronics


  • B.SC. Optometry
  • B.SC. Digital Health Management
  • B.SC. Information Design
  • B.SC. Klinische Optometrie
  • B.SC. User Experience
  • B.E. Technology and Engineering Teacher Education
  • B.E. Mechatronics
  • B.E. Mechatronics Fast-Track-Program (MekA)
  • B.E. Medizintechnik
  • B.E. Nachhaltigkeit Technologien
  • B.E. Optical Engineering
  • B.E. Robotik


  • M.SC. Applied Photonics
  • M.SC. Health Technology Management
  • M.SC. Technology and Engineering Teacher Education
  • M.SC. Vision Science and Business (Optometry) (extra occupational)
  • M.A. Business Development
  • M.E. Mechatronics / Systems Engineering

Faculty of Management and Business Science


  • B.A. Business Studies for SME
  • B.A. Healthcare Management
  • B.A. International Business Studies
  • B.E. Industrial Engineering
  • B.SC. Business Analytics
  • B.SC. Physician Assistant
  • B.SC. Business Informatics
  • B.SC. Business Psychology


  • M.A. Healthcare Management
  • M.A. International Marketing and Sales
  • M.A. Management of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  • M.SC. Data Science and Business Analytics
  • M.SC. Financial Management
  • M.SC. IT-Security (part-time)
  • M.SC. Sustainable Corporate Management
  • M.SC. Business Informatics
  • M.SC. Business Informatics (part-time)


Students can do different kinds of research at Aalen University. These possibilities include working on State-of-the-art projects with well-known professors and working with industry partners to solve problems from the real world.

Students at Aalen University can also engage in interdisciplinary research initiatives, allowing them to explore different fields and gain a broader perspective.

The university encourages students to present their research findings at national and international conferences, providing them with valuable networking opportunities and recognition in their respective fields.

Aalen University of Applied Sciences - student support


Modern Classrooms and Laboratories

Aalen University likely offers well-equipped classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories to facilitate hands-on learning and practical experience in various fields. It also provides access to cutting-edge technology and software, enabling students to stay updated with the latest industry trends and advancements.


Students have access to the library in the building, which is also accessible to the general public.

The library has lots of digital media and e-books about study, science, technology, and other topics.

Sports Facilities

Students have access to the sports areas on campus. Aalen University supports students to take part in sports like handball, soccer, basketball, badminton, etc. Each semester, the University gives its students a new sports program.

Student Services

Aalen University provides a comprehensive student advisory service that includes assistance and support in various areas, such as study orientation, learning coaching, changing study programs, and exploring alternatives to traditional academic pathways.

The Center also offers support in areas such as career planning and personal development. Whether students are unsure about their chosen field of study or need assistance navigating through challenges, the Central Student Advisory Service is there to provide comprehensive assistance and help them make informed decisions.

Cafeterias and Dining Options

Students can find a canteen and two cafeterias on the campus. They offer a vast choice of cold and warm dishes and drinks.

These dining facilities often organize special events and themed menus to enhance the overall dining experience for students.

Research Centers

Aalen University have specialized research centers that focus on specific areas of study, providing opportunities for students and faculty to engage in cutting-edge research.

Aalen University of Applied Sciences - research

Industry Partnerships

Aalen University has International cooperation with around 100 partner universities and companies all over the world, providing multiple options for internships for students.

These partnerships allow students to gain valuable international experience and expand their professional network.

Student Housing

Students can find the cheapest accommodation in student halls or private shared flats. These options provide affordable living spaces for students while also fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Aalen University offers resources and support services to help students navigate the housing market and find suitable accommodations.


Aalen University offers educational events such as Lunch break sessions, workshops, Info events, retreats, etc. that are useful to students in their studies.

These educational events provide students with valuable opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills beyond the traditional classroom setting.


International students from more than 60 different countries represent approximately 10% of the total number of students at Aalen University of Applied Sciences.

This diverse student body fosters rich cultural exchange and a global learning environment.

The university also offers various support services and programs to ensure that international students have a smooth transition and a successful academic journey.

Aalen University of Applied Sciences - international student program

The following programs are offered the university to the international students

English taught programs

The University offers English-taught programs across various disciplines, providing international students with the opportunity to pursue high-quality education in English.

The programs will cover both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, enabling students from different backgrounds to study in an English-speaking environment and broaden their academic horizons.

Student Mobility program

Student Mobility program allows students to participate in exchange programs and study abroad opportunities.

Through this initiative, students can gain international experience, explore new cultures, and enhance their academic and personal skills while studying at partner institutions worldwide.

Erasmus+ Program

Erasmus+ Program offers international students the opportunity to study abroad and experience academic and cultural exchange. Students can enhance their skills, broaden their perspectives, and build lasting connections. Aalen University facilitates seamless integration into their diverse campus community, fostering personal and professional growth.

International partnership

Fostering strong international partnerships with institutions worldwide, promoting collaboration in education, research, and cultural exchange.

These alliances enrich the university’s academic offerings, provide global learning opportunities for students, and facilitate knowledge sharing for mutual advancement.

Support for incoming Exchange students

Comprehensive support will be given to incoming exchange students, ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience.

From pre-arrival guidance and visa assistance to personalized orientation programs, the university helps students settle in comfortably.

Language support

Language support is provided to international students at Aalen University to help them excel in their studies.

Language courses, workshops, and language tandem programs are offered to improve language proficiency.

Multilingual staff and resources are available to assist students in overcoming language barriers and fostering a supportive learning environment.

International event and activities

International events and activities are hosted in a diverse range to promote cultural exchange and global awareness

These include international fairs, intercultural workshops, guest lectures, and cultural festivals, fostering cross-cultural understanding and networking opportunities for students and staff.

Engaging in such activities enriches the university’s multicultural atmosphere.


Program Selection:  Choose a degree program from the list of your desired one.

Admission Requirements: Review the specific admission requirements for the program you wish to apply for. Requirements may include academic qualifications, language proficiency tests (e.g., TOEFL or IELTS for English-taught programs), and any additional prerequisites.

Gather Documents: Prepare all the necessary documents, such as transcripts, diplomas, language test scores, CV, and motivation letter, as required by the university.

Application Mode: Most German universities, including Aalen University, have an online application portal. Create an account on their application platform and fill out the application form, providing accurate and complete information.

Submit Application: Upload all the required documents to the online application portal. Make sure to submit the application before the specified deadline. Some programs may have specific application periods.

After submitting your application, wait for the university’s response. This process may take some time, so be patient.

Admission Decision: If your application is successful, you will receive an admission offer from the University. The offer may be conditional, depending on meeting specific requirements.

Visa and Enrollment: If you are an international student, you will need to apply for a student visa to study in Germany. After obtaining the visa, you can proceed with the enrollment process.


  • Aalen University is a prestigious public institution renowned for its emphasis on applied sciences and practical education.
  • International students receive strong language support to succeed in their studies.
  • With a variety of degree programs across faculties, students have the opportunity to pursue their passions and career aspirations.
  • The university also organizes diverse international events and activities, fostering cultural exchange and global awareness.

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