MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala

Why should one look for MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala?

‘MBBS abroad consultants in Kerala’ serve those still aspiring to pursue medicine even after they realise the chances of getting accepted to a medical college in their home country are too low or zero!

A few who can get a place in an Indian medical college still want to study abroad for their reasons!

Some others have a clear plan to pursue medicine only abroad, graduate, and practice in their chosen foreign country!

Those falling in the above categories look for an MBBS abroad consultant as there are many European countries to know the best options available in Europe in General and the European Union and European Economic Area in particular.

A well-informed MBBS abroad consultant in Kerla will understand each applicant’s requirements individually and consider the financial background and affordability of the student and their family before suggesting a university and country in the European Economic Area or European Union countries.¬†

The consultant must have counselling experience and be well-updated on European Union member countries’ visa application requirements for international students to apply.

MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala

Why is such a craze in Kerala for MBBS studies, and what do MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala have to offer?

Medicine remains the most prestigious profession in the minds of most youngsters and their families in Kerala and India in general! 

Naturally, one should study well in school and excel to get a place to pursue a medical degree programme, as the proportion of the number of aspirants and the seats we have at all the medical teaching institutions in India has no match. 

There the MBBS abroad consultants in Kerala role becomes essential to address the demand of guiding and assisting those who were sidelined and still want to study medicine and become a medical doctors. 

Understanding this matter decades ago, domestic education training or coaching companies came into existence. They contributed a lot to maintain the same mindset towards medical studies intact and also to shoot up gradually. 

But the entire credit goes majorly to the national and state aptitude tests, NEET, KEEM etc., as the exam results decide who is qualified for a place to study medicine in an Indian institution with just thousands of seats for a million plus students per year in the country!

How can MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala help the brilliant students from this state branded as ‘God’s own country’?

Foreign countries traditionally attracted many students from Kerala state, and the other Indian states for medical education are not in the race now, e.g., Ukraine, China, and the Philippines.

While Ukraine are fighting a destructive war, China is not considered seriously by many after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since the National Medical Commission of India(NMC) decided last year to disqualify foreign medical courses taught below five years from attending medical licensing exams in India, the Philippines is not on the preferred list.

It applies to the four years of medical degree education offered in many Caribbean countries without meeting the requirement of the new student completing a four-year bachelor’s degree in a science subject before the medical course.

MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala - Simple Guide

So which country is suggested to the youngsters by the MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala?

MBBS abroad consultants in Kerala must suggest Europe to the Indian students looking forward to studying medicine abroad. 

Europe has more than forty countries consisting of Eastern European non-EU countries, the European Union member countries, and other European Economic Area member countries. 

Most EU/EEA countries offer medicine studies in their languages as they use their national language at the workplace of health care services. Public health and healthcare services are essential in these countries to maintain a high standard of services. Hence, one should have better proficiency in the language used at the workplace in the healthcare sector.

Therefore the mainstream EU/EEA countries are not that open to international students or not interested in taking many of them to the medical course. But most mainstream countries have a couple of universities providing medicine courses in Englishing, aiming at students from non-EU countries. Naturally, it will be challenging considering the few places the universities have to offer and competing by many worldwide.

The major countries in his category are Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Greece and other similar countries.

But the famous countries in the EU to study medicine in English for international students, especially non-EU citizens, are Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania etc. 

The cost of university studies in these countries is affordable to many international students.

The entry criteria are also reasonable; most consider students without asking the applicants to sit any entrance exam.

Which consultancy can one easily approach for information, guidance and application process as a dependable MBBS abroad consultant in Kerala?

KCR CONSULTANTS have 22 years of experience providing services like career counselling, career search, course search, admissions and visa application process, guidance and assistance in migrating to a new country and settling initially and comfortably!

A registered private limited education management company based in Chennai, have its regional office in Kerala manned by well-informed, updated and experienced counsellors. 

They are a telephone call away if you can reach any of the following numbers (+91) 7907 741 716 / 9600 120 729 / 471 2570 333.

MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala - Contact KCR

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