German Student Visa Appointment Chennai – A Process Guide

The German Visa application and appointment process in Chennai

Could you read on for the latest changes in the jurisdiction of the Consulate general’s office in Chennai as of November 2022?

Only those who have lived in Tamil NńĀdu, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh for the last six months will qualify to apply to the consulate in Chennai or the VFS centres in the jurisdiction for a visa to study in Germany.

Applying directly to the VFS centre

One can avoid waiting for a visa appointment slot at the consulate by applying directly to one of the VFS visa centres. 

To qualify for this, one should be holding an unconditional letter of admission from a German university to pursue a;

  • Post-Doctorate Degree
  • Doctoral Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Any degree (Recipient of a full scholarship from a German academic institution)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (holding a Test AS- pass certificate of 100 or more points).
  • Bachelor’s Degree (those who obtained 90 % or better in the school leaving certificate exam)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (obtained 90% marks in HSC)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (HSC with 90% marks) + (holding conditional admission letter from a German university, but the admission letter does not ask for any language proficiency to be shown or to pass any exam)

So that you know, you should not think applying directly to the VFS office is an opportunity to skip a visa interview!

This is not true; you may still be contacted by the consulate’s visa office while processing your application through phone, email or even call for an in-person interview.¬†

German student visa appointment Chennai


Applying to the consulate for a German student visa in Chennai

If you do not belong to any of the above categories must apply only to the German consulate.

¬†For example, if you intend to pursue a Bachelor’s study and your studies in Germany will start with a preparatory programme including a language course, you must submit your application directly at the German consulate.

According to the German consulate in Chennai, you will need to contact the VFS office to schedule an appointment at the consulate.

How to make sure an admission is conditional or unconditional?

Suppose the admission letter from a German university refers to passing any exam or needing to show a certain level of language proficiency before enrolment. In that case, the university letter will be considered conditional admission.

It will not be considered conditional if the university admission letter refers to the following;

submit some documents like proof of final Degree,  

some missing credit points, 

provide evidence for an A1 or A2 German level test passed certificates before registering for the thesis last year or until the end of the second semester of the course at a German university. 

Visa fees and other charges

  • While applying directly to the VFS centre, one can pay by cash/credit card/debit card. It costs Rs. 6000/- visa fees and Rs. 804 for the logistic charges.¬†
  • Those who apply to the consulate should pay the fees as a demand draft for the amount equalling 75.EUR.¬†

Please check the exact amount the previous working day before making the demand draft. The demand draft should be made for the precise amount and ‘payable in Chennai’ to avoid last-minute inconveniences to yourself and the visa office of the consulate.

German student visa appointment

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