MBBS in English in Germany!

Study Medicine in English in Germany in 2023!

You can now pursue MBBS in English in Germany!

If you wish to study MBBS in English in Germany, you must be fluent in English while applying, not German!

Since medicine a public University in Germany teach medicine in German, one might wonder how that is even possible!

But it’s real!

If you want to pursue MBBS in Germany but want to study in English medium than German language, there is an option now!

You can attend all the course lectures and exams in English while choosing to study medicine in the medium of instruction in English in Germany. 

MBBS in English in Germany - 2023

An English-taught medical course / studying MBBS in English in Germany!

German institutions are a popular choice for higher education for students from all over the world. High-quality education, infrastructure, and affordable tuition fee are some of the main reasons why students desire to study in Germany. However, getting into a medical course is not a piece of cake; that too taught only in German!

But now you can confidently apply for a place to study medicine in Germany in English. 

If you meet the minimum requirements and provide all the required supporting documents, you can be sure that the University will shortlist your name for the next step of the admission process. 

You might be wondering where which University in Germany offers MBBS in English in Germany!

Universitätsmedizin Neumarkt a. M. Campus Hamburg officially referred to as UMCH, based in Humbarg, is the only University in Germany providing the entire programme of medicine and its English exams in Germany. 

You may call it a private university, but that is incorrect. UMCH is a German extension or European foreign campus of the Romanian State University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology Targu Mures (UMFST).

Medicine in English in Germany - 2023

Applying for MBBS in English in Germany is much easier! 

The best part of this opportunity is that you can apply for a place to study medicine in Germany immediately. 

You don’t need to learn German first; start in your country of current residence and continue after you reach Germany, achieve a proficiency level with high marks, then attend a foundation course etc.!

Since UMCH is a German campus of a foreign university, you can straight away start your MBBS studies in Germany in English without undergoing the usual formalities, attending a medical foundation course at a German studienkolleg. The University accepts students with at least 70% overall marks in the senior secondary school board exam or at least two Bs in A-Levels.

Otherwise, how difficult is it to study medicine at German public universities?

Every year, German public universities providing medicine courses receive thousands of worldwide applications from high school graduates wishing to pursue medicine. Only a few meet the admission conditions, mainly German language proficiency, and get selected to study medicine at a German public university. That, too, is only in German!

Most universities have restrictions on MBBS seats for international applicants. There are hardly 5% of the total seats for Medicine in Germany for international students. 

MBBS in English in Germany for Indian Students 2023

Science group in senior secondary school is enough to study MBBS in Germany in English!

Mathematics is optional and not required to study MBBS in English in Germany. 

Medical studies in Germany without attending mathematics in 12th grade or senior secondary school was not imaginable before!

Mathematics is optional for studying medicine in English in Germany, optional!

Most European medical universities ask for mathematics with Biology or chemistry in the 12th-grade school education before considering applying to study MBBS in Europe.

Studying MBBS in Germany in the medium of instruction in English

After completing this English-taught medicine course, you will be awarded 360 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points. 

Now comes the studying part. The course duration is six years‚ÄĒtwo years of pre-clinical and four years of clinical studies, which includes a one-year internship.¬†

Well, guess what? 

Studying on the German campus for all six years or optionally the first two years in Germany and the remaining four years on the University’s main campus in Europe Romania.

But completing the first two years on the German campus is a must if you wish to attend the course on both campuses. 

Most students choose to attend 3-6 years in Romania due to three reasons;

  1. They can continue following the clinical years in English.
  2. The tuition fees at the Romanian campus are much cheaper; The total tuition fee for four years of clinical studies is just 24,000.EUR (6000. EUR per year), whereas the tuition fee per year on the German campus is 28,000.EUR per year.
  3. Those who choose to complete the entire studies in Germany must have at least a B1/B2 level in German for the 3-6 years of clinical studies and rounds provided in the partnering teaching hospitals in Germany.

Those who choose to complete their studies in Germany can learn the German language while being in the German environment in the first two years of their MBBS studies at UMCH. It would be best if you were at B1/B2 in German to continue clinical studies in German hospitals later.

That means one can start the MBBS studies without knowing the German language, learn while on their studies, and prepare for the clinical studies in German hospitals, which begin after two years of non-clinical studies. 

Medicine in English in Germany for Indian Students 2023

How easy is it to apply to Study MBBS in English in Germany?

Besides the fact that you can study MBBS in English in Germany now, the simple, convenient, and quick admission procedure is the cherry on the cake.

It makes it easy for international applicants to study medicine in Germany. And that too in English.

So that admissions for international students to study MBBS in Germany are too tricky for various reasons past now! As MBBS in English in Germany is the game-changer. 

If you wish to study MBBS in English in Germany, here is the ideal opportunity. Contact KCR (hyperlink of the contact page of KCR, the official representative of the University. 

Language proficiency is needed while applying for admission and a visa to study Medicine in English in Germany.

While applying for a place to study MMBS in English in Germany at the UMCH campus and applying for a visa at the nearest German consulate or visa office, you will not be required to show evidence that you know German. Instead, you will be required to submit documents to prove that you meet the required level of English language skills to follow the medical course, which is taught in the medium of instruction of English.

What is better than getting considered to study MBBS in English in Germany even before you complete your school education?

We’d like to take you through the easy admission process for MBBS in English in Germany. But before that, let me tell you two more exciting things about the admission procedure that will make you happy.

The first interesting fact is that you can apply for MBBS in English in Germany while still in higher secondary school. Even if you wish to start your MBBS course one or two years later, you can still send your application and get consideration to study MBBS in English in Germany.

We can go ahead and arrange for you to visit the campus before or before admission.

The admission results to study MBBS in English in Germany are provided 48 hours after completing an interview, which generally happens through a zoom meeting and a written test. It is accurate, and you don’tdon’t have to wait for weeks to get a response to your application. Within two days after the above-said interview and written test, you will know whether you will study MBBS in English.

MBBS at UMCH in Germany

Cost of studying Medicine in English in Germany

Let us also see how much it costs to study MBBS in English in Germany. 

Unlike other public universities that charge less or no tuition fees to study medicine in German, one must pay a tuition fee per year to study MBBS in Germany in English. 

To study MBBS in Germany in English medium, one must pay 28,000.EUR per year for the entire duration of six years!

One may reduce the cost of studies by studying clinical studies for four years on the main campus of the UMCH-UMFST in Romania.

Whether you complete your medical course entirely in Germany or on a German and foreign campus, you can get licensed in Germany as a medical doctor once the required German language proficiency is achieved.

Once licensed, you will have all the options open; start working as a physician in a German hospital or choose to specialise in your desired field of medicine.

MBBS in English in Germany ‚Äď Conclusion

While making the admission procedure to study MBBS in English in Germany much more manageable, KCR CONSULTANTS as the approved university representative, can also handle your application with the University, assist in applying for your student visa and make the necessary arrangements for arriving in Germany after getting your permit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

NEET is not mandatory to apply to study Medicine in English in Germany. Still, if you wish to return to India after your studies and want to sit the licensing examination, you must sit the NEET test before you leave the country.

Germany has almost 35 public universities offering medical courses; all the universities maintain an international standard and teach medicine in German. Most of them provide education with no tuition fees charged!

But for those who wish to study MBBS in Germany in English medium, there is only one foreign University to study medicine entirely in English in Germany, and that is the UMCH. 

National Medical Commission took over MCI in 2019, and NMC has yet to approve or recommend any foreign medical universities worldwide!

As per the NMC, one can study in any medical university abroad, and any country of their choice provided the degree they get from that University is accepted in the land of training for licensing. The course duration is at least five years, and taught in English.

The English-taught MBBS course in Germany takes six years before qualifying for a medical degree.

Medical doctors earn approximately 4000-5000.EUR per month at the beginning in Germany.

After completing medical studies in Germany and working for two years in a German hospital, one can apply for a P R in Germany.

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