Some might think that nursing is a low-profile job or a low-salary job. 

Do you? 

That is a myth! (it might be possibly true in your home country, but not in Germany) 

The nursing profession has always been one of the best paying professions in Germany. 

Being a nurse gives value to the healthcare industry and gains respect. 

Please take a moment and respect nurses as they deserve it. 

This article looks at the various prospects and benefits of being a nurse in Germany. 

Everything is becoming digital after the pandemic. 

All office team meetings to school exams have come under the electronic roof.

Similarlynts, patient files and history documentation have been fed inside electronically. 

People can access a large amount of history at the tap of a button. 

Even doctor appointments have become like that. 

Even though digitalisation has taken over the world, we can never wholly digitalise nurses’ work!¬†

However modern the technology might become, nurses are required.

That makes nursing one of the best professions in the industry, especially in Germany. 

These electronic gadgets have made life easy. For example, a patient’s life history can be accessed with a tap when the doctor requires it.¬†

If the condition is severe and the concerned doctor needs to be alerted, it can be performed by clicking just a button and sending the alert. 

Below, we will see eight prospects for nurses in Germany.

The employment rate is high for nurses in Germany.The employment rate is high for nurses in Germany. 

Germany has seen a marginal increase in older adults. These senior citizens need more nurses to take care of them. Young and energetic nurses are highly required to care for the ageing population. There are around 40,000 vacancies for nurses in Germany. 

This profession is evergreen as the world will need nurses round the year. This pandemic taught us the importance of nurses globally. Since the health sector is one of the significant sectors in Germany, the nursing profession will be indestructible. 

Nurses are paid exceptionally well in Germany. 

You might think that nurses are paid very low in their home country. But in Germany, nursing is one of the highest-paid professions! The reason is because of the high demand for nurses in that country. 

The starting salary of nurses is around 2880 euros per month. If allowances are included, the salary will be about 3000 euros per month (2,48,212.69 INR). The annual salary will be around 3000 euros per month.  

Good work-life balance

Though nurses will be required to work shifts and sometimes over time, they are given many offs in a month. If they work during holidays and extra hours, they will be compensated with enough off to spend valuable time with their family. 

Work-life balance in Germany for nurses is welcoming. They will have enough time to look after their family and concentrate on their work. Germany offers nurses flexible working hours. 

Attractive allowances for nurses 

Besides their salary, nurses are also paid extra allowances if they work extra hours and on public holidays. Is this hard to believe? Read Allowances for nurses in Germany to have a clear idea about allowances for nurses in Germany. 

Allowances might not be available in your home country, but in Germany, more importance is given to nurses as the health sector is treated with the utmost respect. 

Nursing offers good career growth in GermanyNursing offers good career growth. 

Career growth is essential for the team member to have job satisfaction and stay in that job for long. Nursing in Germany has tremendous growth once you gain experience. The more you learn and experience, the higher your salary with added benefits. 

After five years, the salary will increase to 3235 euros per month (2,67,656.02 INR). Once you have sixteen years of experience, the wage will rise to 3770 euros per month (3,11,920.61 INR). As you gain experience, you will also be promoted to higher posts.  

Nurses will have paid parental leave with job security. 

Maternity leave for six weeks before childbirth is the norm in Germany, which applies to nurses, and they will not lose their job and will also be paid. Childbirth is given more importance in Germany and hence supported with insurance and paid leaves. 

Maternity Protection Act in Germany ensures that women are not discriminated against when applying for a job while being conceived. Instead, employers provide additional protection. 

Varied culture and diversity 

Germany is home to many ethnicities around the world. Germany has a considerable number of immigrants from other parts of Europe. That makes Germany stand out as a varied culture country. 

You will be fortunate to meet new people from different cultures, and you can also travel to many parts of Europe with your paid leaves and witness the culture in those places. 

Ausbildung’s nursing program offers a stipend while training toward becoming a  nurse. 

Ausbildung program is an apprenticeship training in Germany that welcomes people internationally to come and get trained. They pay a monthly stipend to meet their basic expenses while working and learning simultaneously. 

If you want to know more about nursing Ausbildung in Germany, please read How to become a nurse in Germany under the Ausbildung program. 

KCR CONSULTANTS has vast knowledge about Ausbildung nursing training offered in Germany. You don’t need to struggle for admission to a BSc nursing programme in a university in Germany which is quite difficult or next to impossible, while living out of Germany, your home country!¬†

Kindly contact KCR CONSULTANTS now to know more about Study Nursing in Germany. 

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