Is German Medical PG valid in the UK? An Overview!

Introduction on ‘Is German Medical PG valid in the UK?

A common question arises for medical professionals considering pursuing postgraduate studies in Germany; are German medical postgraduate qualifications valid in the United Kingdom (UK)? 

Let’s explore the validity of German medical postgraduate qualifications in the UK, shedding light on the recognition process, regulatory requirements, and considerations for doctors looking to practice medicine in the UK after completing their postgraduate studies in Germany.

General Medical Council (GMC) Registration

The GMC is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing medical practice in the UK. 

Is German Medical PG valid in the UK? An Overview! 

All Doctors, including those with international qualifications, must register with the GMC to work in the UK. The GMC assesses international medical graduates’ capabilities, knowledge, and skills to ensure they meet the necessary UK medical practice standards.

Recognition of German Medical Postgraduate Qualifications in the UK

German medical postgraduates or German medical specialists’ medical PG qualifications are generally recognised in the UK, and many doctors with German qualifications have successfully obtained GMC registration.

The GMC considers qualifications from other European Economic Area (EEA) countries, including Germany, through a process called “European Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications” or “General Systems of Recognition.” This process facilitates the recognition of medical qualifications obtained within the EEA.

GMC Registration Process for Doctors with German PG Medical Qualifications

Doctors with German medical postgraduate qualifications who wish to practice in the UK must undergo the GMC registration process, which typically involves the following steps;

Is German Medical PG valid in the UK? An Overview!


Apply to the GMC, providing details of your medical qualifications, training, and professional experience.


The GMC will assess your qualifications and determine if they meet the required UK medical practice standards. 

Additional Assessments

Depending on the GMC’s assessment, additional assessments may be required to demonstrate competence, such as the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test or the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

Registration and Licensing

Upon completing the assessments, doctors holding German PG will be granted GMC registration and a license to practice medicine in the UK.

Considerations and Individual Circumstances

While German medical postgraduate qualifications are generally recognised in the UK, it is essential to note that individual circumstances may vary

The GMC considers many factors, such as the nature and duration of the postgraduate qualification, the specific medical speciality, and the doctor’s overall competence. Some doctors may need to undertake further training or demonstrate specific competencies to fulfil the GMC’s requirements for registration.

Conclusion on ‘Is German medical PG valid in the UK?’

German medical postgraduate qualifications are generally recognised and considered valid in the UK.

Is German Medical PG valid in the UK? An Overview!

However, doctors with German qualifications must undergo the GMC registration process to practice medicine in the UK.

The GMC carefully assesses the qualifications and skills of international medical graduates to ensure they meet the required standards.

Doctors with German qualifications must familiarise themselves with the GMC registration process and be prepared to fulfil any additional assessments or requirements to obtain GMC registration.

By following the appropriate procedures and meeting the necessary criteria, doctors with German medical postgraduate qualifications can pursue a fulfilling medical career in the UK.

That makes it worth enough to migrate to Germany, enrol in the Doctors’ programme, prepare with academic German language medical German language, sit the FSP test, pass and qualify for a provisional license.

Start working under the supervision of qualified and registered doctors in a German hospital for one to two years.

Use the opportunity to be exposed to German hospital settings and clinical; practice, prepare to sit the Approbation examination, pass and apply for an approbation and get registered in  Germany as a licensed medical doctor.

Continue practising independently in a German hospital or apply for a residency at a hospital where you find the speciality in which you like to be trained to become a specialist!

Is German Medical PG valid in the UK? An Overview!

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