MBA Abroad

Pursuing an MBA abroad can transform your career in business and management! 

Master’s in Business Administration or MBA.

  • MBA is considered the ticket to a high-end job and a better future. 
  • MBA prepares a student with the complete knowledge and expertise required to be successful in their career.     
  • Whether you are a professional or a fresher, one‚Äôs interest in pursuing an MBA is undoubtedly beneficial to prepare and qualify for a job, or enhance an existing career.

The first query we are addressing today is with relation to the destination you choose to pursue your MBA. 

Is it worth going abroad for an MBA program?

MBA Abroad 

Graduates who have completed their MBA abroad are more attractive to potential employers, jump-starting careers in a variety of industries. Here are several benefits to studying abroad:

Foreign exposure

The exposure you’ll get during the entire duration of the program will be immensely helpful since you are staying in a foreign country and given an opportunity to network on an international level, thereby preparing yourself for a future career.

Pursuing MBA abroad is an opportunity to know about international business, administration and management.

Most of the MBAs offered in foreign countries have an internship or a work placement in a participating local industry or business. 

Here we are referring to a foreign country which has an international work and business culture.

This makes a person internationally qualified for a career in any multicultural organisation and workplace.

The curriculum 

Foreign universities, especially those in industrially developed countries, periodically update the curriculum of their MBA studies. 

The syllabus is developed after various consultations within the faculty members and most importantly with industry and business leaders. 

Business and industrial collaborations are not taken for granted in foreign universities. 

The tie-ups are not used for merely attracting students to enrol on the courses, instead to provide a programme which is always updated as per the current business and industrial requirements. They also offer internships and work placements in the participating companies for real work experience.

Acceptability of foreign MBA degree in the job market

An MBA degree obtained from a university in a foreign country always helps you stand out.  Since education is not just classroom studies, foreign education provides a wide range of exposure and opportunities for overall development of the student.

It influences a person in a positive manner, helping develop their linguistic skills and professional knowledge.

While staying in a foreign country to pursue an MBA, one gets exposed to a new and different living culture, acceptance, and lifestyle. She / He will also encounter a new style of teaching different from their own country.

The student is presented with an exposure to a flexible living style, multicultural interactions, working and learning with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and communicating with people who speak various languages. 

Apart from educational qualification, corporates and multinational companies now look for employees who are multi linguistic, have studied abroad, and are flexible to work in a team of multicultural people, and have a global approach to matters.

To conclude, foreign MBA is widely accepted by employers, globally.

Which is the best country for MBA?

MBA Student

It depends on individual preferences, and one’s ideas and expectations from his MBA programme.

Each and every country has something to offer to a foreign student. If the student is open to learning, she / he will find many things in a new country; a new living, work and business culture, new languages, business techniques and much more. 

It is no secret that however, an economically vibrant country is always a better choice. 

Countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan are chosen by some students. 

Australia and New Zealand generally attract students from India, China and other countries for their MBA is programmes.

Off late, Dubai is getting popular for their foreign universities, and provide internships and work placements while and after the studies.

Several European countries like Germany, France and other similar countries are very popular among students from all over the world for their MBA abroad plan. UK is very popular for Business studies especially MBA. 

USA is definitely one of the most popular countries among foreign students for MBA abroad programmes.

Canada is a favourite for many due to its post study work permit and simplified immigration procedure for those who have plans of permanent settlement.

MBA in the USA

The first name that comes to everybody‚Äôs mind, to pursue an MBA abroad is The United States of America. It definitely is a popular choice amongst MBA aspirants.

A country united by 50 states has thousands of states owned and privately operated universities and colleges.

Choosing USA provides an opportunity to study in a country which is home to several huge business entities, world business leaders, and the best Universities and colleges with world-wide acceptance.

Other exciting features include; a five-year study (F1) visa given by the U.S. consulate from the student’s home country, a minimum of 1-year O.P.T. (optional practical training) permit to work in a U.S.A. based company and a chance to qualify for further job offer letters.

There are many universities and colleges that accept applications from foreign students even without GMAT. Most of the U.S. universities demand work experience for 3 years. Some accept students even with two years of work experience.You may also find universities in the U.S.A. that accept applications from students without any work experience.

Many U.S. universities accept a bachelor’s degree completed in any major, for pursuing an MBA in their universities.

English proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS are considered mandatory to proceed the applications for students from a non-English speaking country.

Cost of MBA in the USA

A student from a foreign country approximately needs to pay $27,000 ‚Äď 80,000 per year for tuition fees alone. Plus, a minimum $500 per month is required to maintain herself / himself.

MBA in the U.K

The United Kingdom has perennially been one of the favourite destinations of international students for pursuing an MBA. 

London is always considered as one of the greatest financial hubs of the world and one of the most exciting cities to live in. Hundreds and thousands of students from all over the world dream to study in a UK based university every year.

Choosing UK for your MBA abroad plan can never be a setback to any student, instead students benefit a lot from attending an MBA course in a U.K. university. Highly qualified professors from all over the world work here.

U.K. being an English country and a metropolitan nation, the lifestyle there makes foreign students strong and effective in their communication and presentation which serves well in their future career as business leaders after completing their MBA course.

They require a minimum of two years of work experience is the norm set by almost all the U.K. universities to accept an application from a foreign student to pursue an MBA programme.

But there are some U.K. universities accepting application from students even without any work experience. 

Minimum English proficiency level is the common requirement followed by all the universities. B1 Level as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) is the accepted minimum level in English proficiency.

An IELTS test passed card with at least 6.5 overall score in the academic module is the widely accepted evidence set by almost all the universities.

Some universities accept applications from foreign students without an IELTS test card, work experience and a three-year bachelor degree in any major.

Cost of MBA in the U.K

The cost of the 
MBA in U.K. university depends mainly on the tuition fees. 

The average tuition fee per year is 12,000 to pursue an MBA. The duration of the course is one year but some universities offer the course in two years.

When the course duration is two years, the second year is used for a work placement or a thesis.

The course fees remain the same ‚Äď pay for just one year!

MBA in Canada

Canada is one of the most favourite study hubs for foreign students, inclusive of MBA aspirants as well.

Being a popular country for MBA abroad programmes, Canadian colleges and universities promises superior education in business and management.

With an easy, simple and transparent immigration system in place, the country is a haven for foreign students who aspire for higher education in business and management, especially to pursue an MBA degree.

Work experience for at least two years is a common requirement for MBA admissions in Canada. 

You need to provide your English proficiency proof; either an IELTS or TOEFL test score card.

But students without any work experience can also apply to some colleges and universities, and that too in some cases even without an IELTS or TOEL test passed certificate.

There are certain universities that do not consider IELTS as a compulsory measure to take admissions.

Cost of an MBA study in Canada

The average tuition fees to pursue an MBA in a Canadian college or university is $30,000 ‚Äď 40,000 per year.

Another $500 minimum per month is required to meet the living expenses. 

Students are permitted to work part time, and those who work can earn enough to meet the cost of living.

Canada’s post study work visa attracts foreign students to choose to study in a Canadian institution.

Post-graduation work permit, popularly known as PGWP among foreign students is an open work permit given to those who graduate with an approved qualification in a registered institution.

Generally, a 3-year work permit is given to those who complete a course of 2 years.

It is indeed a great opportunity for foreign students to practice what they have learnt in a local business or industry, and gain Canadian work experience.

Most of those who are on a PGWP have enough time to prepare well and qualify themselves to apply for a P.R. on or before the completion of these three years!

MBA in Australia

While discussing the plan of MBA abroad, one country that needs to be mentioned is Australia. 

A country of migrants, Australia is one of the three major countries in the world that follow a clear migration process for applicants within and outside the country.

Australia requires more qualified and skilled people and therefore the migration system is still very active.

Australia’s immigration is international student friendly; it allows foreign students to work part time while on the course, bring eligible family members to Australia even as students, and also stay back, work and look for jobs on a post study work visa after the course.

Here too, most of the students qualify to process their application for a P.R. within the two years period of the post study work visa.

Australia has some of the best universities to pursue an MBA programme. 

Work experience, and evidence for proficiency in English language are the most common requirements set by many universities to consider a student application for an MBA programme in Australia.

Some universities ask for a better GMAT score as well.

Those who are not eligible can choose other options like, a one-year master’s course in business or management first and then progress on to MBA in the second year.

Australian universities accept students twice a year; generally, in February and September.

Cost of MBA in Australia

The average tuition fees to pursue an MBA course in Australia is $20,000.00 per year.

Australian universities demand tuition fees per semester ‚Äď 6 months is considered as one semester in Australia.

MBA in Singapore

Being one of the most developed and happening countries in the world, higher education in Singapore is widely respected. 

This Asia-Pacific country is one of the safest places for international students.

There is no on-campus bullying, and Government rules on substance abuse are very strict in Singapore.

With an MBA abroad plan in mind, Singapore could be seriously considered as an ideal country.

A country prosperous with electronic industry and international business, they are the backbones of the Singapore economy. Job options in Singapore are very high for MBA graduates.

Many foreign universities are active in Singapore, having their campuses set up in this vibrant city of Asia Pacific region.

Closely connected to Malaysia, China, India and other Asian countries, Singapore is an ideal place to pursue an MBA degree for a student who aspires to gain knowledge and skills in doing business in the fastest growing Asian economic area.

Students may choose to study in a Singapore campus of Australian / UK / Europe / or USA origin.

The duration of most of the MBA courses in Singapore are for two years but one can also complete a UK MBA in just one year.

Singapore follows a simplified visa process system, and minimum financial documents. 

Even a one-day old funds in account are enough for getting an admission and the same is enough while applying for a visa.

No personal appearance and attending visa interviews are required, as the visa approval comes from Singapore

 The process is handled by the college with the local immigration department in Singapore.

Cost of MBA in Singapore

Tuition fees for an MBA in Singapore starts from $16,900.

Singapore’s topmost business schools charge $45,000 to 65,000.

MBA in Germany

Germany is a great choice to pursue an MBA course. 

Previous work experience is generally asked before finally accepted to a course by private and public universities.

There are many private universities that offer MBA programmes in Germany. Some of them are even known as business schools. 

They charge a minimum of 10, 000.EUR to 45, 000.EUR per year. Generally extending up to two years, some schools and universities offer it in 3 semesters; 18 months.

Germany is very attractive now for foreign students ‚Äď because a student while on an MBA course can work for 120 full days or 240 half days in a year.

Germany has a robust job market; a qualified person generally doesn’t find any difficulty to get a job offer and contract after completing an MBA course in a German institution.

After working for two years in a company in Germany one can apply for a P.R. as German immigration is known for supporting international students. 

For example, those who migrate to Germany for a job directly need to work for 5 years before considered qualified to apply for a P.R.

Germany has almost 300 state funded universities and universities of applied sciences. 

Majority of them offer business programmes and management programmes including MBAs with various specialisations.

Popularly known as German public universities, these state funded universities offer degree programmes tuition fees free to international students as well. 

One can choose to study an English taught MBA or even a German taught.

Those with a CGPA of 7.5 and above have a better chance to get admitted to an English taught course. 

A bachelor‚Äôs degree in business and or management with any work experience, including business administration or management, of three years, or a bachelor‚Äôs degree in any major and at least three years of experience in business and or management are considered qualified for an MBA course by many public universities. 

Good level of proficiency in English is a must for an English taught MBA course. 

An overall score of at least 6.5 in IELTS, conducted in an academic module is widely accepted. 

Other international test scores equal to the above IELTS score are also accepted.

Foreign students are accepted to German taught MBA programmes even with 5.0 CGPA in their Bachelor’s degree. But offered a place conditionally.

They need to provide evidence of their German language proficiency level to meet the condition.

This could be done by attending a German language course in Germany itself, that means their studies in Germany starts with a German language course extending to a maximum of 9 months.

Whether German taught or in English, generally the course is offered free of cost in the majority of the public universities. 

A free of cost MBA course means it’s entirely tuition fees free. But you need to pay for the German language course.

This could be very minimal in some language centres, and that too can be payable per month as you progress on the studies level by level.

The most important and mandatory financial requirement to study an MBA course in a German private or public university is a blocked account with a minimum balance of 10, 356.EUR.

MBA in other countries 

Apart from the six countries mentioned above, there are many other countries that offer various MBA programs that are accepted worldwide.

  • MBA in France
  • MBA in New Zealand
  • MBA in Ireland
  • MBA in Japan
  • MBA in Malta
  • MBA in Latvia
  • MBA in Poland

Other European countries

These are some of the most affordable countries to pursue an MBA course.

Pursuing an MBA in any of these countries can boost your future career as a business manager or leader.

If you need more details of these individual countries, the universities and the MBAs offered, you can reach us at KCR CONSULTANTS, we are here to assist you as all our counsellors are updated and well versed in the subject.

Other options if not MBA
Businesswoman Giving Presentation To Male Executives

If not qualified at present for an MBA course, you have plenty of other options to choose from.

  • Specialized master degrees 
  • PG Diploma courses in Business/ management etc

You may please contact KCR Consultants for detailed discussion. We can work out a personalized career plan.

MBA without GMAT or and IELTS / TOEFL

There are many universities in almost all the countries that won’t ask for a GMAT, instead they go with the previous academic and professional qualifications.

Some universities in English speaking countries and the universities in other countries offer English taught MBAs, and are not very strict on the IELTS or TOEFL score cards as they are open to other ways as well. For example, better marks obtained in English in the 12th grade / higher secondary school examination.

If you want to know further details about the criteria and universities, you can get in touch with one of your counsellors at KCR CONSULTANTS.

MBA after any bachelor‚Äôs degree, and even with just 50% marks. 

Universities offer an MBA course to a person with a bachelor‚Äôs degree in any major, and not necessarily a business or management degree. 

The applicant’s overall background can make a lot of difference in the admission process of these universities.

You can pursue an MBA with just 50% marks in your Bachelor’s degree in a public university in Germany and that too without paying any tuition fees.

We may also find a course in other countries for you, taught in English, with just 50% marks in your bachelor‚Äôs degree course that you have completed already. 

Without any previous work experience, but an MBA with work placement.

These MBAs are mainly structured with the aim of attracting students without any previous work experience.

If you are doubtful about its worthiness, then yes, it’s more than worthy.

The course is offered with classroom  studies and mandatory work placements in local industries and businesses.

The placements need to be assessed ones, as structured in the curriculum. 

Students get to learn in classrooms from the masters and practice in a real work place by working along with real employees. 

This helps students without work experience to graduate in a qualified manner with a foreign degree, global knowledge and local or international work experience.

Make your move

MBA is one of the most lucrative and popular degrees, globally. 

It enhances one’s career in a big way. However, it has been seen that students find it difficult and sometimes confused in choosing a country, and a university.

To study an MBA abroad is a big decision, and every student must weigh the merits and demerits of studying in a foreign country before taking the leap.

An MBA in a foreign country, studied in an ideal college gives you wings to fly high in your desired field. It guarantees a return on your investment. 

If you wish to give your career the wings to rise high, then polish yourself to get enrolled in a business school which best suits your qualifications and future plans.


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