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Masters in Computer Science in Germany - KCR CONSULTANTS.

Introduction – Masters in Computer Science in Germany 

Germany is known for their free education (Free Education in Germany) in its public universities funded by the government.

A degree received from a German university is valid worldwide!

Many aspiring people like you have successfully made it to Germany and made their dream come true.

Albert Einstein (14-03-1879 to 18-04-1955) was from Ulm in Germany. 

Masters in Computer Science - QuoteWhy study in Germany for a master’s in computer science?

  • There are over one hundred major software companies (like Anydesk, Nero AG, Teamviewer, SAP, Lufthansa Systems, Avira, Eleks, etc.) in Germany, so your chances of getting a job in your field are pretty high.
  • Germany is rich in culture and passion.
  • You can become eligible for a PR once you complete your course in Germany and have two years of work experience in that country.  
  • You can study in Germany for free in all its publicly funded German universities!

Requirements to study for master of computer science in Germany

  • You can study master’s in computer science in Germany if you have a related bachelor’s field of study (for example, a B.E. in computer science, BCA, bachelor’s in IT, software engineering, Electronics & Communication etc.).
  • You require a language proficiency certificate in English if you are going for an English-medium course. 
  • If you choose a German-medium course, you can learn German in Germany, achieve the required level, and meet the admission conditions.
  • It is a bonus if you have work experience. 

Public university in GermanyDo I need to study the German language for a Germany master’s in computer science?

Most German universities may require a German fluency certificate for studying master’s in Germany.

If you have no idea about studying the German language, you can contact our counsellors, who will set you up with German classes.

They will guide you until you meet your preferred university’s German proficiency requirements.   

Can I study master’s in computer science in English in Germany?

Yes, you can if your bachelor’s degree syllabus meets the credit requirements! 

But you should know that English-taught courses have limited seats. 

If you feel confident with your English language skills, you can come to us and share your documents. Our counsellors will check if you qualify for the requirements to study master’s in computer science in English.

We suggest you learn the German language as Germany is a German-speaking country. 

Can I get a stipend while pursuing a master’s in computer science in Germany?

You will not get a stipend if you want to study master’s in computer science in Germany.

Hold on! You have another option to earn a stipend every month by enrolling in an IT specialist Ausbildung program.

Read here to learn about Ausbildung IT specialists in Germany

Ausbildung is an apprenticeship program (possibly a three-year program) where you can work in a company related to your field (the company will train and teach you about your job), get a monthly stipend, and study in a vocational school simultaneously. 

When can I enter a German university for a computer science masters in Germany?

Usually, there are two intakes in a year for a master’s program: a summer intake (February) and a winter intake (September).

You don’t have to worry about the university intake if you are going to pursue a master’s degree course in medium German. 

As you will start learning the German language course first.

There are multiple intakes for the German language courses, like quarterly, two times a year, once in two months, and even monthly.  


How to study in Germany for free? You know the answer now!

Make your dream of doing a computer science master’s in Germany come alive!

Counsellors at KCR CONSULTANTS will clarify all your doubts about a master’s in computer science in Germany and guide you through all the documentation processes.

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