Ausbildung in Logistics in Germany

Ausbildung in Logistics in Germany 2023 intake 

Logistic specialists, especially in warehousing, are in demand worldwide, irrespective of industries and segments. Attend the Ausbildung in Logistics in Germany in 2023 and become a Warehouse King!👑

Youngsters generally study logistics and supply chain management in universities for bachelor’s and some even for master’s degrees. 

One can even pursue Logistics as a bachelor of engineering (B.E.) programme in Germany. 

But logistics studies are offered through vocational training and, if correctly said, as an apprenticeship training called Ausbildung in logistics in Germany, which makes a graduate job ready by all means.😍

Start now for a place in Ausbildung in Logistics in Germany 2023 intake. 

Ausbildung in nursing, Ausbildung in Hotel Management, and Ausbildung in Culinary Arts are the only famous Ausbildung programmes actively accepting applications. Out of more than 350 Ausbildung programmes, these are the only occupations generally one can expect a guaranteed training contract

Start now for a place in Ausbildung in Logistics in Germany 2023 intake.

The nursing specialist Ausbildung programme has even two intakes; March and September.

Many apply for various other occupations as they desire and to multiple programme providers, but only a few get a response. 

👉Most importantly, no programme provider considers an application without a B2 German test passed certificate!

👉In Ausbildung logistics, you can be considered by a programme provider in the log, even with a B1 passed certificate. 

Once considered, you will be asked to attend an interview. Once passed an interview, a training contract will be issued for your acceptance.📨

Contact KCR, submit your application, and start learning the German language. Take language learning seriously, develop an interest in learning the language and dedicate your time and energy to progress. You should achieve at least B1, sit and pass the tests before May 2023 to make it!

Warehousing jobs of logistic specialists after Ausbildung in Germany

As a professional in logistics after Aubildung in logistics in Germany, one qualifies to work in the warehouse of all industries, not any specific sector. Ausbildung logistics specialist graduates are required for all industries.

Even with better technologies and artificial intelligence-aided robotics, warehouses still need human logistics specialists. Small-scale industries always look for firms for warehousing support.

Ausbildung in logistics training and the subjects

Roles of Ausbildung Logistics specialists in Germany

Logistics specialists do multi-tasks jobs. They take responsibility for many roles. Some of the prominent roles are given below;

  • Stocking inventory,
  • Implementing and delivering orders
  • Receiving new items and keeping and recording it
  • The commodities are stored well
  • The storage location is saved on the computer.
  • Making sure that quantity and ‌goods are accurate.
  • Products are effectively organised. 
  • Making sure that enough quantity of products is available.
  • Pick, pack, load, and dispatch the ordered goods from the warehouse. 
  • Frequently evaluate stock levels and place fresh orders. 

Ausbildung in logistics training and the subjects.

Ausbildung’s logistics programme covers various fields and subjects. That includes receiving and issuing merchandise, computers, software, communication technology, obligations and rights, rules for storing goods, laws that apply to dangerous goods, accepting goods, storage, using machines, and shipments. 

Attendees also study the rules for packaging and delivery.

The programme teaches the impacts of communication on the work environment, communication within the team and with suppliers or customers, how to consider complaints and environmentally friendly disposal methods.

Warehousing jobs of logistic specialists after Ausbildung in Germany

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2 thoughts on “<strong>Ausbildung in Logistics in Germany</strong>”

  1. Avatar of mahnaz

    Dear HR Manager,

    I hereby forward my application for the Ausbildung advertised as a highly-skilled Logistics professional who is well organized, I am confident that I offer the best combination of skills to contribute to your organization. I would be an excellent fit for this position because of my background and relevant experience in NRC, ( Norwegian Refugee Council ) and some other international companies such as Qatar Airways as Logistics Supervisor and experience in warehousing and cargo in Airports and courier companies.
    I am really eager to continue my specialist field in Germany and in Deutsch ( I am learning at Goethe Institute A2 )
    As I am familiar with all mandatory procurement shipping, and logistics courses (mentioned on my CV ) I believe I am an appropriate candidate for this position.
    I would be pleased to be considered for this open Ausbildung in Germany
    I have more than 10 years of experience in this field. I enjoy the support, and assistance in administration and managing a team, and I have strong communication that would be of the greatest benefit to your team.
    Please find my resume attached. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone call if need more information.
    Thanks in advance
    Mahnaz Ghahremanpour
    [email protected]

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Mahnaz,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      To apply for an Ausbildung job training program, one must have completed their 12th grade/senior secondary school education and a B2 level German language skills required. You must be able to provide a test passed certificate from a Goethe test center.

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