Ausbildung Hotel Management in Germany

Do you want to participate in Ausbildung Hotel Management?

Are you from high school passed out with 12th-grade school education who wishes to work in hotels or restaurants in future? Do you aspire to get a hotel management job in Germany in the future?

Then, you have come to the right place. This article provides the complete information that you like to know about pursuing Ausbildung Hotel Management in Germany, primarily practice-based.

Germany is one of the best countries now for people who wish to work abroad. German immigration is changing for good after the Skilled Immigration Act, 2020. Employers welcome foreign nationals who are highly skilled or determined to emerge after the Ausbildungsprogramme in Germany.

Why does Germany offer these opportunities to people from other countries?

That is because Germany faces a shortage of skilled workers in almost all sectors, businesses and industries. Employers have been facing considerable difficulties in improving productivity to match the demand across the industries and sectors for quite some time due to a shortage of skilled workforce. As part of the German Government’s efforts to help employers ease their problems finding qualified workers to maintain and run their business operations smoothly.

Skilled Immigration Act

The German Skilled Immigration Act helps employers find foreign nationals with minimum academic qualifications, bringing them in and training on the job at the employer’s place. The act helps; eventually, the country produces more skilled workers within Germany. 

The act provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for foreign nationals to migrate to Germany without many qualifications. 

Ausbildung or “apprenticeship training” in English is suitable to many as just a diploma or degree is not what the job market is looking for from a job seeker nowadays. One should be skilled enough to get a job. Since the central part of the three years of the Ausbildung programme is spent in a workplace, working with actual employees makes the trainee gain skills, workplace communication, work culture etc. This way, eventually, the trainee becomes skilled and employable on the programme completion. 

Are you in 12th grade or recently passed out from school?

Anyone with a pass mark in 12th grade from their home country can apply for Ausbildung in hotel management. Generally, the hotels participating in the Ausbildung hotel management programme are at the level of 2 to 4star. You will be on work placement in almost all the hotel’s operation or management departments, housekeeping, room service, front office, kitchen etc., for overall exposure. At the same time, you will attend 30 per cent of theoretical education in a participating institution makes the programme complete and worth enough.Ausbildung hotel management in Germany

Do you need to pay any tuition fees for the Ausbildung Hotel Management programme?

Since the Ausbildung is a government-controlled programme, like any other free education in public universities in Germany, Ausbildung Hotel Management participants don’t need to pay any tuition fees. Not to the institution that takes part in the teaching segment of the programme, nor to the participating employer. Instead, the participating employers pay a monthly stipend to the participants for the entire duration of the programme.

Do you need to maintain funds in your blocked account to meet the cost of living in Germany while on the Ausbildung hotel management programme?

Suppose your German language is good and your Ausbildung training starts as soon as you arrive in Germany. In that case, you don’t need to maintain funds in your blocked account. But you need funds in your position for at least a month’s expenses as you will receive your stipend money after completing a month of the commencement of the programme. 

Ausbildung hotel Management participating hotels pay a minimum of 800-1000 euros to their trainees. So this will make your life easier while in Germany on the Ausbildung Hotel Management programme.

Hotel Management in Ausbildung in Germany

What if you are a diploma or degree or holder, and how does the Ausbildung Hotel Management programme suit you?

Suppose you are a degree or diploma holder in hotel management and have 2 to 2 .5 years of work experience in the respective field. That is the considered eligibility to get a hotel management job in Germany. You may apply directly for a job as per the Skilled Immigration Act, or for a job seeker’s visa mainly to enter Germany, stay there for 6 months and look for a job.

Suppose you have a diploma or a degree in Hotel Management. Still, you have not started working yet, or have less than two years of work experience. In that case, Ausbildung Hotel Management is the best-suggested pathway for you. In this situation, you may have an opportunity to complete the programme much before the actual duration of the programme. You may also have a chance to get a higher stipend when the hotel management identifies your prior knowledge and skills while on the agenda.

Those who hold a diploma or degree on some other subject than Hotel Management will also qualify like the 12th-grade school passed out for the Ausbildung Hotel Management programme. 

Is Ausbildung Hotelmanagement perfect for you?

You have a clear-cut understanding of Ausbildung Hotel Management, the entry criteria and the benefits. 

The three years of Ausbildung Hotel Management in Germany will look promising in your resume, where you go and like to settle with a promising career in the hotel management sector. 

Given the thought of doing a degree or diploma in your home country and spending 2-3 years for the sake of getting a work experience certificate or choosing the Ausbildung Hotel Management directly and settling down confidently, which is better for you? Choose wisely and the best suitable for your current qualification, family situation, and your future career plan. 

Ausbildung Hotel Management through KCR CONSULTANTS

Better get in touch with us, and let us discuss first. If interested, then provide your information. Start learning German with us. Our customised service plans will do the rest for you.

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15 thoughts on “Ausbildung Hotel Management in Germany”

  1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

    Hi, if you have a senior secondary school education pass certificate with at least 50% marks obtained to provide, are motivated and passionate about referred occupation and are ready to learn the German language unto a B2 level, please scan your qualifications to us along with your passport and a recently updated CV to [email protected]

    1. Avatar of Amitha

      Hello, Guten Tag
      My name is Amitha and i have completed my BBA in business analytics, currently learning A2. I am intrested to do an
      in hotel management.

      1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

        Hello Amitha,

        Please forward your qualifications, starting with a CV, the BBA degree and all semester marks, 12th-grade and 10th-grade school certificates to [email protected] with the A1 level test passed certificate (if available), and passport.
        The hotels offering Ausbildung in hotel management will look for at least 50% marks in the 12th-grade board exam, but your application will be considered since you have a BBA degree.
        You are perfectly at the right time, as we can present your application to potential employers since you have already started learning the German language.
        I look forward to receiving your response.

  2. Avatar of Madhu ketavath

    Hi good evening sir..I am madhu from hyd…
    Currently I’m working in Saudi Arabia in a restaurant as a waiter…I want to apply for ausbildung program.. kindly please explain regarding about the fees structure thanks

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hi Madhu,

      You must have completed your 12th-grade school education and passed with at least 50% marks to apply for any Ausbildng programme.

      Most programme providers like applicants between 18 and 30 years of age.

      Please review the brochure I forwarded to you as an attachment, let me know if you are interested, and discuss how to proceed further.

  3. Avatar of Shantell

    Hello ! If you’re currently doing a Hotel management Ausbildung in Germany is it advisable to study a hotel and Hospitality Management degree online at the same time ? Also after completing the Ausbildung in Germany, can I qualify to work in all Europe ? Would greatly appreciate your response. Thank you

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS


      Ausbildung leads to a German state-accredited qualification accepted by employers across Germany. And once worked in Germany for a couple of years, Employers across Europe will take your professional qualifications!

  4. Avatar of Jophin

    Hi sir im jophin im. Passionate im cooking. I am +2 passed with 90 % mark whats the scope of hotel management ausbildung in germany

  5. Avatar of Garvit Mehrotra
    Garvit Mehrotra

    I am a IHM graduate, and I am presently working in Wecom Hotel – ITC at Vadodara. I want to explore my career path in Germany. Please let me know the possible ways.

  6. Avatar of Aminul islam chakdar
    Aminul islam chakdar

    Guten tag
    I am Aminul islam chakdar I want to do Ausbildung in Germany .I am completed A1 Deutsch language course .At present I am learning A2.Now I am working in Qatar as a restaurant supervisor.I have done Diploma in hotel and catering management (3 years course) from Malaysia.can I able to do Ausbildung ………….May I apply .
    Hopefully I will get your answer .

    Please let’s me know about this Ausbildung all informations.

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Aminul,

      If you have a 3-year diploma and at least a year of work experience, you can choose the Skilled Immigration route rather than the hotel management Ausbildung program.

      You must achieve a B1 level, sit, and pass an acceptable test.

      We can talk on Zoom meetings in detail if you want. For that, you must forward your qualifications to [email protected]

  7. Avatar of Wella

    Hi, I graduated as a Bachelor of Hotel and Tourism Management in Philippines and managed a hotel there for 7 years (the hotel was not so big only around 25 rooms). Now I am currently studying B1 and my exam is next month. I am wondering if I still have to do Ausbildung? Would definitely appreciate your response. Thank you.

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Wella,

      Thank you for reaching out and expressing interest in pursuing a career in Hotel Management in Germany. Your background in Hotel and Tourism Management from the Philippines and extensive managerial experience in the hospitality sector certainly set a solid foundation for your career aspirations in Germany.

      Given your qualifications and practical experience, you may not need to undergo a traditional Ausbildung program in Hotel Management. However, it’s important to note that the German hospitality industry highly values formal qualifications and recognitions that align with the German educational system.

      Considering your current level of German language proficiency (B1) and your intention to further your career in Germany, you may want to explore the following options:

      Recognition of Your Foreign Qualifications: Germany has a system to recognize foreign professional qualifications. You can apply for recognition of your Bachelor’s degree and professional experience to see how they align with the German qualifications framework. This recognition may either fully validate your qualifications or outline specific measures to achieve full equivalence, such as attending certain courses or passing specific exams.

      Further Education: Depending on the outcome of the recognition process and your personal career goals, you might consider enrolling in further education tailored to the German hospitality industry, such as a specialized Master’s program or professional development courses that can enhance your skills and knowledge as per German standards.

      Direct Employment: With your experience, you might also explore immediate employment opportunities in Germany’s hospitality sector. Employers may value your international experience, especially in establishments that cater to an international clientele.

      We could be helpful to identify a few employers who are looking for qualified non-EU employees. If that’s what you are interested in or look forward to, please email your qualifications to [email protected]

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