How to Study MS in Germany for Free?

How to Study MS in Germany for free?

 Many students do not want to stop with a bachelor’s degree. They want to be more than an undergraduate. They are eager to know more about the field they studied in their bachelor’s. 

You can see a 🔥 burning inside them, which cannot be put out until they become satisfied with the level they reach. 

Are you one of them? 

That’s great! Welcome aboard! 😊 

You have come to the right place. Let me guide you and answer all your possible questions so that I will clear you of your doubts by this article’s end. 

You can study MS in Germany for free. It is no more a complex phrase. Germany has opened their gates and hearts to all international students to come and pursue their passion in one of its public universities for free. 

Passionate and hardworking students can to Germany and fulfil their dreams of studying in one of the best universities and sitting in their dream job.

Eligibility to study MS in Germany for free

 The first qualification to study MS in Germany for free is that the student should possess a minimum of 50% in a bachelor’s degree. 

Do you have 50% average marks or more in your bachelor’s degree? 

Great! We crossed the first hurdle. 

Do you have work experience in your related area of expertise? 

Many MS programmes in German universities will need some work experience before enrolling, especially in the most well-known and sought-after technical and business programmes, to help you through the various stages of your journey. 

Many programmes will even need you to work, whether an internship in a German workplace or a semester-long part-time job and academic studies.

Study in Germany - KCR ConsultantsWhen is the best time to study MS in Germany for free? 

Germany has two intakes. One is a summer intake, and the other is a winter intake. 

The summer intake usually happens in April.

 The winter intake occurs in October.

 Most students do not prefer the summer intake as it’s not that big, and many courses are unavailable for the summer intake.

 Winter intake is central in German public universities; you may plan likewise.

 It would help if you were smart enough to start processing your applications early as possible, as some universities will close their admissions (stop accepting applications) a couple of months before.

How much GPA do I need to study MS in Germany for free?

 German public universities generally require a minimum grade of 5.0 for your bachelor’s degree.

 Check the first requirement if you have fulfilled it.

 You will have more opportunities and possibilities to choose your desired course if you know the German language at least at the primary level or are ready to learn the language.

 According to German universities, its admissions procedure is fair. That mostly depends on the GPA attained in the bachelor’s degree for admissions to the MS courses.

Motivational study abroad quotes in TamilCan I study MS in Germany for free in English?

 You can study MS in Germany for free in English if you want.

 However, there aren’t as many programmes taught in English as German courses, so it’s competitive.

 Here, only three to four students from a nation like India will be accepted for a given course per batch because many students from around the world apply to German institutions to pursue their MS, particularly in the English language of instruction.

As a result, they admit the top three or four students with the highest GPAs!

GPAs of 8.0 and higher typically have greater chances. However, several students with CGPAs of 8.5 were denied admission to MS-level mechanical engineering courses taught in English in previous intakes.

That must be heart-breaking!

To get into the ideal university that fits you well in all aspects, it would assist if you were wise and intelligent.

 However, a 5.0 GPA is sufficient to apply for a Mechanical Engineering programme at any German university that is taught in German!

Availability of competitive courses to study MS in Germany for free

Some programs—the number of applications, for example, MS in Physics, Environmental Engineering, etc.—are not particularly competitive.

So, even students with GPAs of 6.5 and above can enrol in these English-taught programmes.

A 6.5 CGPA in the bachelor’s degree in a four-year Computer Science / I.T. can be admitted for the MS in Computer Science, taught in English.

Miscellaneous expenses while studying MS in Germany for free.

 The majority of German public institutions do not charge tuition, but students still need to have money to cover their living expenses.

 According to German immigration, a good stay requires €861 per month. In major cities, and that is true.

 As a result, when requesting a visa, German consulates want confirmation of a blocked account for €10,332 (861X12 months).

 However, people who live in second or third-tier cities can maintain their living at  €400–€500 per month.


 You have a proposition on how to study MS in Germany for free.

 If you want to know more about free education in Germany, kindly read our article about How to study in Germany for free.

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KCR CONSULTANTS will take over. You can relax with your hands on your head and crossed legs!

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