Hotel jobs in Germany for Indians

Hotel Jobs in Germany for Indians:For Dip-in HM/ Graduates and 12th passed alike

Germany is one of the best countries especially for citizens from countries like India who wish to work in a foreign country. Qualified professionals, highly skilled, and skilled workers were always welcomed to Germany!

For some time, Germany has been facing a skills shortage of approx 3 million skilled workers as Germany’s immigration law was not that welcoming to non-EU citizens to migrate and work directly. 

The job market has opened up with many opportunities to foreign citizens now, after the new Act in favour has been announced in Mar 2020!

The shortage is not in any one sector, but across the sectors, industries, and business 

Qualified people are a must for better production, providing good services, and conducting the overall business well. In Germany, there is an acute shortage across the sectors and industries, and no exception, as per the study results revealed in early 2020.

Old sign hotel at the street

Let’s look at the Hotel Jobs in Germany;

Hotel Jobs in Germany for Indians, and other similar non-EU citizens!

Germany has various job opportunities for qualified workers – hotel management and culinary arts graduates who have a diploma or a degree in their respective field of studies. 

Hotel Jobs in Germany and their average salary as listed below:

●  Hotel Receptionist – €22k
●  Waiter/Waitress- €24k
●  Hotel Manager- €53k
●  Executive Chef- €50k
●  Receptionist- €18k
●  Restaurant Manager-€38k
●  Hotel Manager- €77k
●  Chef- €44k

Foreign educated hotel management graduates who are below 45 years are qualified to apply for a resident permit that permits them to work as per the current immigration law. As mentioned above, there is an acute shortage in housekeeping, reception, kitchen, and overall management in the hotel and restaurant sectors across the country. The one who is identified as a skilled worker in any of the above said fields of work by a registered employer in Germany will be able to apply for a visa under the skilled category as per the skilled immigration act, 

It is easier now, for non-EU citizens to get visa approval, provided all the minimum requirements are met.

Skilled Immigration Act

The Skilled Immigration Act is a new law that favors non-EU citizens that include Indians who are qualified professionals and skilled workers wishing to migrate and work in companies in Germany. The Act in other terms increases the possibilities of getting a German resident visa permitting to live and work in Germany.

Remember, like in any other job market, getting a job offer from an employer should not be taken lightly thinking Germany needs more people to work! 

An employer is an employer at last. They look for people having the required skills that match with the skill set required for the job specified and that includes communication skills as well, and very importantly in a hotel management job.

Work experience makes a lot of difference in the interview and selection process of a new employee. Work experience is taken as exposure to the industry. In other words, people sometimes learn more at work than what they could learn from schools!

A couple of years of work experience can change the whole personality of the applicant, and the work culture of a person. German employers always look for at least a couple of years of work experience in the same field, and in a business that has the same nature of work.

So, your previous work experience could be one of the most important factors which may influence the decision making process of an employer.

Chef at work

Fast-track procedure for skilled workers

If you have already found a job in Germany, and if you think about the visa process and the time was taken is not matching with the commencement date of the new job then you may ask your employer to submit an application to fast track the procedure in Germany and get an approval in advance from the immigration department.

It costs an employer 411 euros as a fee, which is apart from the fee for the recognition of your degree or diploma.

After you receive your advance approval from your employer, you can request an appointment to lodge your visa application at a German consulate near your hometown. The visa application appointment is granted generally in three weeks. You will be required to pay a visa fee of 75 euros and that is to be paid in your local currency.

Foreign qualification recognition:

Before applying for a work visa or a resident visa with full-time work rights, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Your degree or diploma has been officially recognised in Germany.
  • You have a job offer from a registered employer in Germany, accompanied by a contract.
  • You have achieved the required language skills in German.

The German embassy/consulate will only accept your application if you have fulfilled all the said requirements.

How to get Hotel Jobs in Germany if you don’t have a hotel management degree or a diploma?

If you are not a hotel management graduate but still want a hotel job in Germany, not to worry, there is an option.

You can now choose Ausbildung, apprenticeship training in English – you will be helped develop skills and also trained in the programme, eventually to qualify for a hotel job!

A caucasian male chef teaching a cooking class, multi ethnic group.

What is Ausbildung in Germany?

It could also be called vocational training. Ausbildung is an occupational-related education in which you will be getting trained in a particular occupation while on a work placement. For instance, if you want to work in a hotel but you don’t have the skills needed for hotel jobs, then you may choose vocational training / Ausbildung in a Hotel. You will have a work placement for at least 70% of the programme, and the remaining 30% for attending skill training classes at an institution or the training division of the same employer.

In other words, you will be studying and working simultaneously in an Ausbildung programme. To make it more beneficial and attractive you will be receiving a monthly stipend from the participating employer as the Ausbildung programme is Government controlled.

You can work as a waiter, in housekeeping and other management areas to get ahead in your career in the future. Like in any vocational programme, anywhere in the world, you have to attend and pass an examination to qualify for a certificate of vocational qualification which is recognised by the German state Governments and employers all over the country. In addition to this, the certificate is accepted in other European Union countries as well.

Ausbildung is a combination of practice and theory from which you will earn and learn, and eventually qualify for jobs in the same occupation in which you got the training.

Benefits of Ausbildung in Germany

There are many benefits for people who are from the non-academic profession:

  • You will gain a broad vocational education.
  • You can study and work simultaneously.
  • You can obtain professional experience.
  • You can earn a stipend or salary while studying.

Structure of Ausbildung in Germany

The structure of the Ausbildung that is referred to here is students spend 1-2 days a week in a skill training school and 3-4 days at work. There is also a block system where they attend school for some months and then work for the other months.

Stipend while attending vocational training

A stipend is offered while attending vocational training / Ausbildung in any occupation or trade in Germany including hotel management; the minimum stipend fixed in Ausbildung is €600 per month, but it varies as per the nature of work or occupation chosen by the student to get trained.

The minimum amount of monthly stipend in hotel management and culinary arts based Ausbildung is 800.EUR whereas, in health care & nursing it could be anything between 800 and 1400.EUR.

The stipend you receive while training increases every year.

“Ausbildung is the way of working towards to achieve a qualification in Germany without going to a university”.

Salary after Ausbildung

After you complete your training and graduate with a vocational qualification, you will be identified as qualified in your occupation/profession/trade and able to earn a good amount of salary per month while working. The average salary after the Ausbildung program is €2000 per month.

Work Conditions in Germany

Germany is an excellent place to work. Germany is very prosperous in maintaining a work-life balance due to its outlook towards work and its interest in social cohesion and civic management.

Germany has a reputation for hard work and efficiency as well!

According to  General Equal Treatment Act, disabled workers have the right to work irrespective of discrimination of sexual orientation, color, religion, authenticity, or ideology.

Working Hours

Germany has an average of 38 hours per week. According to German law, you can work a maximum of 40 hours per week-eight hours from Monday to Friday. In exceptional cases, working hours can be extended to forty eight sixty hours of course with due compensations. 

Working times in Germany are flexible with regular breaks.


Germany provides a pension when you retire from your work. Pension contributions are deducted from all workers in Germany as a social security system, which also involves nursing care, health, accident insurance, and unemployment.

Settlement Conditions in Germany

Germany’s settlement conditions are excellent. 

Want to settle in Germany permanently? 

Like any other university graduate, you should apply for a P.R. After working for two years, that is after completing the Ausbildungsprogramme.

If you are migrating for a job in Germany directly from your home country then you will be required to work for at least 4 years to qualify to apply for a P.R. visa in Germany as per the current immigration law.


Getting a work visa was difficult before, but the skilled immigration act and also the Ausbildung Program in Germany have made it easier for non-EU citizens who wish to find work and settle in Germany. Germany has many unfilled positions in various sectors, so you can take advantage of it and grab this opportunity now in case that’s what you have been waiting for or looking for!

About wages, a hotel manager earns 15 EUR per hour, a waiter earns 8.88 EUR, and a receptionist 22 EUR per hour in Germany. 

Not to worry if you are not a graduate or a diploma holder. The Ausbildung program can train you and prepare you for a job in Germany!

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6 thoughts on “Hotel jobs in Germany for Indians”

  1. Avatar of Raghavendra b

    I had done degree in BHM,and experience in cruise ships and abroad.currently looking for a job in Germany or ausbildung program.please suggest me about the process.

  2. Avatar of Sharanya Mehta

    Good Morning
    My name is Sharanya Mehta from India I have done Bacholre in Business Administration in Hotel Management and Culinary Management From Goa University . With 4 year 6 month experiance in front office. Looking for a job in front office

    Thanks and Regards

    Sharanya Mehta

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Sharanya Mehta,

      Your qualifications, BBA in Hotel Management and Culinary Management with four years of work experience
      in the front office of a hotel, are suitable for applying for a job directly in Germany. Provided you learn the German language and achieve a B1/B2 level.
      Please scan all your qualifications and forward them to [email protected] for a preliminary assessment.

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