Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg (EH Freiburg), also called the Evangelical University of Freiburg and Protestant University of Applied Sciences Freiburg, is an academic institution that transcends the boundaries of conventional education.

The university has been for over 100 years.

Rooted in a rich history and guided by a profound commitment to Christian ethics, this university has become a symbol of holistic learning and personal growth.

As you continue reading, you will delve into its origins, its mission and its role in shaping the minds and values of its students.

Beyond being just a center of higher learning, EH Freiburg represents a unique approach to education, where the pursuit of knowledge is inseparable from the development of character and a deeper understanding of the world.

A Glimpse into the Past: A Trailblazing Legacy

The university’s journey began over a century ago when it was founded as the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Freiburg.

In 1918, this visionary institution took its first steps, offering a vocational school exclusively for women pursuing religious and social work.

The inaugural class was composed of 12 pioneering women aged 20 to 42.

A significant turning point occurred in 1956 when EH Freiburg opened its doors to six men, further diversifying its student body and solidifying its legacy as a trailblazer in education.


The university aims to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable, democratic society that upholds human dignity both locally and globally.

The university embodies a reformatory approach to education, emphasizing responsible maturity and active participation.

It views education as a collaborative process, fostering skill development, personal responsibility and solidarity.

While it operates within the public education system, it also fulfills the church’s educational mission, addressing societal challenges and promoting freedom of research and teaching.


ThŠµ EvangŠµlical UnivŠµrsity of FrŠµiburg opŠµratŠµs with a sŠµt of kŠµy objŠµctivŠµs:

AcadŠµmic Qualifications: ThŠµ univŠµrsity offŠµrs bachŠµlor’s and mastŠµr’s lŠµvŠµl acadŠµmic qualifications, combining thŠµorŠµtical and Šµmpirical rŠµsŠµarch with practical application.

Promoting TalŠµnt: It supports young sciŠµntists, including doctoral candidatŠµs and offŠµrs lifŠµlong lŠµarning opportunitiŠµs for graduatŠµs in social and Šµducational fiŠµlds.

CoopŠµration and NŠµtworking: ThŠµ univŠµrsity collaboratŠµs locally, nationally and intŠµrnationally in tŠµaching, rŠµsŠµarch and furthŠµr Šµducation with univŠµrsitiŠµs, rŠµsŠµarch institutions and partnŠµrs in various sŠµctors.

RŠµligions and WorldviŠµws: It ŠµxplorŠµs rŠµligions and worldviŠµws as lŠµnsŠµs shaping profŠµssional and spiritual actions, fostŠµring sŠµlf-rŠµflŠµction and practicŠµ.

DivŠµrsity and Equal OpportunitiŠµs: EH FrŠµiburg valuŠµs divŠµrsity, promoting Šµqual opportunitiŠµs and addrŠµssing prŠµjudicŠµs and discrimination basŠµd on nationality, Šµthnicity, abilitiŠµs, gŠµndŠµr and morŠµ.

Sustainability: CommittŠµd to sustainablŠµ dŠµvŠµlopmŠµnt, it ŠµncouragŠµs mŠµmbŠµrs to ŠµngagŠµ in global discussions on livŠµlihoods and social justicŠµ.

IntŠµrnationalization: IntŠµrnationalization is fundamŠµntal, Šµnhancing thŠµ ability of mŠµmbŠµrs to opŠµratŠµ in intŠµrnational contŠµxts through collaborations and mobility programs.

TransparŠµnt Organization: EH FrŠµiburg ŠµmphasizŠµs transparŠµncy, clŠµar structurŠµs and participation, promoting pŠµrsonal rŠµsponsibility and trust among all stakŠµholdŠµrs.

HŠµalth: It dŠµsigns working conditions to support hŠµalth maintŠµnancŠµ.

ValuŠµs and Visions: ThŠµ univŠµrsity cŠµlŠµbratŠµs valuŠµs and visions through church sŠµrvicŠµs, fŠµstivals and artistic ŠµvŠµnts, fostŠµring a sŠµnsŠµ of togŠµthŠµrnŠµss and sharŠµd goals among its divŠµrsŠµ mŠµmbŠµrs.Ā 



EH Freiburg offers an array of academic programs spanning undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels.

It is particularly renowned for its programs in social work, theology and education.

The university’s faculty consists of dedicated experts who are not only passionate about their fields but also deeply committed to nurturing the intellectual and spiritual growth of their students.

The degree programs are,

  • Social Work (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Religious Education / Community Diakonia (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Childhood Education (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Social Work (Master of Arts)
  • Religious Education (Master of Arts)
  • Peace Education (Master of Arts)
  • Education and upbringing in childhood (Master of Arts)
  • Social Management (Master of Arts)

Further Training / Continuing Education: Lifelong Learning Opportunities

In addition to traditional degree programs, EH Freiburg offers a wide range of continuing education programs, including advanced master’s degree programs on a part-time basis.

These programs are designed to support professional development and lifelong learning.

Topics range from social management to supervision and coaching, reflecting the diverse interests and needs of the student body.

The programs are,

Advanced master’s degree programs, part-time

  • Social Management (Master of Arts)
  • Supervision and Coaching (Master of Arts)

Peace Policy University discussions

  • Peace Institute Freiburg

Further training courses in childhood education

  • Early Childhood Education Network QuiKK
  • Childhood education / child and youth research
  • Daycare profile language

Further training on other topics

  • Predicant service
  • Palliative care pediatrics


The Evangelical University of Freiburg places internationalization at the core of its educational mission.

It actively cultivates the ability of its members, including students, faculty and staff, to engage in international research, teaching and practical contexts through sustainable collaborations.

The university fosters a culture of participation in shaping its internationalization strategy.

It encourages exchange programs, offers top-rated support for students studying abroad and hosts International Talks to enhance global perspectives.

Recognizing the value of international experiences, the university aims to prepare graduates with essential skills for the global job market, emphasizing language, social and communication proficiencies.

International Office and Senate Committee

The International Office serves as a hub for internationalization and is directly affiliated with the Rector’s office.

Meanwhile, the Senate Committee on Internationalization and International Relations, inclusive of student representatives, actively shapes the university’s global engagement.

Global Collaborations

The Evangelical University of Freiburg fosters international ties for teaching and research, partnering with regional universities like Basel, Mulhouse and Strasbourg and maintaining connections with institutions in Europe and worldwide.

Global Collaborations: Connecting with the World

EH Freiburg proudly welcomes students from around the world, creating a truly international community.

The university offers numerous exchange programs and partnerships with institutions worldwide, enabling students to study abroad and broaden their horizons.

Some of the partner universities are,

  • Brazil’s University of the Amazon
  • France’s European Higher School of Social Intervention (ESEIS)
  • Austria’s FH Campus Vienna (Department of Social Affairs)
  • Switzerland’s University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
  • Czech Republic’s Charles University Prague

Internationalization in teaching: Offers for students

The following features are offered by the university,

International Mobility: Encourages student, lecturer and staff mobility; “international@home” for non-mobile students and foreign guest lecturers.

International Talks: Regular online discussions on global issues; open to external participants; fosters global awareness.

RECOS Trinational Cooperation: Trinational cooperation for social work, mutual degree recognition and job opportunities in neighboring countries.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (International Profile): Specialization in international social work; enhances global understanding; fosters intercultural competence.

Language Skills: Supports foreign language proficiency; offers language courses and subsidies for tests.

Study Abroad Opportunities: Promotes study abroad with scholarships, extensive partner network, excellent support and recognition for achievements.

International Week: Supported by Erasmus+ and EH Freiburg’s International Office, teachers, administrative staff and social work students joined Utrecht’s International Week. It aims to establish annual mutual study trips.



The university actively engages in a wide array of research projects that address pressing societal issues and contribute significantly to academic discourse.

Faculty members and students collaborate on research endeavors that span various disciplines, thus promoting innovative solutions and advancements in their respective fields.

Research Profile

Diverse and Outstanding Research

EH Freiburg prioritizes research as a means to critically examine current technical and political issues. The university’s research strength is evident in both third-party funded projects and scholarly publications by faculty and research staff.

Enhancing Teaching Quality

Research activities by faculty play a pivotal role in improving the quality and relevance of teaching and further training. The institution’s programs were recognized for their “strong research basis” during the 2014 institutional reaccreditation by the Science Council.

Affiliated Research Institutes

The university has a long-standing tradition of research conducted in affiliated institutes, such as FIVE, which has been a hub for practical research since 1984. Additionally, professors conduct independent research projects.

InstitutŠµ for AppliŠµd RŠµsŠµarch

In SŠµptŠµmbŠµr 2022, EH FrŠµiburg launchŠµd thŠµ InstitutŠµ for AppliŠµd RŠµsŠµarch (IAF), including thŠµ CŠµntŠµr for Child and Youth RŠµsŠµarch (ZfKJ). ThŠµ IAF is undŠµr thŠµ lŠµadŠµrship of VicŠµ RŠµctor for RŠµsŠµarch and TransfŠµr, Fabian Frank.Ā 

IntŠµrdisciplinary rŠµsŠµarch focusŠµs

ThŠµ following arŠµ thŠµ rŠµsŠµarch focusŠµs,

GŠµndŠµr StudiŠµs:

GŠµndŠµr StudiŠµs at EH FrŠµiburg is lŠµd by distinguishŠµd profŠµssors in sociology and political sciŠµncŠµ, supportŠµd by a dŠµdicatŠµd rŠµsŠµarch tŠµam that includŠµs ŠµxpŠµrts in sociology, social pŠµdagogy, dŠµmography and biology.

PŠµdagogy of Childhood / Childhood PŠµdagogy:

ThŠµ focus on PŠµdagogy of Childhood / Childhood PŠµdagogy bŠµnŠµfits from thŠµ lŠµadŠµrship of prominŠµnt profŠµssors in thŠµ fiŠµld and a rŠµsŠµarch tŠµam comprising spŠµcialists in Šµducational sciŠµncŠµ, psychology and childhood pŠµdagogy.Ā 



Modern Infrastructure and Amenities

The EH Freiburg has a state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, cutting-edge laboratories and a comprehensive library boasting an extensive collection of academic resources.

Beyond academics, the campus features serene gardens and communal areas that encourage relaxation, reflection and socialization.

A Green Commitment

EH Freiburg is deeply committed to sustainability, evident in its eco-friendly campus practices.

The university strives to create an environment that reflects its values of responsible stewardship of the Earth.

From energy-efficient buildings to recycling initiatives, EH Freiburg’s green initiatives are a testament to its dedication to both academic excellence and environmental responsibility.


A Community of Support and Growth

Student life at EH Freiburg is characterized by vibrancy and diversity.

The university places a strong emphasis on holistic education, focusing not only on academic achievements but also on personal growth and well-being.

Various student clubs and organizations cater to a wide range of interests, from cultural and artistic pursuits to sports and community service.

Building Lasting Connections

The close-knit community at EH Freiburg fosters strong bonds among students.

This sense of community creates a supportive environment for learning and personal development.

Whether through extracurricular activities or student-run initiatives, EH Freiburg encourages students to engage with their peers and the broader community, forming lasting connections that extend far beyond their time at the university.


Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg stands as a witness to the harmonious convergence of faith, ethics and academic excellence.

Its rich history, diverse academic offerings and vibrant campus life make it a top choice for individuals seeking a transformative and holistic higher education experience.

Evangelical University of Freiburg’s dedication to research, internationalization and community building ensures that its graduates are not only well-prepared to excel in their careers but also to make a positive impact on society, both nationally and globally.

As you consider your academic journey, exploring EH Freiburg is an opportunity not to be missed.

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