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Why is East European University projected here in case you decide to study medicine in a foreign country?

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Are you very particular in medical studies, and wish to become a medical doctor in the future?

Are you in a situation in which you are sure that a medical seat in an Indian medical college is not in your reach, money-wise and marks-wise?

But you are still determined that you would like to study only medicine?

Then of course the only and the best answer is MBBS studies in a foreign country.

Now the questions are, is that possible for me to study medicine abroad?

Can I get admission with the marks that I have obtained in my 12th-grade school examination?

Are marks alone enough, money is not important?

But my marks are not that high and my parents are not that rich to pay any amount of money for my studies alone?

Easter European University charges just 5000$ per year in terms of tuition fees, that sounds affordable right?

Even if I find a university that offers affordable education, and accepts me with the marks I got in the 12th grade, is that university approved by W.H.O.?

You are right, what’s the point of even thinking about studying medicine in a university which is not listed in the World Health Organisation?

But is that okay, I study medicine in a university located in a foreign country, graduate with a medical degree, return to my country and start practicing as a medical doctor or a Physician?

You can but you should be mindful about a couple of things.

EEU, Georgia Classroom

Before leaving for a foreign country to study medicine, you should make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a medical course in your home country.

Students from India need to sit the NEET examination and pass at least with the minimum marks. National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test is applicable in India for admissions to undergraduate medical courses.

The significance of attending and passing this test for Indian students who wish to study medicine in a foreign country is that only those who have passed this test once are considered eligible to attend the Indian medical licensing examination on their return to the country after graduating with a foreign medical degree.

This licensing examination in India is popularly known as the “Screening Test” among the foreign educated medical graduates!

Please note that this is applicable from wherever you graduate e.g.; The UK, the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, China, Ukraine, Russia, any Caribbean Island countries, or Georgia, all the same.

Don’t be confused with the amendment which is incorporated into the MCI website, as it says if you study bachelor’s degree in medicine in the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Australia, or New Zealand, and then complete a Master’s degree as well in Medicine in the same country where you studied the bachelor’s degree, and the Master’s degree is accredited and accepted by the ministry of health of the country of these studies then you don’t need to sit the “Screening Test” on your return to your home country, India for a medical license!

Too complicated to understand right? better leave it there for now as it’s not that connected to your current situation and future plan.

The screening test is so controversial in India now, as many Indian origin foreign medical graduates have filed cases for justice and subsequently, a number of discussions and studies conducted, and finally there could be an immediate decision of all medical graduates irrespective of where they have studied; India or abroad to sit the screening test and pass for a license.

The other option under consideration is to abolish the screening test forever.

If the MCI chooses the first option then, studying in a foreign medical university listed on the website of MCI will be very important, and also passing the NEET test before leaving for the foreign country to study medicine.

East European University (EEU) meets the criteria in either way.

Let’s know about the university in detail.

The East European University of Georgia is located in Tbilisi, the capital city of the country. EEU is officially accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, culture, and sport of Georgia.

The medical course in East European University is taught and delivered based on the medical programmes of the west European leading University, considering their expertise, experience, and also the demand of the medical world.

Various scientific conferences in different spheres, national and international are conducted in East European University regularly. Eastern European University also publishes different educational and scientific materials annually in Georgia.

East European University is ideal for a student who is aspiring to become a doctor in the future as the university has many international accreditations that are very important for a medical university and highly regarded among the aspirants.

Let’s take a look at the accreditation and recognition:

First and foremost for the students from India, East European University is listed on the website of the Medical Council of India; you may call it as approved for bachelor’s degree medical studies.

An institution should be approved by the World Health Organisation to provide medical courses, and medical degrees of the W.H.O. approved universities only will qualify for a license to practice medicine in any country in the world; East European University is listed in the W.H.O.

To add value East European University is a member of the Association for Medical Education in Europe – AMEE

Getting listed in the World directory of medical school is prestigious for any medical school – East European University takes pride in getting listed in the directory.

To add one more feather, East European University is a member of the Association of Medical Schools in Europe – AMSE.

East European University participates in the University collaboration network at the Black sea.

World education services ‚Äď WES is a qualification assessment body renowned around the world and accepted by immigration and universities of the countries popular for Immigration i.e.; Canada. East European university is associated with WES very closely.

EEU participates in the University Rankings!

Training Select Creating a Global Learning Community (TS, Great Britain) – East European university is proud to associate with.

Associating with World University Service (WUSC) makes East European University Global.

EEU, Georgia Students

MBBS / MD in Eastern European University

Bachelor’s degree medical study varies syllabus, structure, and delivery wise. Medical courses are 4 years in the United States of America, and Canada. Whereas the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries offer it in 5 to 6 years.

MBBS, Bachelor of Medicine, and Bachelor of Surgery conferred by many universities and universities in some countries call it as MD, Medical Doctor. It’s just a state examination in Germany, and there is no bachelor’s or Master’s degree in medicine in Germany.

East European University in Georgia offers an MD degree after 6 years of studies at the university in Tbilisi. The course is said to be entirely taught in English. One may wonder how that is possible in a country where the local language is not English!

A right point, but being in Georgia for two years living with the friendly Georgians makes the foreign student pick up the necessary communication skills to understand and the conversation of the patients during the clinical rotations. The level of communication can increase month by month and year by year.

Of course, the course is an English taught the course as all the examinations will be conducted in English, not in the Georgian language.

The clinical partners

Georgia has some of the best hospitals in the region.

MediClubGeorgia is a popular hospital among the best, and partners with East European University for clinical and internships. MediclubGeorgia has international level standards in medical practice and its health care services. The strong collaboration of East European University with MediClubGeorgia makes the medical programme more meaningful for the students.

EEU students, as per the collaboration, need to take part in an additional internship at MediClubGeorgia, before finally qualifying for the medical degree.

The University also partners with many other hospitals for clinical and internships;

  • O. Gudushauri National Medical Center
  • Chachava Clinic
  • Tbilisi Central Hospital
  • Pineo Medical Ecosystem.
  • Republican Hospitals in Georgia are also partnering in the successful delivery of undergraduate medical programmes of Eastern European University.

EEU, Georgia student learning

The semesters and academic year

The academic year is divided into two semesters – autumn and spring.

    • Each semester includes auditory courses, intermediate and final exams. The duration of each semester is 19 weeks.
    • Every 8th and 9th week, intermediary exams are held.
    • The completion of Auditory Studies enables us to start preparing for the examinations.

Tuition fees and cost of accommodation

The cost of education for a medical degree is relatively low in Georgia, especially in East European University, compared with the other countries. The tuition fees here in the EEU consist of the fees for health insurance.

The tuition fees for the MD programme is 5,000 US$

The approximate cost of living in Georgia is 2,000 – 3,000 US$ per year: Accommodation, food, transport, clothing, and other expenses.

EEU Accommodation costs approximately 80-100 USD per month in shared flats!

Tuition fees payment:

Once formally accepted, after assessing your overall qualifications, EEU will ask for a minimum payment to confirm your registration with the admissions department of the University. You may pay 50% of the first-year tuition fees.

The remaining tuition fees of the first year need to pay only after you have received your visa approval from the Georgian Embassy’s consular section for visas.

You will be required to pay the tuition fees per year, from the second year onwards. The tuition fees must be paid before the academic year starts every year; on the 1st of September.

Refund in case of withdrawal: 

Generally, students will be required to withdraw due to a visa application rejection, and that’s too minimal in the case of Georgia.

The fee amount received by the university will be retained if the student has a plan to apply for the next academic year. In case the applicant decides to withdraw then the received payment id is refundable after deducting the bank charges. 

For a refund of the paid partial fees, the student has to apply and a copy of the rejection letter needs to be provided, as a must.

Student support services

EEU campuses have consulting and student support services matching with the international students’ office in many foreign universities. These offices are meant to support the newly arrived international students on the campus. When students come from different countries naturally they bring their own cultures that differ from others. Most of the students will find the host country’s culture of life and business strange and altogether new.

The consulting and support service office in the EEU campus helps international students’ integration in the university campus and the country in general.

The learning process management and continuous education department offered its consultation on various issues on a single-window principle. Students are consulted even individually. The consultation services also cover the academic and organisational side of the medical course.

EEU,Georgia Student Support

Self Governance

Student unions in foreign universities are meant for the welfare and overall development of the members. Being a member of a union brings a lot of benefits. Membership cards sometimes attract ticket-free entry access to various resources, discounts, transport facilities, business establishments, etc.

Student’s Self Governance in EEU works for protecting the rights and interests of the students, especially foreign national students on the EEU campus. It also addresses quality of education and various other closely related issues.¬†

The student’s self Government conducts various activities e.g.; debates, discussions, intellectual games, educational scientific programmes, entertainment and leisure, and cultural activities, sports, etc.

The EEU student’s self Government collaborates with student organisations in Georgia, and engage in communications and meetings with foreign higher education, universities, government, and non Governmental national and international organisations for the overall development of the organisation and its members.¬†

If interested in East European University, to know more or start applying, please contact us here

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