Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT)


The Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT), also called BHT Berlin, is a prominent institution and one of the largest among Germany’s state institutions of applied sciences.

BHT fosters the professional prospects of both prospective and present students, irrespective of their social backgrounds, with its diverse selection of progressive degree programs and a faculty composed of highly skilled experts.

The university was founded in 1971 as Technische Fachhochschule Berlin (TFH), originating from the fusion of several technical academies.


As the university’s name was Technische Fachhochschule Berlin (TFH) when it was founded, it renamed itself in 2009.

In 2009, the TFH was rebranded as the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin to emphasise its extensive historical lineage and the preceding institutions that contributed to its establishment.

The name change was also to pay tribute to Christian Peter Wilhelm Beuth’s (C.P.W. Beuth) significant contributions to the industrial advancement in Prussia, particularly his notable efforts in the field of technician education.

By 2020, The University discovered that historical records confirmed the existence of anti-Semitic declarations and actions associated with C.P.W. Beuth.

After debating in 2021, The University was again renamed and is now known as Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT).

BHT Berlin


The Motto of Berliner Hochschule für Technik is “Study the Future!”

BHT Berlin supports the career goals of all present and future students, no matter where they come from, by offering a wide range of forward-looking degree programs and a staff of highly trained experts.


The university offers a wide range of over 70 courses in technology and applied sciences, reflecting its diverse origins rooted in practical professional experience.

It is also characterized by the integration of theory and application in teaching and study, particularly through the establishment of multiple laboratories.

The laboratories are designed to facilitate direct and personal cooperation within small groups, which is a key principle of the university.



 Berliner Hochschule Für Technik has eight departments, which are

  • Department I – economics and social sciences
  • Department II – Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry
  • Department III – civil engineering and geographic information
  • Department IV – architecture and building technology
  • Department V – Life Sciences and Technology
  • Department VI – Informatics and Media
  • Department VII – Electrical engineering – mechatronics – optometry
  • Department VIII – Mechanical engineering, event technology, process engineering



  • B.A. Business Administration
  • B.A. Screen Based Media
  • B.Eng. Applied Physics – Medical Engineering
  • B.Eng. Building Services and Energy Technology
  • B.Eng. Business Administration & Engineering
  • B.Eng. Business Administration & Engineering/Civil Engineering
  • B.Eng. Business Administration & Engineering/Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Eng. Business Engineering – Environment and Sustainability
  • B.Eng. Civil Engineering
  • B.Eng. Electrical Engineering
  • B.Eng. Electrical Engineering – dual program, integrated vocational training
  • B.Eng. Electromobility
  • B.Eng. Environmental Civil Engineering
  • B.Eng. Fire Protection and Safety Engineering
  • B.Eng. Geoinformation
  • B.Eng. Green Engineering – Process Engineering
  • B.Eng. Humanoid Robotics
  • B.Eng. Landscape Architecture
  • B.Eng. Landscaping and Green Space Management (Dual)
  • B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Eng. Mechatronics
  • B.Eng. Medical Physics
  • B.Eng. Packaging Technology
  • B.Eng. Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering
  • B.Eng. Print and Media Technology
  • B.Eng. Technical Computer Science – Embedded Systems
  • B.Eng. Theater and Event Technology and Management
  • B.Sc. Applied and Computational Mathematics
  • B.Sc. Architecture
  • B.Sc. Biotechnology
  • B.Sc. Business Administration – Digital Economy
  • B.Sc. Business Informatics Online
  • B.Sc. Computational Engineering and Design
  • B.Sc. Facility Management
  • B.Sc. Food Science and Technology
  • B.Sc. IT Security Online
  • B.Sc. Laser Science and Photonics
  • B.Sc. Media Informatics
  • B.Sc. Media Informatics Online
  • B.Sc. Ophthalmic Optics/Optometry
  • B.Sc. Phytotechnology in Horticulture         


  • M.A. Business Administration and Engineering – Project Management
  • M.A. Management and Consulting
  • M.Eng. Applied Physics – Medical Engineering
  • M.Eng. Building Services and Energy Management
  • M.Eng. Computational Engineering (Distance Learning Program)
  • M.Eng. Energie- und Ressourceneffizienz (Distance Learning Program)
  • M.Eng. Energy and Automation Systems
  • M.Eng. Event Technology and Management
  • M.Eng. Industrial Engineering and Management (Distance Learning Program)
  • M.Eng. Information and Communications Engineering
  • M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Design
  • M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering – Manufacturing
  • M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering – Renewable Energies
  • M.Eng. Mechatronics
  • M.Eng. Packaging Technology and Management
  • M.Eng. Print and Media Technology
  • M.Eng. Process Engineering
  • M.Eng. Structural Engineering
  • M.Eng. Technical Computer Science – Embedded Systems
  • M.Eng. Urban Engineering – Transportation and Water
  • M.Eng. Urban Horticulture and Landscape Management
  • M.Sc. Architecture
  • M.Sc. Biotechnology
  • M.Sc. Business Administration & Engineering/Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Sc. Business Engineering – Energy and Environmental Resources
  • M.Sc. Clinical Trial Management (Distance Learning Program)
  • M.Sc. Construction Technology and Management
  • M.Sc. Data Science
  • M.Sc. Environmental Data Management – GIS
  • M.Sc. Facility Management
  • M.Sc. Food Science and Technology
  • M.Sc. Geoinformation
  • M.Sc. Green Building Design
  • M.Sc. Media Informatics
  • M.Sc. Media Informatics Online
  • M.Sc. Medical Informatics (Distance Learning Program)
  • M.Sc. Ophthalmic Optics/Optometry
  • M.Sc. Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering
  • MBA Renewables (Distance Learning Program)


The research conducted at Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT) primarily focuses on the long-term development of competency clusters, the City of the Future.

The research and transfer efforts are highly beneficial in the real world, application-oriented and cross-disciplinary.

Promoting sustainable solutions to social problems and focusing on the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan area are especially important research keys of the university.

BHT Berlin Research


The Research focuses at this university are,

Health research and technologies, humanoid robotics and biomimetics

The research primarily focuses on examining applications and methodologies in human-technology/machine interaction, therapy, diagnostics and technology-assisted care.

Additionally, it explores the areas of prevention and therapy through the utilisation of mobile facilities, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and bionics.

Furthermore, the research investigates data acquisition and processing within the healthcare sector.

Biotechnology, genetics and biochemistry

This research centers on the methodologies and treatments employed in the technical exploitation of biological processes.

Specifically, it investigates the utilisation of enzymes, organisms and cells in technical applications to enhance the development of novel and efficient processes for food technology, energy production and medical science.

Data Science, AI and Communication Technologies

The research focus encompasses various aspects of technology-driven communication and data processing, encompassing the utilisation of audio-visual media, computer engineering and geographical information systems.

Additionally, it includes data mining and the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence for exploratory data analysis.

Urban Technologies

The research focuses on the various aspects of urban infrastructures, including network technology, sustainable construction planning, energy production and storage, climate protection, urban open space management, electromobility, facility management, building technology and protection of waters.



The project’s goal is to use the information that universities already have about their student’s academic performance to create algorithms and tools that will help them see how different students’ choices affect their academic outcomes and how they can use that information to assist better students who are struggling.


The project aims to provide a scalable, modular service platform that provides mobility solutions like scheduling, routing and work sharing. It aims to help SMBs and MSMEs boost productivity by reducing the time spent in traffic or transporting empty items.


The primary objective of mVIZ is to create a framework that facilitates the user-friendly and efficient visualisation of open spatiotemporal data sourced from mCloud, which serves as the BMVI.



The campus library provides relevant literature, databases, magazines and e-books for students’ studies.

It also offers workplaces and competent advice to the students.

The Library offers,

  • Workstations
  • Magazine reading room
  • Self-service terminals
  • Media Return box
  • Library tour
  • Open access

Cafeterias and Common Areas

The campus offers cafeterias and common areas where students can socialize, relax and collaborate.

Facility available in the canteen

  • Here, the canteen posts the lowest price to students.
  • The middle price is for university members.
  • The highest price for guests.
  • Here, children receive the children’s meal for free.
  • There is a coffee bar in the canteen.
  • There are also automatic cafes.


BHT Berlin offers housing facilities to its students. The central campus provides some of its buildings for the accommodation purpose.

Some of the buildings are,

  • Beuth (A)
  • Gauß (B)
  • Grashof (C)
  • Construction (D)
  • Elsa Neumann (E)
  • Executive Committee (P)

Study room

The university provides students with study rooms and students can use the study rooms to study without any disturbance.

Some of the study rooms in the campus buildings are,

Rooms A 312 and A 319
Rooms B 017, B 039, B 115, B 139, B 239, B 309 and B339
Room D 115
Rooms F 219 and F 219a

BHT Berlin - Study rooms

Daycare Center

Berliner Hochschule für Technik has a daycare Facility that provides comprehensive care services to 130 children each year, ranging in age from eight weeks to the entrance of their schooling.

The daycare offers,

  • Certified lunch, organic fruit and vegetables as a snack
  • Bright group rooms with huge play areas
  • Has Diaper facility
  • Toddler playground
  • Adventure playground
  • children’s farm
  • Use of the BHT gym
  • Children’s bus for excursions
  • ESD – Education for Sustainable Development

GuTZ supports

GuTZ support means Gender and Technology Center. The primary objective of this center is to establish and execute strategies and methodologies about gender and diversity across all levels of the university.

The GuTZ provides

  • Provide Equal opportunities in studies and work
  • Promotion of scientific careers
  • Institutionalization of diversity teaching and courses
  • Institutionalization of gender-sensitive teaching and courses


BHT Berlin provides a range of programs aimed at enhancing students’ comprehension.

Some of the workshops that happened are,

  • Scientific Thesis
  • Conjunctivitis

Career Service

The Career Service provides assistance to students in achieving a successful transition into their chosen professional careers.

Simultaneously, it serves as the primary hub for businesses seeking to connect with proficient young professionals.

Some of the facilities,

  • Writing Lab
  • Job Tickets
  • Job Placements
  • Workshops

Student Services

The handling of student complaints will be undertaken by the personnel employed by the Central Student Advisory Service and the Student Administration.

It offers services through,

  • Telephone counselling
  • Mailbox

Sports Center

Central Institution for University Sports (ZEH) organises athletic endeavours inside the university setting. It provides various physical activities catering to diverse students, faculty and employees.

Some of the events offered are,

  • Summer holiday program
  • Podcast relaxation program

Some of the competitions offered are,

  • Berlin University Championship (BHM)
  • Berlin University League

Some of the events offered are,

  • Basketball
  • Martial Arts
  • Badminton
  • Rugby club


The Universities Research groups use state art facilitated libraries. Because of this, the Research projects were able to achieve their purposes.

Some of the Laboratories are,

  • Automation Technology
  • Biotechnical School
  • Digital Product Development
  • Facility Management
  • Glasshouse


The Berliner Hochschule für Technik enhances intercultural interactions by focusing on studies, teaching and research, thereby enhancing its and its collaborators’ competitive edge and reputation.

Be my BHT Buddy Program

In a buddy program, international students are matched with university students more familiar with the institution and local culture.

Buddies help newcomers feel welcome by organizing social events, outings and activities.

International students can practice the local language with their buddies.

Students Exchange

The institution provides a variety of student exchange programs with the aim of enhancing internationalization initiatives. These programs provide students the opportunity to engage in international studies and gain personal exposure to many cultures.

Furthermore, these institutions provide students the chance to cultivate a global outlook and enhance their professional connections.

Some of the Programs offered are,

BHT Berlin - Central Student Advisory Service

Erasmus+ Program: The University facilitates the mobility of students, professors and staff with European partners in the designated “program countries” and selected non-European “partner countries.”

Study at Partner University: The institution grants its students the opportunity to pursue their studies at one of its partner universities. Additionally, it extends a warm welcome to students from its partner institution.

English taught Programs

The institution provides English-taught programs to cater to the needs of international students, enabling them to engage with the curriculum without encountering language barriers.

Some of the English-taught courses is,

  • Supply Chain Management
  • B.Sc. Data Science
  • Proteomics/Biosensors
  • Industrial Biotechnology

International Partnerships

BHT Berlin has established collaborations with other prestigious colleges globally. These collaborative alliances provide students with the opportunity to engage in exchange programs and pursue educational experiences overseas.

Furthermore, these agreements facilitate research partnerships and promote academic networking among institutions.

Some of the partner universities,

  • US’s College of New Jersey (TCNJ)
  • Canada’s Lakehead University
  • Australia’s Macquarie University

BHT Berlin - foreign collaboration

Language Center

The University provides a Language-Center that offers support for international students in their language learning endeavours.

The primary objective of the center is to establish a conducive and engaging atmosphere for student with the purpose of improving their linguistic skills in the language of their choosing.

Some of the Languages offered are,

  • DAAD
  • General English
  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Chinese

Scholarships Service

The University offers a variety of scholarships to provide financial support to its students. Scholarships are given based on a range of criteria, including academic performance, financial circumstances and specialized fields of study.

The primary objective is to reduce the financial strain experienced by students, so facilitating their educational pursuits by relieving them of concerns over tuition fees and additional costs.

Some of its scholarships are,

  • Australia Development Scholarships (ADS)
  • The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
  • OFID Scholarships
  • Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships
  • American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (USA)


  • The Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT) is a prominent institution and one of the largest among Germany’s state institutions of applied sciences.
  • BHT Berlin was founded in 1971 as Technische Fachhochschule Berlin (TFH), originating from the fusion of several technical academies.
  • The Motto is “Study the Future!
  • The research conducted here primarily focuses on the long-term development of competency clusters, the City of the Future.
  • Berliner Hochschule für Technik has a daycare Facility that provides comprehensive care services to children.
  • The University also offers a variety of scholarships to provide financial support to its students.
  • It also has GuTZ support, which means Gender and Technology Center.

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