The low-cost university in Germany!

The low-cost university in Germany offers a high standard of education!

Why should one consider a low-cost university in Germany that offers a high standard of education? 

An opportunity to study at an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or IIM is the dream of every Indian high school leaver!  

But the number of applications and the places available in all the IITs, IIMs and NITs differ significantly.

So it is clear that even if one is among the best academically qualified or covered by an eligible admission quota, still the chances are more to miss the opportunity due to the massive mismatch of the numbers, as mentioned above!

But one can make it better if one can convert it into an opportunity to study at a low-cost study in Germany, at a Technical University.

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How can one study at a low-cost university in Germany since Germany is one of the few most industrialised countries?

By choosing to study in Germany, one’s dream can come true without much competition and hardship. No doubt, one can study at a low-cost university in Germany by choosing a course at a public university that doesn’t charge a tuition fee.¬†

There are no tuition fees one will require to pay to most technical universities to pursue a degree programme in Engineering, Business or any other natural science programme. One should only pay a semester fee or contribution of 200-300 EUR, to the student union, for a semester ticket. 

That makes it study at a low-cost university in Germany.

How do I qualify for such a low-cost programme at a high standard?

That is the best part of higher education in Germany and differentiates it from all other countries. Almost all German public universities treat local and international students equally; no tuition fees are charged.

Then what else? Can anybody get admission to study at German universities to study free?

Tuition fees-wise, anybody can study at a Low-cost public university in Germany, but not qualification-wise!

Germany is unique, values time, and everything is conducted systematically, and no exception for higher education. 

One should hold a university entry qualification before being accepted to a bachelor’s degree course at a German public university.

One might think it’s the same everywhere; universities worldwide follow this and nothing strange in it!

In Germany, one should be at their “Abitur” to apply for a bachelor’s degree course, and local German students attain this qualification after completing their 13 years of school education!

Among the international students, only those with an IGC or IB certificate or an American High School Diploma match the ‘Abitur’ qualification. That means they attend a preparatory programme of only German language learning.

Those with a national school certificate from the CBSE or any other state board in India will require to attend an international Foundation course and pass the FSP exam to qualify to study at a German public university. 

There are studienkollegs and preparatory schools to offer the Foundation course and German language courses to these international students, and they charge tuition fees.

That means an international student needs to pay tuition fees for the Foundation and Language or just for the language studies and then progress to the degree studies at a public university and study for free.

That makes education in Germany affordable for international students, and hence people worldwide refer to “Cheap German universities for international students”.

cheap universities in germany for international students


How can one study at the cheapest public university in Germany?

Here cheapest public university in Germany refers only to money matters, preciously tuition fees. Otherwise, the article emphasises how to attend a world-class, technically ahead university education in Germany at the lowest cost!

To make it more attractive, one can start applying even with zero-level German language knowledge and start learning the language. At the same time, the application is being processed with universities, studienkollegs and language institutes. 

Starting with a German language course in Germany, preparing to progress to the university course or studienkolleg at the lowest cost, one can call the entire study plan at a ‘cheapest public university in Germany’.¬†¬†

Learn or improve German language skills through the low-cost study mentioned above and qualify to progress to a state-funded studienkolleg and subsequently a bachelor’s degree studies referred to as ‘Low-cost public university in Germany for International students.¬†

A unique opportunity indeed for many!

One may simultaneously apply to a university to study for a degree and an evaluation certificate from APS.

Cheap German universities for international students  

Please take a look at the below-listed courses. If you find one suitable to your qualifications and plans, you can study at one of the cheapest engineering universities in Germany.

That means previously studying at an international university, technical or applied sciences maintaining the best practices and constantly competing to provide the best quality education to their students in Germany at ‘no’ or ‘the lowest cost!

Choices of courses and subjects to choose from

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Process Engineering / Chemical Engineering
  • Sports Engineering
  • Exercise and Health
  • Geo-Environmental Engineering
  • Business Chemistry
  • Business Administration
  • International Business Studies
  • Sustainable Raw Material Extraction and Recycling
  • Chemistry
  • Energy and Materials Physics
  • Sustainable Energy Technology and Systems
  • Geo Energy Systems
  • Digital Technologies
  • Digital Management
  • Informatics
  • Economic / Technomathematics
  • language and literature
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Nutrition and Home Economics

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