We have been seeing through many German universities. Now next on the list is Biberach University of Applied Sciences University.

This article will give you a clear understanding of the university.

Biberach University of Applied Sciences (HBC)

Biberach University of Applied Sciences, officially known as Hochschule Biberach. It is a renowned educational institution located in the state of Baden-W√ľrttemberg.

The University was founded in 1964.

Teaching, forward-looking and sustainable research are hallmarks of this university.

But what truly sets HBC apart is its unwavering commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. One of the significant pillars of the university’s scientific activities is continuing education that can be completed part-time.

Students have access to a variety of laboratories, studios and workshops, which provide them with favourable conditions to fully utilise their abilities and enhance their skill sets.

There are currently 2500 students enrolling in the 17 courses with 85 professors, 210 employees and 340 lectures.

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The University has two locations in Baden-W√ľrttemberg.

The university is comprised of two distinct campuses, namely the Stadt campus, situated in the central area of Biberach and the Aspach campus, located a short distance away, spanning only a few km.

These two distinct campuses, each with its own unique charm, come together to create a dynamic ecosystem of education at HBC.


Let us explore the significance attributed by the university to its student body.

The university is organized into subject areas. The emphasis is on collaborative learning and personal development.

The university aims to challenge and support students in an experimental environment, enabling individual growth and learning strategies.

It also underscores the importance of curiosity, commitment and personal responsibility in education.


Do you know the Biberach University of Applied Sciences’s commitments?

First, let’s talk about its specialized focus. As an institution of higher education with a specialized emphasis on building and energy, HBC recognizes the imperative of imparting knowledge and competencies about climate-conscious and resource-conserving technologies.

Moreover, HBC deems its commitment to applying these technologies within its infrastructure.

The university is the inaugural institution in Baden-W√ľrttemberg to formulate and implement a comprehensive climate protection strategy as an integral component of the National Climate Protection Initiative.

But HBC’s commitment doesn’t end there. Another aspect that should be considered is the level of family-friendliness. The university offers an infrastructure that is suitable for families at both of its campus locations.

Moreover, the university also strongly emphasises cultivating an impartial learning and working environment.

In 2006, the university signed the Diversity Charter. By doing so, the institution solidified its dedication to establishing a respectful and inclusive atmosphere where everyone is accorded the same degree of recognition and assistance, regardless of their characteristics.

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  • Architecture, B.A
  • Civil Engineering, B.Eng.
  • Construction Project Management, B.Eng.
  • Business Administration: Focus on Construction and Real Estate, B.Sc.
  • Business Administration: Focus on Energy and Climate Protection, B.Sc.
  • Business Administration: Focus on Business Management, B.Sc.
  • Energy Engineering, B.Eng.
  • Timber Construction Project Management, B.Eng.
  • Industrial Biotechnology, B.Sc.
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, B.Sc.


  • Resource-saving architecture, M.Sc.
  • Civil Engineering, M.Eng.
  • Business Administration (Construction and Real Estate), M.Sc.
  • Business Administration (Energy Economics), M.Sc.
  • Energy and Building Systems, M.Sc.
  • Engineering Management, M.Eng.
  • Timber construction engineering, M. Eng.
  • Industrial Biotechnology, M.Sc.
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, M.Sc.


  • Biopharmaceutical-Medical Engineering Sciences, M.Sc. (Part-time)
  • Business Law (Construction and Real Estate), LL.B. (Part-time)
  • Building automation, M.Eng. (Part-time)
  • Business Law (Construction and Real Estate), LL.M. (Part-time)
  • MBA International Real Estate Management (Part-time)
  • MBA Management Construction (Part-time)


Like all other universities, Biberach University of Applied Sciences also provides internationalization.

HBC prides itself on providing a comprehensive academic curriculum and a distinguished international program.

Whether participating in a semester abroad, engaging in an internship abroad, or pursuing an international Bachelor’s Degree. The opportunity to pursue studies in a global setting is provided, offering convenience and adaptability to students.

The university provide all the necessary facility so that students can acquire knowledge about different languages, cultures and individuals. Additionally, they acquire a deeper understanding of the academic environment and experience a completely distinct daily schedule.

Let us understand about the programs that Biberach University of Applied Sciences have to boost Internationalization.

Biberach University of Applied Sciences - internationalization - KCR CONSULTANTS

Bachelor International

Students can choose the International Bachelor’s Degree Studies Model, which allows them to spend a semester at one of the partner universities and another semester engaging in an international internship.

At the Biberach University of Applied Sciences, students have the opportunity to independently choose the lectures they would want to attend during their semester studying abroad, regardless of their degree. This provides students with the opportunity to engage in multidisciplinary study.

Semester abroad

In this university, students who want to gain international experience have multiple choices besides the International Bachelor’s degree.

Here, Students can spend a semester at one of the universities with HBC collaborates without the need to participate in the program.

Internship abroad

At Biberach University of Applied Sciences, Students who pursue their education abroad are presented with a unique opportunity to gain valuable early career experience.

Furthermore, they have the flexibility to complete their mandatory internship in a foreign country that they wish to do so.

This enriches their academic journey and provides them with an international perspective that can be highly advantageous for their future careers.

Summer Schools & English Lectures

HBC offer a dynamic and immersive educational experience for students seeking to expand their horizons, enhance their language skills and explore new academic opportunities.

These programs are designed to provide students with a rich cultural and educational experience during the summer months.


The university also provides funding and scholarships to support students during their international experiences, ensuring financial assistance for their time abroad.

Some of the funding programs are listed below,

Erasmus +

Students who intend to finish an academic semester at one of the partner universities or an internship in one of the European countries participating in the Erasmus+ program are eligible for financial help under this program.

Baden-Wuerttemberg scholarship

Students who want to spend a semester at one of the partner universities located in non-European countries are eligible for financial assistance through this program.


Students who intend to complete a study semester as a free mover, an internship, or specialised courses abroad are eligible for financial assistance through this program.


In internationalization, not only does the university provide opportunities for students to study abroad, but it also welcomes international students to study at the university.

Let us see what they are in detail.

International & Intercultural Program (IIP) @HBC

This IIP@HBC allows students worldwide, including those from Germany, to collaborate on academic and creative endeavours taught in English.

The program aims to facilitate an effective interchange between students from Germany and other countries on both a social and a professional level.

The program offers students a choice between two different clusters.

The topics covered in Cluster 1: Designed Sustainability could interest those who wish to pursue careers as architects, civil engineers, energy engineers, project managers, or business administrators in the future.

The topics covered in Cluster 2: Students interested in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Biotechnology have the opportunity to take classes and participate in laboratory sessions

Now let us explore the Study programs offered at Biberach University of Applied Sciences for International students.


  • B.A. in Architecture
  • Masters in Architecture

Energy Engineering

  • B.Eng. in Energy Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Energy and Building Systems

Civil Engineering and Project Management

  • B.Eng. in Construction Project Management
  • B.Eng. in Civil Engineering
  • B.Eng. in Wooden Building Project Management
  • M.Eng. in Civil Engineering
  • M.Eng. in Construction Project Management
  • M.Eng. in engineering management

Business Administration

  • B.Sc. / LL.B. in business administration (four focal points)
  • M.Sc. in Business Management (Energy Management)
  • M.Sc. in Business Management (Construction and Real Estate)

Faculty of Biotechnology

  • B.Sc. in industrial biotechnology
  • B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • M.Sc. in industrial biotechnology
  • M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Preparatory courses and learning workshops for International Students

Biberach University of Applied Sciences also offers its students with Preparatory courses.

Preparatory courses and learning workshops at HBC are designed to provide students with essential skills and knowledge, ensuring a smooth transition into their chosen programs.

These courses provide a solid academic foundation and enhance students’ ability to excel in their studies, setting them up for academic success.


Now that we’ve explored the university’s Profile, commitments and study programs, let’s look at its research facility.

Teaching and research at Biberach University are based on the idea that research, development and education are equally important to the HBC.

This is why the university gives more importance to the Research facility.

In addition to focusing on the specialist institutes, the university also has free research, a source for innovative and creative ideas and scientific objectives.

Research at this University takes place in cooperation with small, medium-sized and large companies. These projects can be funded with public funds.

Now, let us explore the institutes and laboratories used for the research facility.

Biberach University of Applied Sciences - collaboration - KCR CONSULTANTS


Students can get high-quality, hands-on training in the university’s labs and workshops, making it easy to do external and internal research and development work.

Some of the labs are,

  • Laboratory for Automation Technology
    It is a practice-oriented teaching, research and development facility at the Institute for Building and Energy Systems.
  • Laboratory for daylight technology and solar systems
    The lab is for measuring/evaluating, showing and simulating scenarios with both natural and artificial light.
    The lab room has a workstation and a display wall where different lighting systems can be tested.
  • Laboratory for simulation technology
    It is the centre of knowledge for the thermal-energetic simulation of buildings, which includes all systems for heating, cooling and supplying energy to rooms. It is also the centre of expertise for flow simulation in buildings.
  • Laboratory for air conditioning
    This lab looks at both building life and air conditioning. It is mainly used for dealing with the thermodynamic and technical processes in and around air conditioning devices.
  • Laboratory for Thermal Energy Systems
    The lab’s facilities include refrigeration technology, hydraulics and technical building temperature control.
    In this small refrigerator lab, students can learn about the refrigerant cycle and learn more about what they already know.
  • Laboratory for Electrical Systems
    Electrical building equipment, system planning, project planning for electrical systems, electrical systems and the integration of green energies into the grid are all covered in these lab lessons.
    In this lab, practicals and activities that accompany lectures are done.
  • Laboratory for regenerative energies
    This centre is dedicated to research and practical applications in renewable energy sources.
    It conducts experiments, tests and studies on various regenerative energy technologies like solar power, wind energy, biomass and more.


Biberach University of Applied Sciences hosts several research institutes focusing on diverse fields of study and industry-specific research.

The university’s research institutes often work on renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, business innovation and more projects, contributing to advancements in science, technology and business practices.

These institutes conduct cutting-edge research, collaborate with industry partners and provide students valuable insights and solutions to real-world challenges.

Some of the Institutes are,

  • IAB Institute for Applied Biotechnology
  • IKI Institute for Structural Engineering
  • IAS Institute of Architecture and Urban Development
  • IGE Institute for Building and Energy Systems
  • IGU Institute for Geo and Environment
  • IfH Institute for Timber Construction
  • IBP Institute for Innovative Construction and Project Management
  • IBiT institute for Educational Transfer


We have comprehensively addressed every relevant topic regarding the university.

However, our attention was not directed towards the facilities of the university.

Therefore, let us briefly look at the campus facilities of the HBC.


First on the list is the Library facility.

The library of the HBC provides a conducive and practical environment for various academic activities such as research, seminar paper writing and exercise preparation.

It has multiple workstations and a comprehensive collection of course-relevant literature, ensuring a calm and productive workspace for all individuals.

Its comprehensive collection comprises around 53,000 physical print media, nearly 16,000 electronic books and subscriptions to 195 magazines, in addition to a selection of current daily newspapers.

Users are provided unrestricted access to a wide range of online databases, enabling them to conduct comprehensive research on digital and analogue publications.

The library provides an online catalogue that will help students explore the vast array of resources available.

The primary library of the HBC is situated on the urban campus within the central district of Biberach. The Biotechnology division is located within the premises of the Biotech campus.

The Book Delivery Service at the university is a convenient and student-friendly initiative. It ensures that students have easy access to the required academic materials by delivering books and resources directly to them.

The knowledge exchange function offered by the HBC’s libraries is accessible to users at no cost, providing a straightforward and convenient experience.


Next, let us see about the Canteen facility.

In addition to offering nutritious snacks and an extensive assortment of beverages, our establishment provides three distinct lunch menus for patrons.

Various culinary options are available daily, encompassing grilled foods, fish and delectable soups. And this for an equitable price.

The Studentenwerk emphasises providing nutritious meals and wholesome food options while prioritising fair trade practices.

Data Center

Let us explore about the Datacenter facility now.

Biberach University of Applied Sciences aims to foster students’ acquisition of contemporary knowledge and cutting-edge technological skills. This is why the university provides students with a wide array of educational and information technology services.

These services are carefully tailored to meet the desires and requirements of the student population and the university consistently works towards enhancing them.

Software and PC pools

There are a total of seven computer rooms available for students to use. These rooms serve as spaces where students can engage in various academic activities, such as working on their projects, bachelor’s and master’s theses, conducting research, or simply accessing their emails using current computer systems.

Students have access to a wide range of essential software programs, totalling more than 250, necessary for their academic pursuits. These programs encompass several fields of study, including but not limited to AutoCAD, Lumion, Matlab and Zotero.

Print, copy and scan

Students can find a wide selection of more than 25 A3 laser multifunctional devices at both campus locations.

“Follow-Me” printing enables students to retrieve their printouts from any multifunctional device and make payments using the credit available on their student identification cards.

Internet and WiFi

The university also provides complimentary wireless internet access to all students throughout the campus, including the Kapuzinerstrasse student home.

Additionally, it possesses Eduroam facilitates wireless local area network (WLAN) roaming, granting university-affiliated individuals access to research and educational facilities inside the eduroam network.

All university members have the right to view and download all digital resources provided by HERDT without any limitations or costs. 

HERDT is a prominent source of instructional media, offering comprehensive coverage of over 500 distinct information technology (IT) subjects. Various resources supplement the educational program, including instructional films, practice exercises, assessments and supplementary materials.

Laboratories & workshops

The HBC possesses laboratory and workshop facilities that facilitate students in acquiring practical and high-caliber training.

Additionally, these resources offer researchers an optimal infrastructure for internal and external research and development endeavours.

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Now let us explore the Accommodation facilities.

Biberach provides a wide range of cost-effective housing alternatives. Compared to urban areas with prominent universities, the cost of renting accommodations in this locality is more reasonable and the commute to the university is conveniently brief and easily manageable.

Students can utilize the student residence provided by the Studierendenwerk Ulm or opt for individual room rentals.

Student residence on Kapuzinerstrasse

The student housing facility located on Kapuzinerstraße is conveniently situated within a 5-minute proximity to the university.

Each apartment has a customised kitchen and a bathroom with a shower and separate toilet. In addition to their primary responsibilities, students can utilise a communal laundry facility, where they can avail themselves of washing and drying services for a nominal charge. This facility is accessible to all residents.

The average cost per room is ‚ā¨302.00.

The cost of the wheelchair-accessible room is ‚ā¨352.00.

Private accommodation

The Ulm Student Union provides exclusive housing options for students enrolled at HBC.

The Ulm Student Union is the primary point of contact for matters about BaföG and financial assistance, food and beverage services, housing accommodations and guidance and support services.


  • Biberach University of Applied Sciences, officially known as Hochschule Biberach, is a renowned educational institution.
  • The university is comprised of two distinct campuses, namely the Stadt campus and the Aspach campus.
  • HBC prides itself on providing a comprehensive academic curriculum and a distinguished international program.
  • The university also provides funding and scholarships to support students during their international experiences, ensuring financial assistance for their time abroad.
  • Research at this Biberach University of Applied Sciences takes place in cooperation with small, medium-sized and large companies. These projects can be funded with public funds.

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