Canada Needs International Students

Does Canada need international students?

Is there any other reason Canada needs international students

It is no secret that Canada needs international students.🍁 For that, Canada has updated its international student-related rules and regulations from time to time to be attractive, simple and transparent. 

Like any other similar country in competition with Canada to attract international students, Canada also looks for the money international students transfer or bring along with them into the country to pay their tuition fees, accommodation and other living expenses. Canada receives approximately 400,000 to 500,000 students every year and at least 15,000.CAD per student pays per year for tuition alone to Canadian educational institutions.

Is there any other reason Canada needs international students?

Canada needs international students for the overall benefit of the country

👉Canada has an acute shortage of qualified workforce to support its industries, business and other commercial segments. Canada has the most well-established immigration system in the world, which is practical, worthy, transparent, simple and fair. It’s not any secret to the outer world that skilled immigration alone is not enough to meet the staff shortage in Canada. 

But Canada always upholds its fair and strict process to get a workforce from foreign countries, and therefore it is limited per year. Hence businesses and industries, and collectively, 🤩Canada eyes on its international students who graduate from Canadian institutions every year to address the skilled human resource shortage effectively. 

They are already integrated into Canadian culture, have excellent communication skills, and have hands-on work experience through part-time work and internships. They are skilled and qualified to take up the jobs immediately and directly.

Most Canadian industries and businesses know that international students like to stay longer in Canada after their studies. 🍁

Does Canada need international students for the overall benefit of the country?

Canada is a proud country of immigrants. Immigrants, mainly economic immigrants known for their hard work, passion for growth, and are goal-oriented. They also like to give back, contribute to their host country, and participate in nation-building. 

Most Canadian immigrants have studied in Canada, making international students the future assets of the country. 🍁

Does Canada need international students

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