Indian education is slowly catching up to world standards. As education is developing, the monetary fees are also increasing. It is almost impossible to find a university or a school that offers free education in India.

India’s huge population is the main factor in this problem. Providing free education to a densely populated country that ranks second in the world (next to China) is difficult and complex.

Indian teachers are struggling to pass the Teacher Eligibility Tests held in India. More than half of primary students find it difficult to solve math problems.

Considering all these things, students need free education without affecting the quality.

But does Free Education abroad in World Ranking Universities exist? Is it real or just a myth?

Kindly read this full article to find the answer to those questions.

Let me break it down for you using the commonly used questionable words.

Keep reading!

What is free education?

 UNESCO states free education as “Free education refers to the years or grades during which children and young people are entitled to an education which is free of tuition fees.”

Wikipedia explains free education “Free education is education funded through government spending or charitable organisations rather than tuition funding.

In simple terms, free education provides quality education to a student by charging no fees.

Why free education?

Not every pupil is born with a silver spoon. Sometimes, it’s aluminium, stainless steel, iron, and even wood at some points (in worse cases, just hands).

This is the diversity of humanity. The truth about life is that it’s not fair to everyone.

But education is a must for everyone, irrespective of any factor. Education comes with equality.

The generation that we live in is completely going toward AI (Artificial Intelligence) and virtual reality. Only an educated person can understand the advancements and merge with society.

So, the question should be, “why not free education for all?

Don’t we live in a democratic country?

We should have the freedom to receive free education for those who cannot afford it but are capable physically and mentally. 

Who gives free education? 

You can study abroad where many countries offer free college education.

What countries have a free college education?


 To name a few;

  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • The Czech Republic
  • Austria
  • Greece
  • France
  • Belgium and many more.

When can one receive free education?

If a student yearns to study well and excel in studies but is not financially stable to meet their study needs, that’s when the doors of free education open. Free education will fulfil the dream of those aspiring students and open doors of exciting opportunities.

If the student has received very good marks in high school and has bigger aims and goals, many countries are ready to support these deserving, talented, and hardworking students by offering them free education. 

Are you a student who performs well in school and wants to pursue higher studies, but the barrier in front of you is finance?

Worry not. Good-hearted people in this world have created a door for students like you. 

How can I get a free education? 

Welcome to KCR CONSULTANTS. They are pioneers with more than two decades of experience in this area, and they will guide you throughout the process of getting a free education for your preferred course, university, and country. 

Did I answer your question from my above-detailed description of free education in Germany? 

Please read our article about How to study in Germany for free to have an idea about free education in Germany. 

Now you know if Free Education abroad in World Ranking Universities is real or a myth. 

You seem convinced and happy knowing that free education exists.

Why wait? Come to KCR CONSULTANTS, and they will assist you through the documentation process. It will be as smooth as a boat on a gentle river.

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