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Germany is renowned for its strong education system, and for those considering advanced studies in this European gem, then the ESB Business School is a promising destination.

Merging a deep academic journey with an international outlook, ESB embodies the fusion of business and engineering fields.


Establishment & Historical Context

In the arena of German higher education, ESB Business School has been a trendsetter for over 40 year.

Situated in Reutlingen, nestled between Stuttgart’s vibrancy and the picturesque charm of the Swabian Jura, ESB commands significant presence.

The university’s decision to launch one of the first international double degree programs in Germany distinguishes it from others.

With strong foundations in international business administration and engineering, it has solidified its standing for groundbreaking academic approaches and exceptional standards.

Now, being a vital component of Reutlingen University’s five departments, ESB serves as a guiding light for those keen on mastering the intersection of business, technology, and global intricacies.

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Diverse Community

With a dynamic community of more than 2,100 students from 70 different countries and a devoted team of 60 seasoned professors, the school’s diverse atmosphere is unmistakable

Geographical Edge: The Reutlingen Advantage

Reutlingen provides students with a rich blend of historical allure, cultural vibrancy and lively nightlife.

Whether you’re captivated by the picturesque Swabian Jura hills or the lively rhythm of Stuttgart, the city’s prime location promises a fulfilling experience.

Furthermore, its closeness to major global industries and undiscovered gems positions it as a distinct place for study.


Infrastructure & Amenities

The ESB Business School campus is an aesthetic fusion of traditional architectural splendor and modern amenities, featuring:

– Cutting-edge lecture halls and seminar spaces.

– An extensive library, brimming with resources.

– Advanced IT facilities, comprising digital databases and innovative research instruments.

– Comfortable recreational zones and student lounges, fostering relaxation and networking.

The campus also offer the student community various events, workshops, and festivals, fostering a sense of camaraderie and team spirit.

Furthermore, the city of Reutlingen, rich in culture and history, promises a plethora of activities and exploration sites.

The ‚ÄúStudent for a Day‚ÄĚ Experience

Prospective students can avail the unique “Student for a Day” program, an immersive experience that provides firsthand exposure to the institution’s Bachelor’s courses.

This initiative lets participants:

– Explore the vast campus.

– Attend lectures accompanied by a student buddy.

– Engage in enlightening discussions about the program and campus life during a communal lunch.


Foundational & Advanced Courses

ESB Business School stands out due to its comprehensive array of study programs, curated meticulously to align with industry expectations:

The university’s Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MBA programs offer exceptional preparation for professional life and have the potential to significantly enhance your current career trajectory.

One of the most distinguishing features of the university is its broad range of study programs tailored to meet industry requirements.

Here’s a snapshot:

ESB Business School - KCR CONSULTANTS - study for industry standards

Bachelor’s Programs: These are designed for students aiming to gain foundational knowledge in business or engineering. Some of the popular courses include International Business, Business Informatics, and Industrial Engineering.

Master’s Programs: Designed for those seeking advanced knowledge and specialization, the school offers courses like European Management Studies, International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation, and Operations Management.

Executive Education: For professionals in the midst of their careers, ESB offers executive MBA programs and other custom courses designed to refine leadership skills and impart cutting-edge industry knowledge.

Program List

For a succinct overview, here’s a list of some of the core programs available:


  • B.Sc. International Business (IB)
  • B.Sc. International Management Double Degree (IMX)
  • B.Sc. International Industrial Engineering – Operations (IWI)
  • B.Sc. Industrial Engineering – Sustainable Production and Business (SPB)


  • MA European Management Studies (EMS)
  • M.Sc. Digital Industrial Management and Engineering (DIME)
  • M.Sc. Global Management and Digital Competencies (MGM)
  • M.Sc. International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation (IACT)
  • M.Sc. International Business Development (IBD)
  • M.Sc. Operations Management (MOM)
  • M.Sc. Consulting & Business Analytics (CBA) (part-time)
  • M.Sc. International Retail Management (IRM) (part-time)
  • M.Sc. Strategic Sales Management (SSM) (part-time)


  • MBA International Management Full-Time
  • MBA International Management Part-Time
  • MBA International Management. For Officers and Professionals

ESB Business School - KCR CONSULTANTS - global partnership, Internationalization

Embracing Internationalism

A prominent feature of ESB Business School is its global orientation.

This is evident in its vast alliance of over 300 partner universities spread across the world.

The motto “Truly International” resonates across its diverse campus, multifaceted study modules, real-world internships, global study prospects, and collaborative academic ventures.

The presence of students from 70+ countries and globally seasoned faculty and staff enhances its rich cultural tapestry.

This global outreach provides students with:

  • Study Abroad Opportunities: Students can benefit from semester exchanges, dual degrees, and summer schools.
  • Internships: ESB’s connections with multinational corporations ensure students get hands-on experience in global business environments.
  • Language Training: With its multi-cultural backdrop, students have the chance to learn and practice several foreign languages.

Notable Partner Universities

– USA: Kutztown University

– ENGLAND: Aston University

– NETHERLANDS: Avans University of Applied Sciences

– ITALY: Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

– FRANCE: EM Strasbourg Business School

– SPAIN: ESIC Business & Marketing School

– LUXEMBOURG: Luxembourg School of Business

Reasons for a Student Exchange at Esb

Choosing ESB Business School for an exchange program offers benefits such as small, international learning groups, strong support from coordinators and student buddies, and practical career preparation.

Students can network at ESB’s recruiting fairs and through study projects.

The school boasts AACSB accreditation since 2019 and offers instruction in English with German courses for international students.

The conveniently located campus is near Reutlingen’s center, well-connected by bus, and has nearby accommodations and leisure facilities.

Also, Reutlingen, situated in Europe’s heart, offers numerous attractions for sightseeing and excursions.


At ESB Business School, interdisciplinary research is conducted within the confines of the Training and Research Centre and the Research Centres.

Spanning a range of subjects from strategy to controlling and from organization to logistics, these research disciplines represent the diverse endeavors undertaken by all researchers associated with ESB Business School.

ESB Business School - KCR CONSULTANTS - reserch

The institution boasts numerous collaborations with both national and international scientific partners.

Its affiliations with various companies and a slew of forward-looking publications further bolster its research prowess.

Additionally, the presence of prestigious third-party funded projects underscores ESB Business School’s strength and prominence in the realm of research.

Featured Research Endeavors

Several groundbreaking projects, such as ACTION, FIDEST, and Exo4LogiProd, are testimonies to ESB’s commitment to fostering innovation and addressing real-world challenges.


The ACTION project allows for interactive modeling of complex processes using chatbots.

Participants collaboratively describe processes in natural language, while smart chatbots replicate IT system roles.

As processes are defined, ACTION provides real-time visual representations, conducts feasibility analyses, and suggests improvements.

It monitors implementations, identifying bottlenecks and deviations and ensuring optimal workflow.


The FIDEST project develops a framework for designing secure distributed applications.

Users intuitively model applications, and an automated framework is generated, incorporating decentralized security technologies.

FIDEST aids developers in IT security, addressing performance, costs, and potential attack scenarios without being tied to specific providers or manufacturers.


The Exo4LogiProd project aims to adapt exoskeletons for ergonomically challenging SME workplaces, preventing employee injuries and ensuring efficiency.

It involves analyzing demanding tasks, simulating workplaces, and using digital tools to recommend exoskeleton modifications. Adaptations are tested and validated in research settings.

Facilitating Career Success

One of the hallmarks of ESB is its commitment to student success post-graduation.

The university offers career services as it has partnered with many companies.

The dedicated Career Center offers:

– Ample internship and job prospects via its corporate network.

– Skill-enhancing workshops and training sessions.

– Networking events bridging students with industry stalwarts and alumni.


In the realm of business and engineering education, ESB Business School is synonymous with excellence.

The institution not only equips its students with job competencies but also enriches them with a global outlook and leadership traits.

At ESB, the journey is transformative, sculpting students into influential professionals on the global stage.

If you’re seeking more than a mere degree, ESB Business School beckons as the pinnacle of global education.

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