When people talk about Germany, they often mention famous spots like Berlin’s grand gate or Bavaria’s magical castle. But there’s a quiet corner in the northwest that many miss: Bremen.

This city has its own special stories and places to see. If you’re curious about a less-traveled part of Germany, keep reading. We’re about to introduce you to the wonders of Bremen.

Bremen: The Free Hanseatic City

Even though Bremen is Germany’s smallest state, it has a big place in the country’s heart and work. Located up north, this city remembers Germany’s old sea stories, especially from the time of the Hanseatic League.

Today, Bremen doesn’t just think about its past. It’s a busy place with new businesses like planes and moving goods and it has great schools and places for study.

With its mix of fun city life and honoring old stories, Bremen is a special part of Germany. Even if it’s small, it has a big role in what Germany looks like today and tomorrow.



Starting Out

Bremen has been around since the Roman times. It was a busy place because old trade roads passed through it. Over time, it became a special religious spot.

Trading Days

In the Middle Ages, Bremen was part of a big group of trading places called the Hanseatic League. Being by the Weser River helped it do a lot of trade.

A City of Fun

With trade came money and with money came fun. Bremen was filled with art, music and parties. Even today, you might feel the old vibes if you pay attention.

More than Just History

Bremen isn’t stuck in the past. It’s proud of its history but is also famous for fun stories like the Bremen Town musicians.

Did you know?

The city’s name comes from the Old Saxon word “bremo” which means “on the edge.” This refers to its location on the dunes by the Weser.


Bremen’s strategic position and enterprising spirit have established it as Germany’s vibrant trading center. Here’s a deeper look into the pillars that uphold Bremen’s robust economy:

Maritime and Logistics: At the heart of Bremen’s commerce is its expansive port. As one of Germany’s premier ports, it’s the country’s window to international markets, underpinning a bustling logistics industry.

Aerospace: Bremen is a big name in the aerospace world. Major companies like Airbus have a strong presence here, showing its importance in the industry.

Automotive: Cars and Bremen have a long-standing relationship. Mercedes-Benz is a big deal here and offers many jobs to the locals.

Food and Beverages: Bremen has a deep coffee history. The city is full of roasteries and breweries, keeping the coffee culture strong.

Renewable Energy: Bremen is keen on renewable energy, particularly wind power. The city is pushing for green energy, matching Germany’s goals for a better future.

Research and Education: Bremen doesn’t just focus on industries; it prioritizes learning. Its many research and educational facilities drive new ideas, keeping the economy modern and progressive.


The top industrial sectors in Bremen are,

  • Automotive engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Logistics and port
  • Shipbuilding
  • Wind power
  • Food industry
  • Information and communication


A Place of Learning

Bremen is proud of its schools and colleges. Here, you can find many top-notch universities and places to study, covering everything from basic courses to advanced degrees.

World Connections

Schools in Bremen don’t just look inside, they look outside too. They have links with schools all over the world. This means students and teachers can swap places, work on projects together and share learning. So, students here get to learn about the world.

Helping Hands with Money

Studying can be costly. But in Bremen, there’s help! Many universities give money help through scholarships and grants. This is super helpful, especially for students coming from other countries, making sure everyone can get a good education without worrying too much about money.

BREMEN - KCR CONSULTANTS - scholarships and grants

Universities in Bremen

Now, let us explore how many universities there are.

  • Constructor University
  • University of Applied Sciences Appollon
  • IU International University of Applied Sciences
  • Nordakademie University of Applied Sciences
  • FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management
  • HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration
  • Bucerius Law School
  • SRH University in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • HKS – University of applied sciences and Arts in Ottersberg
  • Hamburg Distance Learning University
  • AKAD Educational Society
  • Wedel University of Applied Sciences
  • Euro-FH European Distance Learning University Hamburg
  • University of Bremen
  • City University of Applied Sciences
  • University of the Arts Bremen
  • University of Public Administration Bremen
  • Hochschule Bremerhaven

Cutting-Edge Research Facilities

Bremen’s commitment to innovation is evident in its various research institutions.

Research Institutes

Apart from the universities, Bremen boasts specialized research institutes.

The Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology and the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research are leading global centers focusing on marine and polar research, respectively.

BREMEN - KCR CONSULTANTS - research centers

Collaborative Research

Bremen’s academic environment thrives on interdisciplinary collaboration. Several research projects involve collaborative efforts between universities, institutes and industries, ensuring the research remains relevant and addresses real-world problems.

Funding and Research Grants

In addition to academic research, Bremen encourages entrepreneurial research ventures.

The state and federal governments and the private sectors provide grants to promote innovation, fostering an environment where new ideas are continually germinating and finding support.


Career Centers

Most educational institutions in Bremen have dedicated career centers that guide students in choosing the right career path.

They organize workshops, internship fairs and placement drives as a bridge between students and potential employers.


Internships and Industrial Collaboration

Bremen’s strategic location and its history as a trade city have attracted various multinational companies.

Partnerships between these companies and educational institutions offer students internships and hands-on industry experience, ensuring they are job-ready.

Start-up Ecosystem

Bremen’s start-up ecosystem is burgeoning. With support from the government and universities, several incubation centers and start-up hubs have emerged.

These centers provide mentorship, funding and resources to young entrepreneurs, making Bremen an attractive destination for those looking to start their ventures.

Tailored Graduate Programs

Several companies in Bremen offer graduate programs tailored for fresh university graduates.

These programs provide comprehensive training, ensuring that the graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their roles.



While Bremen is an academic and economic powerhouse, it is also a city rich in culture and heritage.

The Bremen Town Musicians, a testament to the city’s cultural heritage, juxtapose perfectly with the state-of-the-art research facilities, epitomizing Bremen’s blend of the old and new.

Moreover, Bremen’s cosmopolitan environment, bolstered by its vast international student and expatriate population, ensures that everyone feels at home.

The state offers a high quality of life, ample green spaces, a vibrant arts scene and many dining and entertainment options.

Student Life

Bremen is renowned for its status as a prominent hub for students, with over 35,000 individuals pursuing their studies in this location.

As they navigate their academic journey, students also revel in Bremen’s cultural festivities, diverse cuisines and a mosaic of experiences shaping their memorable university years.

BREMEN - KCR CONSULTANTS - quality of life

Family Living

Bremen combines history with modern amenities, creating a perfect place for families. The city offers lively cultural spots and quiet green areas for both adventure and relaxation.

From enjoying the Beautiful Wallanlagen to attending city events or spending a peaceful day in its outskirts, Bremen gives families a mix of old-world charm and contemporary living.

A Green and Sustainable Bremen

Bremen is evolving beyond its rich history and iconic skies. Today, this city-state stands at the forefront of sustainable advancements and innovative green urban projects. A shining example is the “Wallanlagen.”

This green belt, which once served as a defense against ancient invaders around Bremen’s old town, has transformed into a peaceful oasis.

It invites both locals and tourists with its beautifully maintained gardens, serene duck ponds and evocative historical monuments.

Experience Bremen’s blend of past and present in its embrace of nature and heritage.


Are we not going to talk about the transport facility?

Let us explore this in detail.

Trams: Moving around Bremen is a breeze with the Straßenbahn Bremen. This tram system is popular for its trustworthiness and city-wide coverage.

Buses: Can’t find a tram? Don’t worry! Bremen’s buses get you to all parts of the city and beyond.

Main Train Station: Bremen Hauptbahnhof is your go-to spot for train trips, whether you’re traveling inside Germany or to nearby countries.

Airport: Not just by roads and rails, Bremen connects you to the skies. Close to the city center, Bremen Airport flies you to many places in Europe.

Cycling: Love biking? Bremen is perfect for you! With wide paths and special lanes just for bikes, it’s a cyclist’s dream.

Waterways: Bremen’s river, the Weser, has busy ports for big and small boats alike. It’s a nod to the city’s long love affair with the sea.

Visiting Bremen? With so many ways to explore, every trip is a new adventure!

Interesting facts

  • Bremen is the fourth most populous city in the Low German dialect region, following Hamburg, Dortmund and Essen.

  • With over 570,000 residents, Bremen is the eleventh-largest city in Germany and the second-largest in Northern Germany after Hamburg.

  • The Mercedes factory in Bremen-Sebaldsbr√ľck is the largest in Germany and the second-largest in the world. It employs over 12,500 people and produces approximately 420,000 vehicles every year.

  • The ‘√úberseestadt’ district is home to the largest fashion photography studio in Europe.

  • Bremen hosts several renowned companies in the culinary industry, including Beck’s, Melitta, Vitakraft, Nordsee, Frosta, Mondelez and Univeg, which have their corporate headquarters in the region.

  • The Rathaus (city hall) in Bremen was constructed in 1405 and features architectural elements influenced by Gothic and Weser Renaissance styles. Since 2004, it has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

BREMEN - KCR CONSULTANTS - Mercedes factory


Bremen beautifully showcases Germany’s unique blend of history and modernity.

The city carries its Hanseatic traditions with pride while emerging as a dynamic hub for business and learning.

Here, maritime tales meet modern tech and renowned schools. With an efficient transport system linking its many attractions, Bremen has something for everyone.

Students, professionals, tourists or locals Рall can dive into a diverse German experience in this vibrant city.       



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