MBA in Digital Technology in English in Germany


An MBA in Digital Technology is the key to unlocking many global career opportunities in today’s fast-paced digital world. Opting for such a program to study in Germany, especially one taught in English, presents a unique blend of international exposure, language advantage and exceptional education standards. The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) stands at the forefront, offering a comprehensive MBA program steeped in industry relevance and innovation.

Why Choose an English-Taught MBA in Digital Technology in Germany?

Germany’s robust economy and pivotal role in digital transformation provide an ideal landscape for pursuing an MBA in Digital Technology. UE offers the program entirely in English, removing language barriers and opening doors to international students seeking to study in a multilingual environment. This language proficiency and Germany’s state-of-the-art technology landscape ensure graduates are well-equipped for the global job market.

Program Overview and Curriculum: MBA in Digital Technology in Germany

The evolving landscape of the corporate world is significantly driven by the rise of digitalization within management spheres. The acceleration of globalization and the burgeoning requirements for tech-enabled innovation and interoperability further solidify the managerial staff’s need to cultivate a technically proficient and strategic mindset. As a result, expertise in navigating the complexities of digital transformation has become a sought-after commodity in management circles. The MBA in Digital Technology program at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is meticulously crafted to sculpt highly adept managers capable of tackling these evolving challenges while spearheading the adoption of pioneering technologies with a visionary approach.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences MBA program is designed to integrate business leadership skills with cutting-edge digital technology knowledge. The curriculum is a thoughtful blend of theoretical grounding and practical experience, ensuring graduates can navigate the digital complexities of the modern business world effortlessly.

The increase in globalization and the growing need for technology-driven innovation make it important for managers to have both technical skills and strategic thinking. Being able to manage digital transformation is now highly valued in the business world.

Entry Requirements for the MBA Program in Digital Technology 

Admission into the MBA in Digital Technology program requires a bachelor’s degree with relevant work experience. Language proficiency is also a must, evidenced by TOEFL or IELTS scores. Prospective students are encouraged to showcase their passion for digital technology and business innovation in their applications.

Understanding the Tuition Fees for an MBA in Digital Technology in Germany

Choosing to pursue an MBA is a big decision & (UE) clearly explains the costs. The MBA in Digital Technology has a tuition fee of 12,332 Euros, set at a competitive rate to make it affordable for many students

Investing in an MBA is a significant decision and UE is transparent about the costs involved. The tuition fees for the MBA in Digital Technology are competitively priced to ensure the program is accessible to many students. The tuition fee is 12,332 Euros. 

Building a career with an English-taught MBA in Digital Technology from Germany

Graduates of the MBA in Digital Technology program are well-prepared for leadership roles in the digital field. They find opportunities in both new and established companies, where their skills are in high demand. Alumni of this program lead digital innovation in different sectors, greatly enhancing the technological progress of businesses around the world.


An MBA in Digital Technology in Germany in English is more than just an academic degree; it’s a gateway to becoming a part of the global digital revolution. The University of Europe for Applied Sciences is not just educating the next generation of leaders; it’s futurizing business acumen with technology at its core. Apply today and be a part of this transformative journey.

An MBA in Digital Technology from UE is not just a degree; it's a way to join the worldwide digital movement

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